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Pick-IT scan code functionality helps you understand better what to pick on the handheld …

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Globe

Pick-IT is continuously improving functionality. One of the functionalities which was improved recently is the scan code functionality. The improvements are based on customer feedback.

A scan code represents a quantity of sales units in a specific package. One item can have several scan codes.

An example:

Item A is sold per kilo. In the warehouse, Item A has two different packages; a one-kilo package and a box containing 8 kilo’s.  A sales order for 20 kilo has to be picked.

In System/Pick-IT/ Scancodes you can maintain scan codes with a specific quantity and package description for the selected item and supplier.

When entering a scan code on the handheld the quantity for the item will be automatically shown as quantity packages. The quantity will be prefilled and also the quantity for the items left (to be picked) is shown.

On the handheld scan or enter the scan code 

The total item quantity is re-calculated to total packages (2 boxes) quantity and the quantity left (4 kilo)

When entering the quantity  all quantity details are recalculated and you can continue with the picking flow.

The scan code functionality is now available in all Pick-IT processes.  

Note:  the setting ‘scan code’ at module level needs to be set to ‘scan code’.

This scan code functionality is available from product update 396.