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B2B and B2G eInvoicing in Italy as from 01.01.2019

Written by Marcel Thijssen on . Posted in Exact Globe

After 1 January 2019, all domestic invoices issued by permanently established organizations in Italy must be compliant with the new eInvoicing framework. This means that regardless of what invoice practices you have in place today, be they paper, EDI, e-mail or scanned, you must have migrated to the Italian FatturaPA XML format and have a solution in place that means you are connected to the government’s IT-platform known as the Sistema di Interscambio, or SDI for short. After this time any invoice issued in any other way than through the government IT platform will not be compliant and will for fiscal purposes be considered as simply never having been created. Non-compliance will lead to a disruption or complete shutdown of your global supply or demand chain and leave buyers unable to reclaim the VAT that they are due, as well as risk reputational harm and penalties.

Support for MS SQL Server 2005 will be discontinued as of product update 413 and 258

Written by Michiel van Rooijen on . Posted in Exact Globe, Exact Synergy

Exact’s system requirements follow Microsoft Support Lifecycle Policy for those Microsoft products which are required for Exact Globe, Exact Synergy and Exact Synergy Enterprise.

Microsoft stops the support for Microsoft SQL Server 2005 in April 2016. For the next product updates 412 and 257 (expected in the third quarter of 2016), we will still support Microsoft SQL Server 2005. As of product update 413 and 258 (expected in the first quarter of 2017) we will stop supporting Microsoft SQL Server 2005.

We expect to support Microsoft SQL Server 2016 from the first product updates of Exact Globe and Exact Synergy Enterprise after Microsoft SQL Server 2016 will be released.