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The words personal information actually already say it all, it is personal information of which you want to make sure they are correctly registered with your employer. If you could take responsibility yourself for adjusting these, then you would know for sure they are correctly processed. It would be a shame if the invitation for the company outing would be sent to your old address, right?

Within Exact Synergy Enterprise, you have the possibility to change your employee card. This makes it possible to change your own address, post a photo or upload a scanned signature. In order to change information, go to your personal card and choose ‘Edit’.

Furthermore, it is also possible to change your password on your employee card. This option will only be available while editing the card.

only available during editing

only available during editing

Sometimes too much is too much
The amount of information that is offered is important, because of course it is useful to see a lot of information, but it should remain insightful. That’s why it is possible to choose yourself which information you would like to appear on the card. You could, for instance, choose to not show certain fields in a section. You can change the sections by clicking ‘Customze’.

It is also possible to show concise information of the personal card on your homepage. To realize this, please follow the steps below:

  • Go to your homepage.
  • Click ‘Customize’.
  • Select Add.
  • Go to the tab HRM.
  • Mark the field for Me.



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