Tip: Cancelling a purchase order?

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In Exact Globe Next, you can enter (button ‘New’) or change (button ‘Open’) an order via the menu [Purchase, Entries, Purchase orders]. You need to enter an purchase order because you will be ordering items from your supplier. After you have printed your final purchase order, you can receive the purchaseorder. But then, of course, we are talking about a work method in which nothing could go wrong. It might occur that an order was entered, but already cancelled, how do we solve this?

If you already entered an purchase order, but it is cancelled, you have the following two options:

  1. If the purchase order has not yet been partially received, you can delete the entire purchase order. Go to [Purchase, Entries, Purchase orders]. Select the purchase order and select ‘Delete’. For this option, you should have the function right ‘Delete purchase orders’ to be able to execute this. The purchase order cannot be authorised either; to reverse this status, you can open the order and select ‘Authorised’ again in the process buttons. The advantage is that the entire purchase order is gone, but you will experience a hole in the order number series and you will not be able to find this order in the history.

    Process buttons

    Process buttons

  2. You can also complete the order. This option is also used to move the order that is partially received and of which the remaining will not be coming in to the purchase history. Please go to [Purchase, Statistics, Audit trail]. Use the filter to view the relevant order. After selecting the result screen, you can select ‘Complete’. The yet to be received item lines will be added negative in the purchase order which makes it so there is nothing to receive and the purchase order will be moved to the purchase history. You will now no longer see the purchase order in Purchase receipt or in MRP.

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