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Visual makeover for Exact Field Service App

Written by Patrick Toonen on . Posted in Exact Synergy

In the last phase of its controlled release, the Exact Field Service App received a well-deserved visual makeover. While the mobile team was busy improving the app, Apple released iOS 7 for the newer generation iPads, which changed the look and feel dramatically. We are proud to announce that the overhauled Field Service app now matches the new look of iOS7.


We also took this opportunity to make the Field Service app match the appearance of the new Synergy CRM App (which is being wrapped up as we write, we cannot wait to release!).  Although the main focus was on the visual appearance of the interface, we also took the opportunity to further improve the consistency and user experience. The colors, buttons and icons should be recognizable to future Exact CRM users and they make the Field Service app feel as “part of the family”; a family of Exact Synergy Apps that will certainly grow rapidly as we enter 2014!

Enjoy some  comparison shots between the initial version (left) we published at the start of the controlled release and the freshly suited-up version (right) that we will release early next year.



Click the thumbnail to view a larger version.

New Synergy design video

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Synergy

Based on your feedback after the introduction of the new user interface in product update 244, we did some major enhancements. As of the product update 245 we did, among others, the following improvements:

  • Mega menus display options of what you have access to based on your license roles
  • The Right top menu includes for example alert menu which displays your ‘to do’ list, document menu to view or create documents and a list of your recent contacts
  • We have added a Quick links section in the right bar with links to for instance reports and activity
  • Self-service wizard has been moved to the right side and includes now time-off, personal file and new wizard for medical leave and expense claim
  • We have standardized the layout for account, project and personal card. They include a business card view and quick links. You can now adjust the tabs on the card according to your needs by simply dragging and dropping them

Watch the video below to see other changes we did in the product update 245.

We are constantly working on improving the new user interface and we highly value your feedback. If you have any suggestions or comments please submit them by clicking on the feedback button in Exact Synergy Enterprise or by sending email to ux@exact.com.

Exact Synergy Enterprise product update 245 is generally available

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Globe, Exact Synergy

On behalf of Exact Product Management I’m pleased to announce that as of today Exact Synergy Enterprise product update 245 is generally available.

In this product update we focused on multiple improvements in the following areas:

  • New features and user interface in Synergy Mobile (video)
  • Project administration in professional services automation
  • Managing reintegration of employees (video)
  • Central Master Data Management in extended controlled release (video)
  • Real time integration Exact Synergy Enterprise and Exact Globe (video)

Moreover, as in every product update we implemented a number of new functionalities and enhancements which are a result of direct customer feedback.

  • Again more pages are Multi-browser compatible
  • Updates to the License Model: a split of the CRM role into ESS and CRM role
  • New out-of-the-box reports, offering insight in both Synergy as well as Globe data
  • Documentation of function rights
  • Update on the new User Interface

If you would like to know more about improvements and changes in this product update, check the Product Update News or please contact Ronald Voets (Product Line Manager) at ronald.voets@exact.com.

We would like to thank all colleagues, customers and partners who contributed to this product update.

New user interface in Exact Synergy

Written by Alexander Kutilov on . Posted in Exact Synergy

In product update 255 the interface of Exact Synergy is completely redesigned. After performing an update you’ll see that the complete user interface has undergone a transformation to a more innovative and visually attractive design.

The menus are now available on the top. Via the preferences menu (gear-icon) on the top right you can add or remove the items such as Homepage, News, Favorites or My Documents, HRM Module from every top menu.

The toolbar buttons that were present on the menu bar before, are now available via the ‘Hamburger’ menu, in the Quick access part together with the ‘My menu’ options.


In previous releases the search function was available on the left. As of this product update it will be available on the top. Your roles determine in which module you can search.


Similar to the search function the +Create menu is also available on the top. Via this menu you can create the entities.


On the right side next you can find the Modules that allow you to navigate to the various functions of those modules.


Besides the changes mentioned there are also several changes within other parts of Exact Synergy Enterprise. Soon you can read more about them on this blog.

The controlled release phase for product update 255 starts in May 2015. If you are interested to participate, please send an email to productreadiness@exact.com.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Synergy

Why force someone to read tedious text when the picture of a crossed-out cigarette will do? In the real world, icons are always telling us what to do. No smoking on the airplane. Beware of the road crew ahead. Go to the restroom here if you’re a man, and there if you’re a woman. These icons, for the most part, tell us these things without so much as a word. They’re achievements of human efficiency.

