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Support for MS SQL Server 2005 will be discontinued as of product update 413 and 258

Written by Michiel van Rooijen on . Posted in Exact Globe, Exact Synergy

Exact’s system requirements follow Microsoft Support Lifecycle Policy for those Microsoft products which are required for Exact Globe, Exact Synergy and Exact Synergy Enterprise.

Microsoft stops the support for Microsoft SQL Server 2005 in April 2016. For the next product updates 412 and 257 (expected in the third quarter of 2016), we will still support Microsoft SQL Server 2005. As of product update 413 and 258 (expected in the first quarter of 2017) we will stop supporting Microsoft SQL Server 2005.

We expect to support Microsoft SQL Server 2016 from the first product updates of Exact Globe and Exact Synergy Enterprise after Microsoft SQL Server 2016 will be released.

The new Exact Synergy App is available for iOS and Android!

Written by Sonja Bloemers - Blom on . Posted in Exact Synergy

The Exact Synergy app has been around for some years now. In the mean time, we’ve created several new apps like the Exact CRM, Exact Self Service, Exact Expenses, Exact Field Service and the Exact Hour Entry app. These apps can be used in combination with Exact Synergy Enterprise as of product update 252 and are build with new technologies that offers more functionality, like push notifications. So it was time to get the Exact Synergy app up to par with the other apps so users can enjoy the app even more.