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Exact Warehouse Management (Exact WMS) also available on Android scanners

Written by Auke Hylarides on . Posted in Exact Globe

Exact Warehouse Management System (Exact WMS) allows you to automate your physical flows of goods and optimize your logistics process. The warehouse operations are scanned using barcodes. By digitizing the warehouse you

  • prevent errors,
  • save time, 
  • increase your service to your customers through higher delivery performance.

From this release we also supply an Android app for the scanners, in addition to the existing Windows CE scanners. For Android, we also support commercial devices such as tablet, telephone or PDA in addition to industrial scanners.

You will find more information about this in the system requirements and via this link.

Start E-WMS client application from Exact Globe Next 411 menu

Written by Wilfred Bossenbroek on . Posted in Exact Globe

When you are using E-WMS for demo or testing purposes, and only want to run the scanner application on your desktop, then from product update 411 you can start WMSclient directly from new Exact Globe Next menu WMS, Entry, Scanner – without the need of installing or configuring IIS server, or installing WMSclient.msi !



This will start WMSclient, automatically selecting the currect active company and in a preset resolution of 480 x 640:

02  03

More information can be found here.

Store items on variable locations in your warehouse

Written by Jaap Jan de Lange on . Posted in Exact Online

Within Exact Online you can work with multiple warehouses and define a storage location for an item. Beneficial for all companies with a large assortment that need to manage inventory and want to optimize the routing for order picking and give guidance to both new and temporary warehouse staff to do their job in an efficient manner.

Optimize utilization of within a warehouse

When using storage locations for structure and picking purposes, any item that does not fit into a designated bin or location needs to be stored on an alternative location. In practice often the top shelve or a generic location is used as bulk location and items are simply replenished when the picking bin is empty.

Although not always applicable, it can become more efficient to work with registration of variable storage locations for items in a warehouse.

In a more complex warehouse environment where goods are received in bulk or have specific characteristics that require more advanced storage allocation methods, it becomes interesting from both a handling and utilization perspective to start registering and managing items at variable storage locations.

The other side of the medal is that it requires strict registration and discipline when handling goods within a warehouse and insight in where goods are stored. For us a trigger to identify pains, gather customer requirements and start developing a solution for it.


As mentioned above, it is alread possible to link an item to a location and pick orders from this location in Exact Online. Managing items via multiple storage locations however will become part of Exact Online Wholesale Distribution Premium. A new Exact Online product for Wholesale Distributors that will include functionality for planning and process optimization.

Storage and managing of items on multiple variable locations in a warehouse will become available in a controlled release later this year.


WMS stock keeping units (SKU) functionality in controlled release!

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Globe

As per general availability of Exact Globe product update 401, our warehouse management solution (WMS) has been enhanced with stock keeping units (SKU) functionality. This functionality is currently offered in an extended controlled release phase. SKU functionality will become standard within E-WMS Replenishment after controlled release.

SKU management enables you to tag any stock unit in your warehouse with a unique number, a kind of ‘license plate’. Instead of scanning warehouse, location, item, batch number and quantity per individual item, you now only have to scan one unique number. In that way it becomes possible to register and trace complete sets of goods from reception, making your warehousing efficiency improve rapidly. This unique number is generated and the label printed during the stock reception processes.


  • Higher efficiency and accuracy in handling processes.
  • One SKU number results in reduction of errors.
  • FIFO/LIFO picking advice possibilities based on the SKU reception date.
  • The possibility to advice ‘full pallets’ directly from bulk locations instead of picking locations.
  • Enhanced tracing since SKU transaction history remains available.

Using barcodes on Exact lay-outs with code39 font

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Globe


It is possible to print bar codes on Globe layouts, like a production order printout. This enables your employees to scan the order number when using it, especially for production orders this can be a big help. The bar code can be scanned with mobile scan devices (like for E-WMS) but also with a scanner attached to your PC (keyboard wedge scanning), so the order number or item code can be scanned within an application like Exact Globe.


