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Rafiki’s Corner – Event Manager 1.5 Release Update – Patience, focus and dedication – a powerful combination

Written by Sander van Triet on . Posted in Exact Event Manager

Focus, dedication and sheer hard work has finally come to fruition with the release of a final service pack to Exact Event Manager 1.5!

This release has been, and remains in, Controlled Release (CR) globally, with a growing number of program participants. (NL = 25, EMEA = 3, Americas = 22) This most recent update, or service pack, explicitly for Exact Event Manager 1.5, includes a multitude of quality improvements driven by customer feedback along with some low level technology and performance improvements. The initial release of Exact Event Manager 1.5 represented a major milestone for Exact and our customer base. This new technology provides our customers with a solution that has a real return on value of days and not months or years. The solution addresses the needs of Exact customers, irrespective of their geography, market demographics or choice of back office business solution.

Exact Event Manager has been in Controlled Release since early December, 2010. This may appear to be an overly long period of time, but the effort and time spent since the release has helped shape and form Exact Event Manager into the solution that we expect from our development teams and new technologies. Good things come to those who are patient!

Now, here is the shocker for you all!! Exact Event Manager 1.6 is already in the front wings, which goes into internal acceptance testing during the first week in May. This specific release will have two new features and additional quality improvements. The new features are the support for SQL Server Reporting Services as an action (much like Crystal Reports of today), and the ability to upload a document, as an attachment to Exact Synergy Enterprise. To assist in the Regional Testing for this pivotal release, three colleagues from Delft will be taking the trek from Amsterdam to Columbus, OH for the week to help put the solution through its’ paces.

Another important aspect of this release is the improvement and expansion of documentation and help. A great deal of time has been spent on making sure users have the tools to get started. The documentation has been significantly improved and the Help files have wonderful embedded how to movies right inside the help! You would be surprised at how few people know and make use of this!!! Take a look and let us know what you think.

So, those of you on the CR program, the update is ready for deployment. Those looking to participate, please contact the appropriate Exact contact person who will gladly assist. Good luck and have fun!