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Test-drive our new time & billing dashboard

Written by Remco Kroes on . Posted in Exact Online

In 2014 a journey was started to enhance the getting started process and main process flows in accounting. Among the first deliverables was a re-designed dashboard – designed with the need in mind to easier manage day-to-day tasks and have immediate insight in the financials of your company.  For professional services firms, we want to continue this journey and provide our users with a central starting point to manage key activities within these firms. Helping them to get started quickly and better manage their projects, resource capacity and billable utilization.

Better manage projects, capacity and utilization

A new interactive dashboard will be the starting point for key actions like creating new projects, approving time and leave entries, and generating invoices. It will also display key indicators such as billability, schedule accountability, budget progress, active projects and available capacity – all at a glance.

new dashboard screenshot

As from now the dashboard will be available in controlled release for all editions (Exact Online for Time & Billing and Project Management) and will soon be made available via Early Access – enabling you to test-drive this dashboard and provide immediate feedback. For more information, please contact remco.kroes@exact.com




Exact acquires ‘Timesheet’ solution for Exact Synergy Enterprise

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Synergy

EddonLogo                     SYNERGYEXACTLOGO-TRANS

In order to offer existing and new customers a more complete solution, Exact has acquired the Exact Synergy Enterprise add-on “Timesheet”, as developed by our Dutch partner Eddon Software.

By incorporating this solution into Exact Synergy Enterprise, we’ll be enriching our offering with functionality to plan, register and invoice hours for project-driven companies. Our goal is to offer the functionality as per product update 243 of Exact Synergy Enterprise (for an overview of the 2010 planning of Exact Synergy Enterprise, please see this document).

Eddon Software is an independent organization focussed on development and distribution of software add-ons on top of standard software of Exact. The team of Eddon Software consists of Exact specialists with a huge experience on Exact’s software stack. The specialists of Eddon Software are working continuously, together with partners, to help and support organizations in optimizing the use of Exact’s solutions.

In the coming period we will be giving more information about availability, pricing and functionality.

Coming to Exact Online: time registration and invoicing

Written by Robert Huberts on . Posted in Exact Online

You own a consulting company with a number of consultants out working for your customers. At the end of each month you want to invoice the customers for the time your consultants worked for them. So each month you go through the same process. The consultants send you their hours, often in a Microsoft Excel sheet. Then the hours need to be checked to see if they are complete and correct. Consultants that made errors or did not send their hours need to be chased to provide the correct data. When the correct time registrations have been received you need to copy them to your financial system so you can finally create and send invoices to your customers. All this should be done in a couple of days at the close of each month.

Does this sound familiar? How do you feel about a solution that makes this process more efficient? The new time registration and invoicing solution in Exact Online allows time spent working for customers to be registered and processed to an invoice with no need to enter data twice.

Weekly time entry

Your consultants can enter the time they worked and costs occurred for customers via the web directly into Exact Online. The entered time and costs can be easily reviewed, so you can make sure they are complete and correct. When you are satisfied that all entries are correct you can generate and then print the invoices. The solution will also provide you with overviews to measure how billable your employees are and the entered and invoiced amounts for each customer.

This solution is currently in controlled release and will be commercially available in the fourth quarter of 2010. Of course we want to hear from you as well, can a solution like this help you make your time registration and invoicing process more efficient?

Image credit for the header image: Robbert van der Steeg (from Flickr)