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Exact Globe product update 403 is generally available

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Globe

As of today, Exact Globe product update 403 is generally available, which marks the end of the controlled release period which started in the mid of December 2011.

In Exact Globe product update 403 we have built localization improvements for a vast variety of legislations including: Germany, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Slovak RepublicRussian Federation and Thailand. We also continued to develop features for electronic banking, please check this document under tab ‘banking’. Moreover, we have extended functionalities that support your legal requirements and business standards with a number of new features, among others:

Exact’s Warehouse Management Solution has been enhanced with a recount functionality that comes in handy when stock differences are too big, and auto fill picking queue and fulfillment that enable companies to pick sales orders without having to use the control center.

In addition, with Central Master Data Management (in extended controlled release) you can now easily centrally manage people, in follow-up of the earlier introduction of supporting accounts, items and general ledger accounts. Please watch this video to learn how to centrally manage people, you can also watch there series of videos about our CMDM solution.

In this product update we have also addressed a number of enhancements related to roles and rights as well as cash flow functionality in Exact Globe. Please check this document for more information.

We have also developed numerous features that are based on a direct feedback and suggestions from our customers:

For a full overview of all new functionalities, please refer to the release notes for product update 403 and the Product Update News page.

Should you have any questions regarding this announcement, please do not hesitate to comment on this blog post.

Function Rights documentation

Written by Martin Ortgiess on . Posted in Exact Synergy

Synergy has a role based security model facilitated by assigning roles that include certain function rights which define what you can access and use. As of the Product Update 245 we have created a comprehensive documentation about each function role to support database administrator in his job to assign roles. As the administrator you will know exactly what each roles allows a user to do, so it’s easier to assign them, modify them or even create a new one that are tailored to your organization’s needs and requirements.

Please refer to the release note to find out more about Roles and Rights.

Watch as well this video, so you can find more details about the function rights documentation.

Granting user rights in a user friendly way

Written by Ilja Udo on . Posted in Exact Online

How can you grant or remove rights from a user in Exact Online? A user in an administration has a specific function.
How can you assure that this specific user can perform only this function and not be able to view other inappropriate information?

Within Exact Online roles determine what a user can do. A role is a collection of several functionalities. A user can also have more than one role.

Say that your user is allowed to perform the following functions:

  • Maintain item groups;
  • Maintain items;
  • Maintain the prizes of items;
  • Import and export items

In Exact Online your user must have the role “Manage items”  – the role that grants the user the rights needed to operate the functionalities mentioned above.

Because the functionality Exact Online offers keeps growing, the list of available roles has grown accordingly. As the process of assigning them has become more complicated, we’ve been investigating a new way to go about managing the process. The pictures below show the results of the process – an improved way of working that will be available soon.

Instead of having to scroll down a long list of roles you now can go immediately to the correct functional area (=tab) where you find all related roles that are available. Where necessary the roles are further grouped per sub group. 

Let’s have a look in more detail at how the various options already available to you for allocating roles will look: 

Add Users to a Role
You can grant rights by adding a user to a role. The role is the starting point for you to then add one or more users.


Openening a certain role gives you the option to add one or more users:


Add Roles to a User
You can also start from a user’s perspective, adding roles to a specific user.

Copy roles
When multiple users are working in your Exact Online license they can often need to have the same rights. With the “Copy: Rights”  function you can copy the rights of one Exact Online user to another.  This function can be found in several places in Exact Online.


Administration access
You can also define to which administration(s) your users have access.

Audit trail
To keep track of all granted/revoked rights an overview is available where the history is kept. It’s possible to filter the overview – e.g. for a specific user. The overview can then be printed and exported to MS Excel.

Do you consider this grouping of roles to be more user friendly? Do you have other suggestions related to granting rights to users? Please let us know.

Update on License Roles

Written by Robin den Buurman on . Posted in Exact Synergy

As you know in the last product update we introduced role based security license model which gives you control over functionality and license cost. As of the product update 245 we made a clean split between the Employee self-service and CRM roles due to different needs and usage. In case the user requires both roles, the roles can be combined giving the user all the functionality of these roles. It is now possible to assign to each role 15 different request types. Hence, if you have both roles, you are able to use up to 30 request types.

Watch the video below, to find out more about the License Model update as of product update 245.

Know your boundaries!

Written by Martin Ortgiess on . Posted in Exact Synergy

Synergy has a role-based security model. This means that you can assign one or more roles to a user and link function rights to these roles.

There are standard roles, which are delivered by Exact, and you can define your own roles. Either way these roles will define the rights a user has in Synergy. So, roles are important, but even more important are the Function rights tied to these roles; these are the ones that actually define the activities the user can do.

Thus, Function rights define the additional rights a user has in Synergy. With over 570 Function rights in Synergy you need to know what additional rights a user will get, before you start to use it.

For every individual Function right we have an overview page that gives you the details you need; what is the menu path, what are the actions, which screens are targeted and in which roles are they used.

Go to ‘System–>Setup–>Security–>Function rights’ to have an overview of all the Function rights in Synergy.  When you want to view the Function rights per role, you can go to ‘System–>Setup–>Security–> Roles’. Open the role and you will see the function rights attached to this role.