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It could happen that you don’t have a certain item in stock. Of course, you would like to be of service to the customer and offer him an alternative. This is pleasant for the customer and for your company result! But how do you do this within Exact Globe Next?

Working with alternative items
Exact Globe Next allows you to work with replacement items. If an item is no longer in stock, you can use your maintenance of the items to indicate a replacement so that you can deliver this item instead of the original item to your customer(s). Through the menu [Order, Items, Maintain], you can state a replacement item under the tab ‘Purchase/Sales’ by using the button ‘Repl. items.’.

After clicking this button, you will see a screen that you can use to make the link.

You can also enter a priority so that you can make your own choice based on this value. It could after all happen that you have several replacement items and prefer one specific replacement item. After having made these links, in the item selection screen while entering an order or invoice, you can receive an overview of these replacement items by selecting <F2> or <F5> in the column ‘Item’ by clicking the button ‘Repl. items’.

This is a manual action. The system will not come up with the replacement item in case of insufficient stock. After all, it could happen that you have stated a priority that you would wish to deviate from in certain cases.

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