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The CRM user turning into a big boy

Written by Martin Ortgiess on . Posted in Exact Synergy

A lot of our customers use the CRM user, a user license role which offers you a lot of functionality against a good price.

The number of companies using the CRM user in their license grows rapidly. With these new customers on board, we’ve received a lot of valuable feedback on how the CRM users is being used in daily business. It opens up opportunities to even further improve the CRM user. So, we did!

As of Exact Synergy Enterprise product update 248 (General available January 2012) the CRM user will have full functionality available in the CRM (customer) module. In this module the CRM user will have the same functionality available as the professional user . This means that:

– All accounts, opportunities and quotations are visible, based on the rights set in the system.
– All account types can be created and maintained, based on the rights set in the system

Function rights are used to give a user more functionality. Over a 60 function rights are available for the CRM user, which will give him additional privileges, like sending a mailing to a group of customers and edit all opportunities within his group.

Other improvements are:

– View all requests on all places where the user has access. An example is that the CRM user can view the workflow of his colleagues and view all requests that are linked to a project.
– Delegate your work when you are out of the office.
– As of product update 249 we will introduce a possibility for a CRM user to view all projects or only the projects of which he is a member.

License roles as of product update 247

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Synergy

It can be a challenge to control the access to and the costs of your Exact Synergy Enterprise environment, while each of your employees have different functional needs. To give you more flexibility, freedom and control over your Synergy Enterprise environment, the new role structure lets you assign specific roles to the users. In product update 247, which is currently in controlled release, we have made several changes to our software based on customers’ experience and feedback.

The main changes in this product update include:

  • The monitor section in the personal resource card is now available for the Synergy User, so he can easily check his calendar, view personal documents such as payroll slips and access reports (release note)
  • The user with the Employee Self-Service role can now access the HRM module, view the personal cards and requests of subordinates, and create and view vacancies for his cost center. This role is intended to facilitate the daily job of a people manager (release note
  • Incoming Invoice Register Users are able to delegate and assign delegation to other users with only this role (release note)
  • It is possible for users with the CRM role to view person-specific requests that are not defined in HRM settings (release note

Please watch the video below to see the improved license roles in action.

If you have any questions regarding the improvements in the license roles structure, do not hesitate to contact Sunil Girdhari (Product Manager) at sunil.girdhari@exact.com.

Exact Synergy Enterprise product update 247 is generally available. Are you ready?

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Synergy

As of today, Exact Synergy Enterprise product update 247 is generally available. This marks the end of controlled release period which started in the end of August.

Based on customers’ feedback, we have focused on multiple developments in the following license roles: Exact Synergy user, Employee Self-Service, Incoming Invoice Register and users with CRM role (video). For the customers who make use of Exact Synergy Office Integration we have introduced calendar management that allows you to link your project, account and contact to your appointment you create in MS Outlook (video). Moreover, as of this product update quotations are now fully integrated with Exact Globe, so the item information can be retrieved from Exact Globe and you can now select a division to be linked to your quotation.

All Exact Synergy Enterprise users who work with the standard functionality can now switch to the new Exact Synergy design that includes new features, such as customizable dashboards and enhanced mega menus navigation. Furthermore, the Exact Synergy Enterprise PSA solution make it now possible to plan people against a deadline and register costs of approved hours and expenses in Exact Globe.

Exact Integration launched in August has now new features, such as supporting the batch update of items and restoring database. To follow earlier introduction of Central Master Data Management for accounts and items, as of this product update it is possible to centrally manage General Ledger accounts (video).

Based on a direct customer feedback, we have also implemented a number of small enhancements, among others:

A full overview of all new functionalities you can find in the release notes and some additional information on the Product Update News page. Please also refer to previous articles on the Product Blog.

We would like to thank all customers, partners and colleagues who contributed to this product update.

Should you have any questions regarding this announcement, please comment on this blog post.