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Perfecting mobile hour entry

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Synergy

Logging the hours you make as a consultant has always been more of a necessity than a hobby, but it is also essential to keep a business running. Because this is such an important part of the job, we’re set on making this as easy and fast as possible, so consultants can focus more on consulting

To make this happen we have been working on the scope of making PSA hour entry work on mobile and we have just started the first round of user tests with the initial prototype.  Tests are being scheduled with customers and partners to not only make sure we make the best app possible for this process, but also for the actual people using our products.

We are making quick iterations and changes early on in the prototype and slowly, but surely, we are working towards a great user experience in the mobile hour entry app for PSA.

We will have more of these user test rounds along the process, so if you are interested in joining, feel free to send a message to sie-hang@exact.com (please note that for now, we are testing in the Netherlands)

New setup for the help startpage

Written by Edgar Wieringa on . Posted in Exact Online

For our Dutch Exact Online customers we have just adjusted the layout of the ‘Help startpage’. With the one aim to make the page better usable by offering you less options in a more clear way. Attention grabber is hopefully a big search field where you can type the keywords for the matter you need help with.

There was one change we got upfront some feedback on; the search field doesn’t come with a ‘Go’ or ‘Search’ button. Just an enter after your keywords will do. Although we got this feedback during our internal reviews we feel confident about the clarity of the search box itself. We think the appropriate action to fire the search (hitting the enter key on your keyboard) is obvious and so we could even make the page more clean. What could you do more than hitting enter on your keyboard after you put in your query?

The new help start page offers you:

  • the mentioned search box
  • a list of at the moment frequently asked questions
  • a quick link to the guidance we offer for different processes
  • options to contact us for a question, by phone an to chat instantly
  • a way to retrieve your earlier communication with Exact

We certainly hope you find now easier what you are looking for, when you miss something just let us know via a reply to this post.

The new Synergy design. What has been done with your feedback so far

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Synergy

Last October, Sie-Hang Cheung posted an article with the title ‘Synergy 244 user feedback’. The article is about the first feedback we have received via the feedback button in the preview version of Exact Synergy Enterprise, product update 244. Over the last weeks we got lots more feedback from you. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your time and effort. Your feedback is very valuable.

We have used your feedback and the results from user research for the further development of the new design of Synergy Enterprise. We have not only built new functionality and screens, we have also made some good improvements like moving the vertical Communication menu to the top menu bar and a the positioning and behaviour of the Options menu. The user interface looks slightly different from the design which we introduced in product update 244. The interface that we are going to introduce in product update 245 has a solid foundation for further expansion.

I can imagine that you are interested in what you can expect in the next product update. In this post I will give you the highlights of the new design.

Finish Employee Self Service functionality

In product update 244 two self-service functionalities are missing: Medical leave and Expense claims. This functionality will be available. In both screens you will be guided through a wizard, as you know from the Personal time off page.

Person, Account and Project

All cards have the same look-and-feel and layout, which allows you to quickly find your way on the page. The cards are divided into a business card with contact information, a ‘More’ section with general information and tabs. The information on the tabs is arranged by subject. The order of the tabs can easily be changed via drag-and-drop.

Recent contacts

At the right top menu a Recent contacts menu is added. This menu shows an overview of recently contacted employees. It allows you to quickly navigate to one of the employee cards so you do not have to search.

As in the previous product update, the software that we deliver in product update 245 will also be a preview version. We are continuing to further develop this design.

Your feedback is always welcome! Please do not hesitate to contact us through ux@exact.com or comment on this post.

New user interface in Exact Synergy

Written by Alexander Kutilov on . Posted in Exact Synergy

In product update 255 the interface of Exact Synergy is completely redesigned. After performing an update you’ll see that the complete user interface has undergone a transformation to a more innovative and visually attractive design.

The menus are now available on the top. Via the preferences menu (gear-icon) on the top right you can add or remove the items such as Homepage, News, Favorites or My Documents, HRM Module from every top menu.

The toolbar buttons that were present on the menu bar before, are now available via the ‘Hamburger’ menu, in the Quick access part together with the ‘My menu’ options.