You can use attached bar code font to print bar codes within any Windows program that support truetype fonts, so including Microsoft Office applications, and Exact Globe.

Download the attachment and copy it, using Windows Explorer, to the folder C:\Windows\Fonts (or your own Windows fonts folder). Then it will be automatically installed. After installation this font will be available within windows applcations with the name “cb_Code 39 one”.

In general, when using a CODE39 type bar code, any bar code should start and stop with an asterix ( * ).

In Exact lay-outs, there are two ways to print these bar codes:
1.  calculated fields
2.  database fields with ‘introductory’ and ‘subsequent’ texts

Calculation field

Create a new calculation field in the desired ‘block’, and press ‘Change expression’.

Sample for an item code:

     CONCAT(“*”;trim([Item code]);”*”)

Set the length of the field to the length of the database field + 2.
Then change this field to font type “cb_Code 39 one” and make it rather large, like size 22 or even larger.

Database field

Another method is to place just the database field itself, with prefix and suffix text ‘*’.

‘introductory’ text = *, ‘subsequent’ text = *
alignment database field = place next to previous field without space
alignment introductory text = align right
alignment subsequent text = place next to previous field without space
font type = “cb_code 39 one”

Sample for ‘production order’ field with method ‘database field’:

Possibilities in Excel

Microsoft Excel offers a lot of possibilities to generate bar code lists when using this font. You could generate (a range of) values in Excel, add prefix and suffix to these values, and print the result with this font. This will generate a list of bar codes.

In this sample, following data is used:

  • column A contains the generated or imported data.
  • column B (cell B1) is a formula field:
    English =CONCATENATE(“*”;A1;”*”)
    Dutch =TEKST.SAMENVOEGEN(“*”;A1;”*”)
  • column C is the same as B, but formatted with font “cb_Code 39 one”, size 28 pt.

Make sure to allow some space between the rows, otherwise scanning one particular bar code is more difficult.


Adding the prefix/suffix ‘*’ is only mandatory when using this font for CODE39 bar codes. When printing CODE39 bar codes with bar code labelling software like Bartender, the prefix and suffix are automatically added by the software.

Important notice for E-WMS and ICL customers updating to Exact Globe Next product update 411

Written by Wilfred Bossenbroek on . Posted in Exact Globe

This post applies to E-WMS customers, updating to Exact Globe Next 411 (or higher).

For customers using ICL (Intercompany Logistics), only section ‘services’ below applies.


In product update 411 the E-WMS IIS web application has been changed:

  • The installation and presence of Exact Globe Next is no longer required for E-WMS on the IIS server
  • E-WMS ASP now uses .NET Framework 4.5, instead of .NET Framework 3.5
  • E-WMS ASP can now be configured as a 64 bit IIS process


This means, after updating to 411 you will have to perform following actions, before E-WMS ASP can be used:

  • the IIS ‘application pool’  needs to be configured for ‘integrated’ pipeline mode instead of ‘classic’ pipeline mode, and for .NET Framework 4.5
  • it is required to have “Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013” installed on the IIS server
  • The SQL user configured for E-WMS ASP now needs to be SQL Sysadmin or db_owner

This document provides more information on what steps to take on the IIS server.


Changed version check

A side effect of these changes is that the ‘software version’ check method of E-WMS has changed. In previous releases, E-WMS compared file versions of the Exact Globe Next workstation installation versus versions of files used by the E-WMS ASP web process. Since the presence of Exact Globe Next on the IIS server is no longer required, this version check method could no longer be used.

The E-WMS software version is now updated in the Exact Globe Next database. To update this version to the current installed version, an E-WMS control center has to be started first. Only after this is done, it is possible to succesfully logon to an E-WMS web session (WMSclient).



Also the E-WMS and ICL services have been changed to verify the installed service version, versus the software version found in the database.

To update the version in the database for the ICL services, an ICL control center has to be started first after an update. This has to be done seperately in the sales- or purchase database, and in the central database.



Please note that it is also necessary to reinstall WMSclient on your hand terminals. If you have a coldboot set including WMSclient, don’t forget to replace the file WMSclient.cab with the new version.








