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Within Exact Globe Next, you have the option to register different kinds of assets. Sometimes, you might have to fill in a negative investment amount. The wish to register assets with a negative investment amount usually results from two situations:

1. A credit note comes in for an asset that has been registered against the original (positive) investment amount

In this situation, it is possible to link the credit note as second investment entry to the asset. You can do this by opening the asset via menu [Assets, Assets, Maintain] and link the credit note under the tab ‘Transactions’.

After linking the credit note, this will return as second investment and the book value will be lowered.

If the depreciation budgets are being recalculated, the linked credit notes will be taken into account for future depreciations (from the entry date of the negative entry). If you would like to depreciate with retrospective effect over the lower investment amount, you can void the earlier created depreciation entries and then recalculate and depreciate.


2. There are negative assets, for instance for sponsoring

In order to register an individual negative asset the usual steps for creating a serial number can be followed. Subsequently, this will be shown under the tab ‘Transactions’ in asset maintenance as follows:

The difference with positive assets is that (independent from the selected depreciation method under tab ‘General’) it is always suggested to depreciate the complete negative amount in the first period.

In case this is not the intention, you can spread the budgets manually over a desired amount of periods by using the buttons ‘Edit’ and ‘New’ to the right of this screen. Please bear in mind that this asset will not be recalculated at a later stage. At that time, the system will namely place the total amount yet to be depreciated in the first depreciation period.

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