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Welcome to Exact Globe Next

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Event Manager, Exact Globe, Exact Synergy

On behalf of product management, I’m proud to introduce Exact Globe Next that combines and integrates different Exact solutions.

Exact Globe Next offers one menu which functions as a shell to combine and give access to several solutions: Exact Globe, Exact Synergy Enterprise, Exact Event Manager and integration with SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS). Combining all these products into one provides you with a complete solution with which you can effectively and proactively run your business, but also it enables you to see which direction your business is heading. You will gain more control over your company and processes, and stay on top of your business.

If your company is already using Exact Globe, with addition of Exact Synergy Enterprise functionality it will be much easier for your employees to collaborate online more effectively, for example by creating tasks for one another, search for people and accounts and read news about the company on the intranet home page and even submit vacation request. All employees can access Exact Synergy Enterprise with the Synergy user, but more license roles can be purchased for employees if extra functionality is needed. If you are already using Exact Synergy Enterprise all functionality you have right now will be also available with Exact Globe Next.

Thanks to the integration with SSRS you can view dashboards and reports that will give you strategic insight in your organization’s key performance indicators. With Exact Globe Next you will get a default set of dashboards that will help you to gain maximum control over your business at any time.

Exact Event Manager helps to identify and respond to critical conditions which have been defined within your organization. And with Exact Globe Next you will be able to make use of this automatic alert function, having 8 default events with an option to purchase additional event packs.

Now you might be asking yourself what it means for you in practice. With Exact Globe Next you can count on:

  • The new insight: always having the latest information at your fingertips is a prerequisite for doing good business
  • The new overview: set the right priorities with Exact Globe Next. This innovative business software thinks with you.
  • The new collaboration: collaboration with each other is easier than ever before.
  • The new convenience: work faster and more productively with the user-friendly Exact Globe Next.

Those are only the high level benefits of Exact Globe Next, please visit the Exact Globe Next website where you can get more information about this solution, watch videos and see how you can request the upgrade.

We will be providing more information about Exact Globe Next on the Product Blog, so stay tuned!

Rafiki’s Corner – Exact Event Manager 1.6 – A Bag of Tricks

Written by Sander van Triet on . Posted in Exact Event Manager

Effective Tuesday, May 4, Exact Event Manager 1.6 went into extended internal testing and QA (Regional Verification Testing). This exercise will take place in Columbus, OH where we are privileged to have 3 colleagues from Delft with us, who will assist in shaking the latest release out. By bringing people from around the world together into one room, we will further ensure that communications and ideas are consistent and focused. There is nothing like breaking down time-zone governed barriers!

Event Manager 1.6 is a cumulative release that contains a significant number of software corrections, some smaller user improvements and 2 new features:

  • Support for SQL Server Reporting Services as an action
  • Uploading of attachments into Synergy Enterprise as documents

These two enhancements were requested by groups across all regions and represent the growing trend of market / customer driven solutions.

Support for SQL Server Reporting Services

When setting up SSRS as an Action, you are able to define the format of the output as either

  • MS-Word
  • Excel
  • Adobe .pdf
  • HTML 4
  • CSV

So, what does this mean to everyone? Well, the attachments that are sent with the outbound email, as the action, mean that the user can take advantage of the significant features found within Excel, Word etc. For example team members here have been playing around with conditional formatting, which will be controlled by Excel or Word.

Uploading Documents as Attachments to Synergy Enterprise

Tapping into the extended opportunities provided to us by the entities exposed with Synergy Enterprise, you are now able to take a Crystal Report and upload that into Synergy Enterprise as a document with the the report attached to the document. Furthermore, making use of the power of SQL Server Reporting Services, the same holds true here. You are able to define an Event where the action is to create a Document, and you have the option to select a SSRS document to be uploaded into Synergy Enterprise, as an attachment. This means that you can select either a pdf, Word, Excel, HTML 4 or CSV attachment to Synergy.

The use of the Entities with Synergy Enterprise, further allows you to ensure that the document types and all properties associated with the document classification are exposed and correctly filled in within Exact Event Manager.

