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Word Merge is the new standard

Written by Martin Ortgiess on . Posted in Exact Synergy

Easily send a predefined email or letter in corporate style. That was the goal we had in mind when designing the new Word Merge functionality. And… I think we succeeded!

This is how I introduced Word Merge for Product Update 249 in April this year. Since then, we have customers positively working with this new feature. We continued to improve Word Merge in Product Update 250 by adding new features and made it even easier to make a letter or send an email.

Based on the positive feedback and rich functionality that the New Word Merge offers, it will be our standard Merge offering as of Product update 250. This means that newly created administrations will have ‘new Word Merge’ only! Existing administrations will have the option to use ‘New Word Merge’.

New in product update 250:

New menus and functions

  • Create letters for, or Send email messages to, a group of recipients based on Account-, Contact person, People- and Request search  result
  • Create letter or send email from project card
  • Creating a Quotation in MS Word is heavily extended with the new Word Merge implemented. Item pictures can be added to item lines and much more information (tags) is available to be used in the template.
  • Send automated emails related to customer- and reseller portal:
    • Portal access activation
    • Reset password
    • Portal access deactivation
  • Give your letter or email a unique reference number which can be easily traced back:
    • Setting to determine the format of reference number
    • the reference number is one of the fields that can be used to make your template (tag)
    • the reference number can be published in the Synergy document description, which make it easy to trace it back
  • Send email messages including attachments: When sending an email, the user can select a Synergy document. All attachments linked to this document, will become email attachments

Improvements on existing features

  • User can add recurring lines to a template. This means that you can add information to a template that you normally would store in a table. Think about quotation item lines, an overview of all roles linked to a person or a list of all members of a project
  • The process of creating a letter or sending an email is improved and simplified.
    • The user first selects a template from a list.
    • After selection the template, the user can fill in related information that is defined for this template. The options the user has, is set by the template creator and is template specific. Think about:
      • User must fill in the contact person to send the email, where other fields will not appear for this template
      • Fields can be set mandatory and/or editable
      • Defaults are already prefilled
  • You can use all information available in Synergy on your templates: just extend your merge schema with the fields needed


  • ‘Old’ Merge functionality is no longer offered in new databases
  • Support Word Merge in combination with multiple Synergy environments on 1 server
  • Support 64 bit Synergy environments
  • Support basic authentication

More new financial development on the horizon

Written by Ilja Udo on . Posted in Exact Online

In previous blogs What a wonderful world… and Don’t spend any more time on manual invoice entry  the new scanning functionality was introduced.  A beautiful way to save time. Time that you can now spend on your core business. So…what else do we have on the agenda to support your bookkeeping process?

We are working on a solution where you only have to enter financial basics like

  • for who (customer/supplier),
  • when (date) and
  • what (subject and  total amount)

when a financial entry needs to be created. Exact Online does the rest!

For often used financial entries it becomes possible to create templates. Known financial data like general ledger accounts, cost centers or cost units can be filled in. Further you can indicate how line amounts must be calculated.
Because essential data is already known at the moment a financial entry is created, using a template saves you time.
Furthermore, when the same financial entry occurs more then once, a template ensures that entries are created along the same line and reduces the likelihood of you making mistakes.

Where is it useful?
Let’s give a few examples where we think we can help you save time:

Imagine… you receive an invoice from the telephone company. You receive it every month, only the actual costs differ. The specification shows costs for subscriptions, actual phone costs, mobile phone costs, use of Internet etcetera. If the general ledger accounts are predefined per cost type and if the distribution of the costs is also known beforehand, entering the total amount will be sufficient to create the entire entry!

Imagine… you have a web shop and the invoicing is done by Visa. 2 % of each invoice goes to Visa, the rest considered turnover. 
When you can define this division as a fixed portion booked for Visa and the remainder as turnover beforehand, you’ll never have to divide the invoice up manually again.

Image… you have visited a gas station. You want to enter the bill directly into your Exact Online administration via your mobile phone app. You just have to enter which amount you have spent on what and where  (e.g. 100 euros for fuel at Shell) and the administration will do the rest!  

Can we make it easier still?
The new functionality will be introduced gradually in phases. Any feedback is welcome, just reply on this post.

Exact Globe tip: easy planning via MRP templates

Written by Michiel van Rooijen on . Posted in Exact Globe

The MRP planning in Globe is a powerful planning tool. You have almost limitless possibilities to show and analyze your planning but this flexibility can also add to its complexity. For different uses you need a different set of parameters and settings to show the MRP planning.

To help you in defining these settings you can use MRP templates. You can set up user based or company based templates to make sure you or someone else in the company uses exactly the right set of MRP parameters and settings for each specific process.

Watch this video how you can use MRP templates in your day to day planning!


Introduction of the new Word Merge

Written by Martin Ortgiess on . Posted in Exact Synergy

Easily send a predefined email or letter in corporate style. That was the goal we had in mind when designing the new Word Merge functionality. And… I think we succeeded!

With Exact Synergy Enterprise product update 249, the first version of the new Word Merge will become generally available. It is the successor of current merge functionality in Exact Synergy Enterprise (HTML and Word Merge) and offers a wide range of improvements. (video)

For every company it is of great significance that documents that are sent to external stakeholders or employees are professional and follow the guidelines of your company. There are a couple of things that are important when you want to achieve this, where again the most crucial one is that it should be simple to create a letter or send an email. To realize this, the screen where ‘it all happens’ must be clear and to the point. The key elements here are the number and quality of templates available. The number of templates should be kept to a minimum, so that the end user can easily pick the right one. The quality of the templates should be guaranteed. The new Word Merge functionality takes care of all of this.

