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Service Management: register single service activities

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Synergy

Service Management allows users to manage multiple service activities within one service order. Customer feedback shows that for a lot of business processes only one service activity applies, knowing upfront who is the service engineer and the material that is needed.

From product update 252, which is expected for commercial availability early January 2014, we are introducing a new ‘Service order (single)’ request. This service order supports one service activity type per request and one or more service engineers and material lines. The service order request displays all information regarding the request and the corresponding activity in one screen. The user can define the layout (if user rights are granted) to show information in tabs or as page sections.

Click on the screenshots below to enlarge.

 FlatRequest_picture1       FlatRequest_picture2


  • Support of a simpler user interface for registration and managing service requests involving one activity only;
  • A service order request only registers, plans and manages one service activity in the main service order request screen;
  • More prefilled (defaulted) service order information in the request to reduce number of key entries of the end user. This will make it easier to enter a request and will avoid users to make mistakes.

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Filter on ‘Project’ in the Service request

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Synergy

In most cases Service Management customers are having a lot of Service configurations for every account in their administration. In every Service request, an extensive list of Service configurations is generated what affects CPU usage. In this situation we advise you to use Projects which can be linked to the configurations.

In the Service Order request we have built a filter on the available Service configurations that are linked to a particular Project. The benefit is that the system does not have to retrieve a large amount of data which improves the response time significantly. This functionality will be available in Exact Synergy Enterprise product update 252.

How does it work? In the Service order request there is a ‘Project’ field.


By filtering on ‘Project’, only the Service configurations that are linked to the Project – in this example we have linked to project ‘P001’ – will be shown in the Configurations section.


In case there are no configurations linked to the selected Project, we present a notification so that the user understands why no data is presented.


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