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Do you like to be up-to-date on new articles on various websites? Or would you like to know what goes on in your organisation? You often need to put in a lot of effort to find the right information. Wouldn’t it be great if all information relevant to you were gathered in one single place?

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If you’re working with Exact Synergy Enterprise, you have the option of arranging your own homepage. You can choose which information you would like to appear. It is, for instance, possible to show reports or RSS feeds. Besides, you can also use the homepage to search directly online or to keep up with any internal news. Click the icon ‘Customize’ and pick what is relevant for your own homepage.

To give you a few tips, you can read the three most frequently asked questions on this subject below:

1. What should I pay attention to while adding RSS feeds?

You can add RSS feeds in Exact Synergy Enterprise as follows:

  • Go to the menu in Internet Explorer [Extra, Internet options].
  • Open the tab ‘Security’ and click the button ‘Custom level’.
  • Under ‘Miscellaneous’, select the option ‘Enable’ for ‘Access data sources across domains’.
  • Save changes and restart Internet Explorer.
  • Go to the homepage in Exact Synergy Enterprise.
  • Click the icon ‘Customize’ on the top right of the screen.
  • Click ‘Add’ and then go to the ‘News’ tab.
  • Select the option ‘RSS feed’ and click ‘Add’.
  • Now click the pencil pictogram with the new component and add the desired URL to the field ‘RSS news’.

2. How can I show my workflow/action list as homepage?

Choose between several options.

Choose between several options.

It is possible to immediately open your workflow if you open the homepage. You should change the settings of the homepage from ‘homepage’ to ‘workflow’. You can do this via link preferences, the ‘style’ tab and the field ‘homepage’. You can choose between several options here. It is also possible to only show the news or just a document.

3. How do I make sure that every employee of every division lands on the same home/newspage?

To do so, please follow the steps below:

  • Go to [System, Setup, Settings – General, Preferences].
  • Choose the tab ‘Corporate (Settings)’.
  • In the section ‘Corporate News’, select the option ‘Set as default (Start page)’ and under ‘Start page (URL)’, you select a category.
  • Then click ‘Save’.
  • Go to [Documents, Setup, Layouts, Frontpage].
  • Enter the category name you selected earlier and click ‘Show’.
  • Open the category, ensure no division is linked and adjust any other criteria.
  • Now, when an employee logs into Exact Synergy Enterprise, he/she will see the corporate homepage, regardless of their division.


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