The Solution Feedback Process / The Suggestion Process

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Your suggestions and ideas for existing and new functionalities are one of the main input sources for developing our software. I helps to make our software even better to your needs and requirements. You can work more efficiently, the software better suits your information needs and is also easy to use. To be assured that your feedback arrives in the right place and is taken into account, Exact uses a suggestion process.

We always take your suggestion to heart
The suggestion process involves several steps. It starts with capturing your suggestion in a Solution Feedback Request (SFR) after which an analysis follows and could end with developing your suggestion or idea for a product update. Please note that registering your suggestion or idea gives not the assurance that it will be included in the software. Below you can read more about the process that we follow.

Criteria to use feedback
What suggestions we to deliver in future solutions, we determined on the basis of several criteria. We register for example if there are more customers who have similar feedback. We also weighing a requested functionality on the potential added value and convenience to all our customers. Besides, we look at product, market and technology trends. Finally, we consider laws and regulations. In this way we try to create maximum value for all Exact customers.

Main steps in the Suggestion Process
You can forward your suggestion to every Exact- employee. This employee will put the suggestion process in motion by creating a Solution feedback request for you. You can rest assured that your feedback will be taken into consideration as soon as possible. When your Solution feedback request has been created, your request is being evaluated by a team of specialists.


The right information
Our team of specialists review your feedback to make sure that it is clear and contains all the necessary information. They also look if there are any similar requests submitted. During this phase, you may be contacted for additional information or questions. During this part of the process, your request will remain ‘open’ position.

Analysis of your feedback
Once we have validated your suggestion, we will add your request to the Solution Feedback Database. Our development teams regularly look into this database and give priority to request based selection criteria. If your request meets these criteria, it is added to the development planning of our software. If not, your request remains in the database so that your suggestion may later be considered in the development process.

From idea to release
In the development phase our developers and product managers create detailed documentation, which contains all kinds of information about your feedback. Except developing the desired feature we also look at the functional design. The new functionality should of course fit seamlessly into the existing logic of the software. Only then, we start to develop the new functionality.

More details on the new features can be found in the release notes:

Would you like to know more about the Solution Feedback Process of Exact? Please contact support.


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