In previous releases the search function was available on the left. As of this product update it will be available on the top. Your roles determine in which module you can search.


Similar to the search function the +Create menu is also available on the top. Via this menu you can create the entities.


On the right side next you can find the Modules that allow you to navigate to the various functions of those modules.


Besides the changes mentioned there are also several changes within other parts of Exact Synergy Enterprise. Soon you can read more about them on this blog.

The controlled release phase for product update 255 starts in May 2015. If you are interested to participate, please send an email to productreadiness@exact.com.

Smile! Your Synergy profile picture is available everywhere!

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Synergy

A lot a valuable data is stored in Synergy. Pictures of people are one of them. Using these pictures in communication tools such as MS Outlook and MS Lync offers a great user experience! With Product Update 250 we deliver Windows PowerShell scripts which allow uploading Synergy profile pictures into Active Directory. After this every known person will show the Synergy profile picture in the communication tool. So now you actually see whom you communicate with; isn’t this great!

Together with our Gold Partner Nobel we have developed these scripts and they are ready to be delivered to all of our customers. When Product Update 250 will be generally available the ‘how to’ documentation will also be provided. I will reply to this article with the link of the user guide. The provided script is for people but can also be used for contact persons which have portal access. You just need to modify the query in the script.

Until then keep smiling! You never know who is looking at your picture 🙂

Photo credit: Shanda Panda

Get set, Ready…GO!

Written by Marco Kastrop on . Posted in Exact Online

In June 2010 we have announced the availability of logistic functionality in controlled release for Exact Online.  In this period customers can get acquainted with the functionality and provide us useful feedback during visits, round table sessions or via support.

One of the things that we have learned from the feedback is about the ‘Getting started’-process. How to get started once you have extended your license with new functionality? Is new data required to get started? What is the basic process flow of the new functionality? Over the last months we therefore have researched of how we can better facilitate your first experience with the (new) functionality.

The direction of the new Getting started experience has been in the hands of our user experience team. A team dedicated to studying, analyzing, implementing concepts whereby the user takes the central position. Per functional area we have there fore defined a getting started page that will allow you to navigate throught the main steps of a process flow. We are still fine tuning the pages and are currently evaluating the usability of the pages with users, but I would like to show you an example of the purchase process flow that is displayed on the getting started page of logistics:

Click on the image to show full size

As you can see, you can (hopefully) recognize the basic steps in a logistics purchase process. The flow is interactive, when hovering over the flow you will be able to start the selected process or find help documentation related to selected topic.

Next to the process flow and the main settings required to start with basic process of the respective functionality, you also have direct access to other main sources of help (like e.g. our help start page or other related information).

I hope that with this guided start, you will have a great experience working with our software.

Feedback results: Come out, Come out, wherever you are!

Written by Robin den Buurman on . Posted in Exact Synergy

After publication of the blog “Saving time: Come out, Come out, wherever you are!” I got a lot of feedback on the article and functionality which could be divided into two groups. The ones that where extremely positive about the provided functionality and the ones that had some doubts and presented me with a more critical view on the feature. After examining the feedback and contacting some of you to discuss your views it was clear we missed out on the advanced user of Exact Synergy Enterprise with this feature. These users for example remember accounts by number, location and all sorts of other properties but never seem to view the card itself. Meaning it wouldn’t show up in the recently used view nor in the “my” view since they are not the manager of the account. This principle also applied to the other browsers we adjusted.

After the feedback round we concluded that we needed to react to these findings fast and update the functionality so we can support these advanced users in their daily work. In cooperation with you, our users, we decided to upgrade the functionality the following way:

  • Setting the default value of the find-in box to the “all” view.
  • Performing an immediate search after the find-in box is changed by the user; this will eliminate the need for an extra button click to get the documents in the selected view.
  • Retaining the last selected find-in value for every individual search browser and individual user.

We are confident that the made changes are satisfactory for all our types of users. The changes will be available upon general availability of product update 244.

Happy finding!

Thank you for the feedback! We highly appreciate it! 

Photographer: healingdream