Exact Event Manager 1.6 is a major milestone for the solution. We are now stepping into new areas of capabilities never before seen, and embracing newer technologies and concepts such as SSRS and entity integration. For more information, keep watching my blog. I will not be silent and will continue to communicate!

A complete package of 30 out-of-the-box reports

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Synergy

Since the product update 243 and 244 we have been working on integration of SQL Server Reporting Services directly in the Synergy administration. In the product update 245 we went a step further and created 30* ready to use business reports which transform enterprise data into clear information that is crucial for timely and accurate decision making. These out-of-the box reports offer a real time access and clear insight of both Synergy as well as Globe data.

How to use drill through SSRS reports in Exact Synergy Enterprise release 243

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Synergy

One great feature of SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) is the ability to drill through to secondary reports. The advantage is that you can show in one report the summarized high-level information and in the second report the detailed information. This can be realized by adding a drill through action in a report. When designing such an action you would normally select the option “Jump to report“, provide the secondary report and if applicable the required values for the report parameters.

Steps to make your reports more dynamic

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Globe, Exact Synergy

Wouldn’t it be great to make your reports more dynamic? An “outstanding items” report which retrieves and shows you this information based on the selected company.  Selecting another company triggers the report to dynamically retrieve this information from a different data source and show it to you. How great is that?! This all can be achieved with a report which uses a Dynamic Data Source (DDS). In this blog post I will explain how SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) reports with DDS are supported in Exact Synergy Enterprise via the SSRS Integration.

All the Exact Globe Next Dashboards (SSRS reports) are making use of the DDS functionality. To view these Dashboards you don’t necessarily need Exact Globe Next with extended functionality. Exact Synergy Enterprise with Exact Globe Next is sufficient to enjoy the dynamic power of these Dashboards. You can also view them directly on the Report Server when you only have Exact Globe Next and SSRS installed.

In Exact Synergy Enterprise you can maintain divisions. Each division represents a company. The back office data, e.g. financial transactions, for the company is stored in a database on a server. On the division card you can maintain these values. They are stored in the fields “Database: IP Address (Server)” and “Database: Name” in the “Back office” section.

Division card - Back office section

Now that we know where the “Back office” is located for each division (company) we can use it in our reports. The report requires two fixed named parameters (“Division” and “ConnectionString”).

DDS Report parameters

It also requires an embedded data source which uses the value of the “ConnectionString” parameter to connect to the correct data source (Back office: company).

Embedded Dynamic Data Source

The credentials for the embedded data source should be set to “Windows integrated security”.

Credentials Dynamic Data Source

The visibility of the “ConnectionString” Parameter should be set to “Hidden” so that the user can’t change it manually.

Hidden property for ConnectionString parameter

The default value of the “ConnectionString” Parameter is the same value as of the “Division” parameter. This is required in order to trigger the refresh data for the possible other report parameters. E.g. the default financial “Year” and “Period”.

Default value for ConnectionString parameter

In Exact Synergy Enterprise you can select a Division when you are viewing one of the Exact Globe Next Dashboards. The selected Company will be used when you are using Exact Globe Next ‘with extended functionality’ to view them.

The SSRS Integration will not send the value of the “Division” parameter to the Report Server for the Exact Globe Next Dashboards, but it will send the concatenated value. E.g. “Data Source=nl000dem01;Initial Catalog=MacBeanGLB”. The same value will be copied by the Report Server to the “ConnectionString” parameter so that a successful data source connection can be made to the selected Division/Company and data for the report and possible other report parameters can be retrieved.

When you want to view one of the Exact Globe Next Dashboards directly on the Report Server, you just need to provide the concatenated value for the “ConnectionString” parameter via the “Division” parameter.

DDS Report

Of course the Exact Globe Next Dashboards can be adjusted so that user can enter the same value as in Exact Synergy Enterprise for the “Division” parameter instead of the required concatenated value for the “ConnectionString” parameter.

With the above steps you can create your own dynamic SSRS reports.
Now you can view the same report and select from which company you want to see financial information e.g. outstanding items: that’s a powerful and dynamic feature!

