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In practice, it may occur that a sales order needs to be paid (in part) first before you can proceed to fulfilment. In order to automatize this process and make it insightful, Exact Globe Next offers you the opportunity to generate a pre-payment from a sales order. You will then in fact generate a sales invoice that you can process via the regular menu and send to your customer. To prevent the sales order from being fulfilled despite the fact that the payment has not been received, the possibility to fulfil is blocked from the moment the pre-payment is entered.

Below, you can find an explanation on working with pre-payment on the basis of an example.

1. Enter a sales order in the regular fashion.

2. Once you have entered all information, you can open the condition screen via the ‘Conditions’ button. Then click the button ‘Prepayment’. In the screen that appears, you can then enter the amount, or the percentage that is to be paid in advance. Click ‘Save’.

You can enter an amount or percentage

You can enter an amount or percentage

3. You will then see the question: “All instalment information will be lost. Continue?” Select ‘Yes’.

4. Close the condition screen.

5. In order to ensure the sales order is paid first before proceeding to fulfilment it is necessary that an invoice is sent to your customer that specifies how much needs to be paid in advance. Consequently, if you will try to fulfil the sales order at this moment, you will receive the following notification:

6. The following step depends on how much you wish to invoice as advance payment:

A.) In case you invoice 100% in advance, you can create the invoice by clicking ‘Print’ in the sales order. You will then end up in the ‘Print sales orders’ screen. Make sure that ‘Generate invoices’ and ‘Print invoices’ is checked and select ‘Start’. You can then print the invoice in the next screen.

B.) In case you invoice <100% and thus want to generate a term and final invoice, you should create the invoice from the condition screen. Click the button ‘Conditions’ and select the term you would like to invoice.

Click ‘Create invoice’, enter the invoice code and select ‘OK’. Now process the invoice in the regular fashion. The sales order has now been printed and invoiced.

7. As shown above in the sales order, the payment has not yet been received. The sales order can therefore still not be fulfilled. If you would try to fulfil now, you would receive the notification: Not allowed: Fulfilment Reason: Outstanding amount.

8. Now enter a bank entry in the regular fashion or import a bank statement and match the outstanding invoice.

9. You can now fulfil the sales order. In case of A, no invoice will be created since you already invoiced 100%. In case of B, a final invoice will be created that will print the total amount minus the already invoiced amount.



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