Tip: reversing a payment and process it again

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It may occur that payments have been made and that, for instance, the bank file cannot be read properly by the software of the bank or that the file was lost. Furthermore, it is also possible that after creating the bank file, a mistake is spotted that should be rectified. In those cases, the payment file needs to be created again.

Within Exact Globe Next, there are various possibilities to recreate the file. This depends on the reason of the recreation of the file.

Making a copy of the original payment file
In case the file is not available, but the content is correct, the bank file can be generated again under Created bank files [Cash Flow, Payments, Created bank files] with the button ‘Recreate’. This file will then appear in the export directory, such as defined in the bank settings [System, General, Settings, Bank settings].

Correcting mistake in payment file
If the file is incorrect, the previous method will not help, because this option created a new file based on the existing payment data.

In this case, it can be solved by reversing the authorisation and then completing the authorisation and processing again. Of course, you should first correct the mistake before authorising. You can do this by means of the following steps:

  • Reversing the authorisation can be done via the menu [Cash Flow, Payments, Payment in transit].
  • Look up the entry that needs to be reversed. You could group by ‘Run number’ under ‘Group by’ to make the search easier.
  • Then the line can be selected (clicked), if more than one line needs to be adjusted, you can do this by holding down the <Ctrl> key while clicking the lines. To select a series of lines, you can select the first line and hold down the <Shift> key while clicking the last line. All lines in between will be selected too.
  • After selecting the lines, you can click the button ‘Reverse Auth.’ (Reverse authorisation). Now, the reversed entries can be found under [Cash Flow, Payments, Authorise].
  • Go to [Cash Flow, Payments, Authorise]. You can now adjust the entries here in order to correct the mistakes.
  • When the mistakes have been corrected, the entries can be authorised again by selecting the lines and clicking ‘Authorise’.
  • The entries will now appear under [Cash Flow, Payments, Process]. You can select the line(s) here again. Then click ‘Process’ to create the payment file.

The new payment file can now be submitted to the bank software.

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