Tip: How do I perform an advanced search?

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Do you sometimes need a specific item? If you work with a lot of different items then it can sometimes be tricky to find the right item immediately. By searching by using the % symbol, you can often find the right item.

In the various search fields, you have the option to search for part of a name. It could be useful to search for multiple parts of the name. For instance, you have a large item archive that includes some of the following items:

  • Cable red roll
  • Cable red box
  • Cable blue roll
  • Cable blue box
  • Cable green roll
  • Cable green box
  • Ribbon red roll
  • Ribbon red box
  • Ribbon blue roll
  • Ribbon blue box

You would like to show all cables and rolls. In the search field, please fill in: ‘Cable%roll’. The screen now shows all the items that contain ‘Cable’ and ‘roll’.

In this example, we are looking for items, but of course you could also search for other information including debtors, general ledger accounts, place names, invoice descriptions etc. by using the % symbol.

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