Tip: copying general ledger accounts

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It may occur that you would like to have the exact same chart of G/L’s in another company as you have in your own. Within Exact Globe, you have the possibility to export the designed chart of G/L’s from any company and then import it to another company. The following steps will explain this.

To copy the general ledger accounts, you have two options:

1. By using the menu [XML, Financial Export, General ledger accounts] you can export your general ledger accounts (or a selection thereof) to a .CSV or .XML file. Now, open the target company and go to the menu [XML, Financial Import, General ledger accounts]. Here, you can import the exported file.

2. In case you do not have the ‘XML’ tab, you can also export and import a template. To do this, in the source company, go to:

  • [Finance, General ledger, Chart of G/L’s].
  • On the bottom, choose ‘Template’ and then ‘Export’.
  • Make an export file.
  • In the target company, go to the same menu path and choose ‘Template’ and then ‘Import’.
  • Select the exported file and import it.

Your target company now has the same general ledger accounts as the one(s) you exported from your source company.

N.B.: The importing process cannot be undone. If you import the accounts to an existing company, please ensure you have a backup of your company.


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