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Status update improving SDK documentation

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Globe, Exact Synergy

In my previous blog about SDK documentation I asked you for input how you think we can improve our SDK documentation. As a result I got from many of you feedback on possible improvements. Via this way I would like to thanks you for this feedback and share the current status.

The feedback covered all parts of documentation. On a high level the following points are mentioned most:

  1. General;
    Centralization of all SDK documents, clear navigation and specific search.
  2. Examples;
    More and better explained examples of all functionality supported by SDK.
  3. Explanation & descriptions;
    Descriptions of the controls, guidelines, the repository and web services
  4. Tips & Tricks;
    How to setup a development environment, what is the best way to debug, etc.

Based on the feedback we decided to focus first on improving the SDK documentation for Exact Synergy Enterprise. For the end of this year we would like to improve:

  • The documentation of the controls,
  • Update the startpage and
  • Come with additional documentation.

For a more detailed explanation of the feedback and the steps we now are improving I would like to refer to the presentation shown below.