Exact Globe product update 403 in controlled release

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Globe

On behalf of product management I’m happy to announce that as of today Exact Globe product update 403 is in controlled release. The release is now available for resellers and all controlled release customers that participate in the controlled release. This new product update is planned to be generally available in the beginning of January 2012.

In Exact Globe product update 403 we have extended functionalities that support your legal requirements and business standards with a number of new features. Among others:

Besides, there is a number of localization improvements built for a vast variety of legislations including: Germany, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Slovak RepublicRussian Federation and Thailand.

We have also enhanced the Exact Warehouse Management Solution with a re-count functionality that comes in handy when stock differences are too big, and auto fill picking queue and fulfillment that enable companies to pick sales orders without having to use the control center for it.

Moreover, to follow earlier introduction of supporting accounts, items and general ledger accounts by Central Master Data Management, you can now easily centrally manage people. Please watch the video to find out more.

As in each of the product updates we have also taken into consideration direct customer feedback and have developed numerous small enhancements, such as:

Finally, to meet our customers’ needs we have addressed a number of enhancements related to consistency and completeness of Roles and Rights functionality in Exact Globe. Please read more in this document under tab Roles & Rights.

For a full overview of all new functionalities, please refer to the release notes for product update 403 as well as articles on our Product Blog.

Should you have any questions regarding this announcement, please comment on this blog post.

E-WMS supports HIBC barcode

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Globe


The HIBC (Health Industry Bar Coding) barcode is more and more used. E-WMS is used by a number of companies that do business with Health Industry companies. Therefore, the HIBC should be supported.

With E-WMS on the handheld we already support Code39 and EAN128 barcode in different ways (like scan combination, SSCC).

HIBC uses logic to combine item code, batch number, serial number, end date and quantity values in one text string. After scanning the code, it should be split to the different entities.


Scanning a barcode is basically no more than filling the ‘keyboard buffer’, the scan head of a scanning device just translates a barcode. An HIBC barcode looks like a complicated barcode, but it just a row of digits. Only the meaning and format of the digits is decided by international rules, so any party in a logistic chain can use the barcode.

Below some examples with explanation of the text in the barcode

+J006476704   (LOT or Batch Number)

+$$051101815734Q   (Quantity / Date End / Batch Number)

+E186F122810/09293820285000FT  (Supplier LIC / ProductID|ItemCode)


There can be more elements in the barcode then we use in E-WMS. In E-WMS we support the following elements;

–    Item Code

–    Serial Number

–    Batch Number

–    Quantity

–    End Date

Note:  The HIBC functionality can be used mixed with code39 and/or EAN128. We strongly suggest using scanner Code Settings at E-MWS handheld settings. For more information about this check the E-WMS documentation on the Exact portal.

This HIBC code functionality is available from product update 399.

Pick-IT scan code functionality helps you understand better what to pick on the handheld …

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Globe

Pick-IT is continuously improving functionality. One of the functionalities which was improved recently is the scan code functionality. The improvements are based on customer feedback.

A scan code represents a quantity of sales units in a specific package. One item can have several scan codes.

An example:

Item A is sold per kilo. In the warehouse, Item A has two different packages; a one-kilo package and a box containing 8 kilo’s.  A sales order for 20 kilo has to be picked.

In System/Pick-IT/ Scancodes you can maintain scan codes with a specific quantity and package description for the selected item and supplier.

When entering a scan code on the handheld the quantity for the item will be automatically shown as quantity packages. The quantity will be prefilled and also the quantity for the items left (to be picked) is shown.

On the handheld scan or enter the scan code 

The total item quantity is re-calculated to total packages (2 boxes) quantity and the quantity left (4 kilo)

When entering the quantity  all quantity details are recalculated and you can continue with the picking flow.

The scan code functionality is now available in all Pick-IT processes.  

Note:  the setting ‘scan code’ at module level needs to be set to ‘scan code’.

This scan code functionality is available from product update 396.