The new Word Merge offers the following features:

– You can easily create a letter or send an email

  • Easy screen from where you can send email or create a letter
  • Templates are available based on roles and action
  • User can select to save a copy of the sent email to Exact Synergy Enterprise
  • Server side merging: good performance and no tools needed on client machine

– Templates

  • Define who can use which templates
  • Define who can maintain which templates
  • Template settings, to define which templates can be used from where (like: send email from account card or create letter from person search)
  • Set language of the template
  • Templates are made in MS Word

– Schema

  • A schema is needed to make a template. It contains a set of merge tags which can be dragged into the template. While performing the merge, these tags will be replaced by the actual value (like {account name} = Exact International Development)
  • Exact delivers default schemas. The merge tags in the schema are comparable with the merge fields currently in HTML merge
  • Consultants can easily extend the schema and add new fields
  • Consultants can make their own schema’s
  • Define who can use which schema

UPDATED: In product update 249, Exact introduces a first version of the new Word Merge functionality. This first version is limited to single merge actions only. This means that you can perform a Word Merge from account-, contact-, person- and request-card. All other merge functionality, like merge from account-, request- and person-search will remain as is. We plan to have most used Word Merge functionality available as of product update 250 which will become available second half 2012.

New layout templates

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Online

When you communicate with your customers you want to look your best. For example: your invoices must not only be correct, but should also reflect your business identity. We would like to help you with that. We do that by writing tips on how to use the layout editor. And not long ago we have improved layout maintenance screens, including the layout editor. One of the things changed is the template overview, this has a gallery added so you can visually inspect and select a template.

But a gallery is worthless without content, so that’s where we are aiming our effort at the moment. Recently we have added more flavors of templates for invoices. We are now working on extending this to other categories*. To easily recognize styles we have added names. The existing templates are now called “Origineel”. Newly added templates are:

E-mailtekst “Persoonlijk” We have added a more personal targeted e-mail text template, which calls the recipient by his/her name and where you can add your name and logo.
Lay-out “Blauw”  Named after the blue background color behind the lines.
Lay-out Engels”Blauw”  Same as above but in English for your international customers.
Lay-out “Lines” No background color to save ink, but with underlined lines.

These styles share certain characteristics:

  • They have been designed to be filed in ring binders. Therefor the content is not centered, but extra white space have been put on the left side to accommodate for wholes for the rings.
  • Also for that reason all important information has been put on the right side of the paper, so it is perfectly visible even in a cramped ring folder.
  • A folding mark has been added to facilitate folding the paper into thirds to be put into an envelope.
  • The layout type (for example “Invoice”) is put at the top third of the paper, so it is visible when the paper is folded.

Of course, templates are only a starting point for your own customized layouts, so go ahead, copy them and adapt to your personal taste or company styling.

* Note: templates are country specific. Above described templates apply to the Dutch Exact Online site (www.exactonline.nl), for other countries other names or templates may be in use.

Knowledge is a key factor for a success story

Written by Philippe Robert on . Posted in Exact Online

If you don’t have knowledge on a specific topic, the best thing to do is try and acquire it from someone else – an expert who can share his knowledge or trainer who can guide you, getting you to the point where you can walk alone.

This is particularly true for accounting. If you are the owner of a small company and want to manage it correctly and make the right decisions, you will need to learn about the financial processes involved. You’ll also probably need advice from an accounting expert regarding your official documents and fiscal requirements. With this mind, Exact Online can be an incredibly valuable tool in the learning process.

After discussion with some training organizations who give classical training on Exact Online for their students, we found that 2 extra functionalities could really help them in their work.

1) VAT overview
When you book invoices in Exact Online, you do it based on VAT codes. When you’re learning VAT topics, it’s helpful to understand how the various VAT boxes are calculated in the process of producing the VAT return.

In Exact Online we already had the VAT overview, allowing you to zoom in to the specific entries associated with each VAT box. However, we saw that it would also be helpful to know the different VAT boxes that are adjusted for each entry. This was not possible in this overview.

That’s why we added the possibility to start this report not only from the VAT boxes, but from the entries themselves. You can now see per entry the VAT boxes that will be updated and the G/L accounts that are used.

2) Template with transactions
When you give training for your students, it is important that you start it based on well-organized, clear materials. You would ideally like to use real cases with real customers and real entries – your own data set as oppose to the set-up demo administration Exact can provide. This dataset would not only include master data, but also some basic transactions – making it easy to get into the bookkeeping right from the start.

In Exact Online we had already the possibility for accountants to define their own administration templates. However, they were only for the master data (GL accounts, VAT codes etc.) and no transactions were included.

To assist in the learning process, we have also added the possibility for accountants to add 2 extra topics in their template companies – The definition of Financial Years and Transactions.

This means that the teacher’s template company can now start with transactions in it, the student able to begin a new administration with the same information included. With more data available to outline how the bookkeeping system works, it’s easier and quicker for the student to begin learning what’s going on.

If you have more suggestions for how we can help you to give training on accountancy using on Exact Online, don’t hesitate to contact us.