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How to make use of PSA in Exact Synergy Enterprise

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Synergy

In order to make use of the PSA in Exact Synergy Enterprise and start to enjoy the Time&Billing capabilities, you can do that in two ways:

  1. Having a Synergy user with a professional role. Such a user can be granted any other license role (like Hour entry role) free of charge and without any further license checks
  2. Assign a Synergy user, who doesn’t have the professional role yet, with  the hour entry role. When doing so, a license check is done whether the customer has sufficient available Hour entry roles (YA1401) in his license
  3. #1 and #2 also apply to the situation where the user doesn’t need hour entry capabilities, but rather project controlling capabilities. So a Synergy user who already has the professional role, can be assigned with the project controller role free of charge and without any further license checks. Those Synergy users who don’t have a professional role, can only be granted the project controller role if there’s sufficient available project controller roles (YA1402) in the license

All the applications needed to make use of PSA in Exact Synergy Enterprise, are downloaded via the standard update mechanism of Exact Synergy Enterprise, so no seperate installation on the webserver is required.

More info on how the role mode works via this video.

Hello, I am the Synergy User!

Written by Robin den Buurman on . Posted in Exact Synergy

Let me introduce myself. As of 244 every user that can use Exact Synergy Enterprise will be a Synergy User. I am the most basic of users in Exact Synergy Enterprise; intended for employees that don’t rely in their daily work on the use of Exact Synergy but do need to have access to ask for a day off and view their calendar. Maybe they need me to find contact information of colleagues or allow them to communicate with colleagues in a structured way. On top of me you can stack multiple roles to expand my functionality. I can make use of the following functionality:

View Intranet news page

This allows me to be informed on what is going on within my company, access links to start pages, read the most important news that gets broadcasted within my company. This makes sure I am always involved and informed!

Create tasks for myself and other users

Maintain a to-do list and request jobs to be done from others. It also allows me to keep track of the progress of these tasks.

Receive tasks

Receive tasks from others.

Request a vacation

Ask my manager for approval on days off.

View my calendar

Check my calendar for upcoming events and jobs to do.

Maintain favorites

Allow to store shortcuts to documents and other resources for quick access.

Synchronize my Calendar with Microsoft Outlook

Make sure Microsoft Outlook represents the Exact Synergy Enterprise calendar.

View my resource card

View if my personal data is correct, correct and add information to it.

Setup my Exact Synergy Enterprise preferences

Adjust the language and language settings for me personally.

Find colleagues

Search for colleagues and look at their contact information.

View Microsoft Reporting Services reports

View MS Reporting reports if the reports rights allow me to.

Synergy User Interface

Extending my functionality can be done by assigning me one of the roles below:

Extending the functionality which is available to me as a Synergy user can easily be done by assigning additional roles. The Synergy User can be extended by the following roles:

  1. Professional Role.
  2. Employee Self Service Role.
  3. CRM Role.
  4. Incoming Invoice Register Role.
  5. Report Manager Role.
  6. Hour Entry Role.
  7. Project Controller Role.

And the best thing, I am free to use and only require a small annual fee to support me.

Want to know more about Exact new license model?

In our vision every employee can benefit from the use of Exact Synergy Enterprise in your organization by using workflow, documents, CRM, HRM and the many other features. Our answer is a very affordable basic user; the Synergy User.

Watch this video to know why and how we changed it. Also for more detailed information on each role; take a look at this page.

Granting user rights in a user friendly way

Written by Ilja Udo on . Posted in Exact Online

How can you grant or remove rights from a user in Exact Online? A user in an administration has a specific function.
How can you assure that this specific user can perform only this function and not be able to view other inappropriate information?

Within Exact Online roles determine what a user can do. A role is a collection of several functionalities. A user can also have more than one role.

Say that your user is allowed to perform the following functions:

  • Maintain item groups;
  • Maintain items;
  • Maintain the prizes of items;
  • Import and export items

In Exact Online your user must have the role “Manage items”  – the role that grants the user the rights needed to operate the functionalities mentioned above.

Because the functionality Exact Online offers keeps growing, the list of available roles has grown accordingly. As the process of assigning them has become more complicated, we’ve been investigating a new way to go about managing the process. The pictures below show the results of the process – an improved way of working that will be available soon.

Instead of having to scroll down a long list of roles you now can go immediately to the correct functional area (=tab) where you find all related roles that are available. Where necessary the roles are further grouped per sub group. 

Let’s have a look in more detail at how the various options already available to you for allocating roles will look: 

Add Users to a Role
You can grant rights by adding a user to a role. The role is the starting point for you to then add one or more users.


Openening a certain role gives you the option to add one or more users:


Add Roles to a User
You can also start from a user’s perspective, adding roles to a specific user.

Copy roles
When multiple users are working in your Exact Online license they can often need to have the same rights. With the “Copy: Rights”  function you can copy the rights of one Exact Online user to another.  This function can be found in several places in Exact Online.


Administration access
You can also define to which administration(s) your users have access.

Audit trail
To keep track of all granted/revoked rights an overview is available where the history is kept. It’s possible to filter the overview – e.g. for a specific user. The overview can then be printed and exported to MS Excel.

Do you consider this grouping of roles to be more user friendly? Do you have other suggestions related to granting rights to users? Please let us know.