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What a wonderful world…

Written by Philippe Robert on . Posted in Exact Globe, Exact Online


Doing the accounting for a business demands that you’re continually diving into information across the administration, particularly when you have to analyze results before taking appropriate action. Before you can analyze a complete data set, you need to enter the purchase invoices you receive from your suppliers. More often than not, this isn’t the most fun you’ll have at work. Copying across information from the paper in front of you can be frustrating and time consuming.

Still on paper?

Why, in 2010, are you still receiving your invoices on paper? Why not let your accounting solution book them automatically for you? We’re not talking about rocket science here, just a system that reads an electronic document (in UBL or fInvoice format) and proposes the appropriate entry on the screen. This has been a standard functionality in our Exact Online and Exact Globe solutions for more than a year. However, over the last few months we’ve been focusing more on user experiences in this area, interviewing customers about the entry of electronic invoice documents.

Having talked to our users, we have made a lot of effort to make this process more user-friendly and faster than ever before. In the new interface, we present the purchase invoice on the left side of the screen and a light version of the entry page on the right. The supplier of the invoice is automatically recognized from the data. If the supplier is not recognized, you can select the correct one or create a new one without having to leave the screen. The selected G/L cost account will also be automatically linked to the customer – automatically proposed again the next time an invoice from them is processed.

Thanks to these changes, the time the user takes to enter purchase invoices is significantly reduced. This in turn increases user performance, especially for accountancy offices who book the entries for their customers.

We need electronic invoices!!!

We have a dream. It’s a dream where all your purchase invoices are received electronically in your digital inbox. As such, you’re able to book all of them in less than 3 minutes per month! Let’s imagine that you go to do some shopping at IKEA. At the checkout, you pay the amount due and ask to receive the bill electronically in your Exact digital mailbox. Or you could even just take a picture of the bill with your IPhone and upload it. When you then connect to Exact Online or Exact Globe, they can be booked with just 2 clicks!

Unfortunately not all your suppliers will have an invoice system capable of this tomorrow. You are likely to be receiving them on paper for a few years yet. That’s why one of our partners has the idea to convert a paper invoice into an electronic invoice that can then be uploaded into your Exact digital mailbox. You just need to scan your invoice and upload it through www.Kirean.com. It will then be visible in your favorite accounting solution the day after!

Our customers want to receive more electronic invoices from their suppliers. They don’t want to have to spend hours entering information manually. They want to spend their precious time doing real work. That’s why we’re here to help!

I think of us, working together with our customers to help fix their problems. I think of our invoicing dream slowly becoming a reality. I think of our solutions helping make life better for the entrepreneurs who use them. And I think to myself, what a wonderful world.

Don’t spend any more time on manual invoice entry.

Written by Philippe Robert on . Posted in Exact Online

Exact Online can now offer you a real gain in productivity in keeping your accounting up to date. To give you an alternative to entering your invoices manually, one of the main projects for the new release of Exact Online (available from April 2011) was the integration of a scanning solution. This was already mentioned in a previous post last year: What a wonderful world…

The wonderful world is no longer a dream, the scanning functionality now very real within Exact Online. If you still receive ‘paper’ invoices from your suppliers – either in hard copy or as PDF, you can upload them to our scanning service directly within the product. The day after, you will get the electronic invoice in your mailbox. And with just 2 clicks, the invoices will be entered and archived in your accounting record.

Over the last 2 months, we have started offering this service in controlled release with a few customers and accountant’s offices. In that period more than 9.000 invoices have been converted from a PDF or TIFF to an electronic invoice by our scanning service!

Can the scanning service convert only purchase invoices to an electronic form?

Not at all! We are now also testing the conversion of bank statements that you have on paper or as PDF into an MT940 file that you can import into the bank module. This is an extra service complementary to the automatic bank links that already exist with some banks (ABN-AMRO, Bizner and Rabobank) and the manual import of bank files that you have exported from your online banking.

If you are interested in using this extra service, don’t hesitate to contact our sales department for Exact Online.
Imagine the gain in productivity – the time that you can win with this service. Time that you can then invest in concentrating on your real activities.

Using barcodes on Exact lay-outs with code39 font

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Globe


It is possible to print bar codes on Globe layouts, like a production order printout. This enables your employees to scan the order number when using it, especially for production orders this can be a big help. The bar code can be scanned with mobile scan devices (like for E-WMS) but also with a scanner attached to your PC (keyboard wedge scanning), so the order number or item code can be scanned within an application like Exact Globe.


You can use attached bar code font to print bar codes within any Windows program that support truetype fonts, so including Microsoft Office applications, and Exact Globe.

Download the attachment and copy it, using Windows Explorer, to the folder C:\Windows\Fonts (or your own Windows fonts folder). Then it will be automatically installed. After installation this font will be available within windows applcations with the name “cb_Code 39 one”.

In general, when using a CODE39 type bar code, any bar code should start and stop with an asterix ( * ).

In Exact lay-outs, there are two ways to print these bar codes:
1.  calculated fields
2.  database fields with ‘introductory’ and ‘subsequent’ texts

Calculation field

Create a new calculation field in the desired ‘block’, and press ‘Change expression’.

Sample for an item code:

     CONCAT(“*”;trim([Item code]);”*”)

Set the length of the field to the length of the database field + 2.
Then change this field to font type “cb_Code 39 one” and make it rather large, like size 22 or even larger.

Database field

Another method is to place just the database field itself, with prefix and suffix text ‘*’.

‘introductory’ text = *, ‘subsequent’ text = *
alignment database field = place next to previous field without space
alignment introductory text = align right
alignment subsequent text = place next to previous field without space
font type = “cb_code 39 one”

Sample for ‘production order’ field with method ‘database field’:

Possibilities in Excel

Microsoft Excel offers a lot of possibilities to generate bar code lists when using this font. You could generate (a range of) values in Excel, add prefix and suffix to these values, and print the result with this font. This will generate a list of bar codes.

In this sample, following data is used:

  • column A contains the generated or imported data.
  • column B (cell B1) is a formula field:
    English =CONCATENATE(“*”;A1;”*”)
    Dutch =TEKST.SAMENVOEGEN(“*”;A1;”*”)
  • column C is the same as B, but formatted with font “cb_Code 39 one”, size 28 pt.

Make sure to allow some space between the rows, otherwise scanning one particular bar code is more difficult.


Adding the prefix/suffix ‘*’ is only mandatory when using this font for CODE39 bar codes. When printing CODE39 bar codes with bar code labelling software like Bartender, the prefix and suffix are automatically added by the software.