The digital world, however, is a different story. In business software, warnings and directions are often much more complex. How can an icon summarize, for instance, whether you are customizing or repairing information? Which icon is the best representation, so that it tells us what can be done? Is it the cog-wheel or screwdriver & wrench icon?

To answer these questions we have a dedicated UX team which focusses on this challenge. Their main focus is the interactions between the user and different devices, where our business software runs on. In Exact Synergy Enterprise Product Update 251 we have updated the existing icons so that they have a modern look & feel and are consistent all over the software.

In the below screenshot you can see some of the improvements:


Old ESE Icons


New ESE Icons

Exact Synergy Enterprise Product Update 251 is expected to be generally available in Q2 2013.
Please let me know what you think about the new icons, when you have a chance to view them.

Credits: Lydia Depillis (text) &  Tim Smith (picture)

The new Synergy design comes to life

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Synergy

I already posted a few articles on specific functionalities in the new design of Synergy. Every feature we are adding to the product is the result of creative development processes and research. In this blog post I would like to inform you about the development of the new Synergy design.

The foundation of the new design is the great diversity of possibilities that Synergy offers. The look and feel is only part of the overall development process. To really grasp design is to intuit what you as our customer want. We intend to offer the new design of Synergy Enterprise based on needs in your daily work and to help you to make your work easier and more comfortable. We collect information via workshops in which we zoom in on certain specific elements of our product. Obviously the responses we receive via the Exact product blog are also very valuable for our development process.

The next step after we have collected all the information is to create wireframes. Wireframes are simple, schematic representations of undeveloped pages. We usually test our ideas with end users during one-on-one interviews, when we also present these wireframes. This often results in an interactive session. It is possible that we repeat the process if it happens that the wireframes need to be drastically changed. In general we have a good and clear idea of how you are using our software and as a result we are often on the right track. And that is what makes our job so interesting every single day.

One of the processes we are using in the Project team is User–centered design (UCD). UCD is a process in which the needs, wants, and limitations of end users are given extensive attention at each stage of the design process.

In this process, we also take the suggestions and ideas – which we receive from you via the feedback button in the software – into account for further development. As you probably already noticed there is also a feedback button in the preview version of the new design in Product update 245. Your feedback is always welcome! Please do not hesitate to contact us through ux@exact.com or comment on this post.

Wizard that helps you to register your medical leave

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Synergy

As you know we are currently working on the new design of Exact Synergy Enterprise and in the product update 245 we have added additional self-service functionalities: medical leave and expense claim. When you use one of these new features you will be guided through a wizard, as we also offer at the personal time off page. In this blog I would like to zoom in on how you can easily register your medical leave.

There are many ways to navigate to the medical leave page. The fastest ways are:
1. the hyperlink medical leave in the self-service part of the personal menu;
2. the medical leave button in the self-service widget on the homepage.

When you start the medical leave page, you will directly see a list of previous requests grouped by ‘Current’, ‘Upcoming’ and ‘In the past’. The ‘Current’ and ‘Upcoming’ sections are always visible so that you have an overview of which current and future requests have been registered. The requests in the ‘In the past’ section are hidden, but you can easily open this section by clicking somewhere in the bar.

Register a new medical leave request is easy and requires only few mouse clicks. Just click at the ‘+ Register medical leave’ button and from there you will be guided through a wizard. In product update 245 we support six medical leave types:

1. Sick leave
2. Visit doctor
3. Visit dentist
4. Other specialist
5. Care leave
6. Emergency leave

Each type has its own page with predefined questions. The content is based on the information that the HR department needs to meet the regulations. In some cases we already prefilled some fields. For instance, if you register a sick leave we have prefilled the current date, the telephone number where the company can reach you and the address you’ll be staying. It is possible to prefill some fields only if the information is already available in Synergy. As a result you save a lot of time to fill in the form.

At the settings page the medical leave request types can be changed into a different request type by a person who has administrator rights.

If you have any comments or suggestions on how we could further empower the new design of Exact Synergy Enterprise, please feel free to contact us through ux@exact.com or comment on this post.