Enjoy and don’t hesitate to leave a reply.

Remember that any SSRS report with the above requirements will be recognized by the SSRS Integration in Exact Synergy Enterprise as a report with DDS. Thus there won’t be a data source for you to configure in the tab ‘Data source’ on maintenance page for a SSRS report with DDS. Because there are no credentials stored for the DDS it will use the credentials stored in the SSRS Integration settings. Thus the user configured in the SSRS Integration setting should be able to read the data in the “Back office”; this user should have at least the db_reader role. Similar as for the user (credentials) which you use when creating a new data source. Otherwise the SSRS report with DDS can not retrieve the required data.


Exact Synergy Enterprise product update 246 is generally available

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Synergy

We are happy to announce that as of today, Exact Synergy Enterprise product update 246 is generally available. This marks the end of the controlled release, which started in the beginning of July.

In this product update we have mainly focused on Professional Services Automation. Among others we have added the following improvements:

  • Multiple improvements have been added to the existing hour and expense entry screen for consultants (video, release note)
  • A full-fledged project manager role (video, release note)
  • Rates and items enhancements for project controllers (video)
  • Several improvements for administrators, such as 64-bit environment compliance

Moreover, we have added new features in Reporting services (release note)

  • Possibility to share reports via the customer and reseller portal
  • Retrieving information from many administrations separately with one report
  • Linking multiple persons to a report irrespective of the assigned roles
  • Identifying reports as web parts

We have also extended features in Mobile Synergy, based on feedback and suggestions from our customers. You can now view your own calendar and schedule appointments with your accounts and colleagues (release note).

As you know the iPhone app for Exact Synergy is already available and you can download it from the App Store. This app makes it possible for the users of iPhone and iPad to directly send emails, call customers and colleagues with a single finger tap while being on the go. Moreover, you can manage your schedule, but also view planning of your colleagues. Watch the video here to find out more.

For a full overview of all new functionalities, please refer to the Product Update News page and release notes for product update 246.

Should you have any questions regarding this product update, please contact Bert Siekmann (manager of product management) at bert.siekmann@exact.com.



Can we help you?

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Synergy

Are you asking yourself if the way you are working and performing your tasks is the most efficient way? And maybe you are not even aware that you can save time and change your approach for certain tasks? We have great news for you! With the reporting functionality available in Exact Synergy Enterprise you can now not only work more efficient, but save time and get a clear insight and overview needed for your daily work. So, tell me how you are doing your work and I will help you to do it more efficient!

Exact Synergy Enterprise product update 245 is generally available

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Globe, Exact Synergy

On behalf of Exact Product Management I’m pleased to announce that as of today Exact Synergy Enterprise product update 245 is generally available.

In this product update we focused on multiple improvements in the following areas:

  • New features and user interface in Synergy Mobile (video)
  • Project administration in professional services automation
  • Managing reintegration of employees (video)
  • Central Master Data Management in extended controlled release (video)
  • Real time integration Exact Synergy Enterprise and Exact Globe (video)

Moreover, as in every product update we implemented a number of new functionalities and enhancements which are a result of direct customer feedback.

  • Again more pages are Multi-browser compatible
  • Updates to the License Model: a split of the CRM role into ESS and CRM role
  • New out-of-the-box reports, offering insight in both Synergy as well as Globe data
  • Documentation of function rights
  • Update on the new User Interface

If you would like to know more about improvements and changes in this product update, check the Product Update News or please contact Ronald Voets (Product Line Manager) at ronald.voets@exact.com.

We would like to thank all colleagues, customers and partners who contributed to this product update.

What’s new on the menu for Reporting Services Integration in Synergy?

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Synergy

In this blog post I will explain what’s planned for the next product update. Have you read the highlights of Reporting Services Integration which are mentioned in the blog post Empower your key decision-making? Have you seen this video or read the user guide? It will provide you have a clear picture what the possibilities are with Reporting Services Integration in Synergy Enterprise release 243, which is currently available.