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Rafiki’s Corner – Exact Event Manager 1.6 – Now in Controlled Release!

Written by Sander van Triet on . Posted in Exact Event Manager

It is always a beautiful thing when you wake up in the morning, check your messages and the first thing you see is acceptance of a product release! That is what I woke to this morning….acceptance by the commercial group that Exact Event Manager 1.6 can go into Controlled Release. This comes after three days of addressing specific issues identified during the past week of internal regional testing. This puts us on time and on target with this release.

As discussed previously, Exact Event Manager 1.6 has two new and innovative feature sets added to the core functionality. Support for SSRS as an action and the creation of documents, as an attachment into Exact Synergy Enterprise. This release also provides for the ability to include email as an action as part of the management and maintenance of the so called Event Packs. This means that you will be able to create, package up and share a selection of Events that you have created, for whatever purpose.

Exact Event Manager 1.6 het al klaar a hele klomp goeie aanbevelings hier in die VSA gekry, met omtrent 5 kliente wat aangedui het dat hulle graag in die  CR program wil deelneem. Oops, I forget myself, let me switch back to English!

My blog appears to be gaining ground as a source for untethered information on Exact Event Manager. I think I now have 4 readers, up from one, which shows progress! So, for those of you who do read this blog, there is something that I need to touch on, based on a the frequency with which one specific question is asked. The question is “Is Exact Event Manager based on SQL triggers or a schedule?”. Well, let me answer that question for you.

Exact Event Manager (all versions), deploys what is known as a Table Scan model, for data scanning and acquisition. This ostensibly means that you define a query and then set a schedule as to when that query should run. Pretty straight forward. There is of course, another method used in event management technologies and that is the trigger based mechanism, where a “query” is defined but it is not set to a timed schedule. It is executed based on a condition that is defined within the data itself. This means the event is executed when the condition is met, instantaneously.

I have been asked recently if we support the trigger based concept within Exact Event Manager. The straight answer is NO. Exact Event Manager makes use of the Table Scan method at the moment. As part of our ongoing research and solution design, we are constantly evaluating where we should be going and with what technologies, and this is something that we are looking at closely. I trust this answers that question?

So, back to Exact Event Manager 1.6. The Controlled Release (CR) program has started and for those who are interested in signing up for this exciting and value based solution, please contact your specific account manager, who will be more than happy to help determine how we can best assist you and your business.

Have a great weekend!