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Steps to make your reports more dynamic

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Globe, Exact Synergy

Wouldn’t it be great to make your reports more dynamic? An “outstanding items” report which retrieves and shows you this information based on the selected company.  Selecting another company triggers the report to dynamically retrieve this information from a different data source and show it to you. How great is that?! This all can be achieved with a report which uses a Dynamic Data Source (DDS). In this blog post I will explain how SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) reports with DDS are supported in Exact Synergy Enterprise via the SSRS Integration.

All the Exact Globe Next Dashboards (SSRS reports) are making use of the DDS functionality. To view these Dashboards you don’t necessarily need Exact Globe Next with extended functionality. Exact Synergy Enterprise with Exact Globe Next is sufficient to enjoy the dynamic power of these Dashboards. You can also view them directly on the Report Server when you only have Exact Globe Next and SSRS installed.

In Exact Synergy Enterprise you can maintain divisions. Each division represents a company. The back office data, e.g. financial transactions, for the company is stored in a database on a server. On the division card you can maintain these values. They are stored in the fields “Database: IP Address (Server)” and “Database: Name” in the “Back office” section.

Division card - Back office section

Now that we know where the “Back office” is located for each division (company) we can use it in our reports. The report requires two fixed named parameters (“Division” and “ConnectionString”).

DDS Report parameters

It also requires an embedded data source which uses the value of the “ConnectionString” parameter to connect to the correct data source (Back office: company).

Embedded Dynamic Data Source

The credentials for the embedded data source should be set to “Windows integrated security”.

Credentials Dynamic Data Source

The visibility of the “ConnectionString” Parameter should be set to “Hidden” so that the user can’t change it manually.

Hidden property for ConnectionString parameter

The default value of the “ConnectionString” Parameter is the same value as of the “Division” parameter. This is required in order to trigger the refresh data for the possible other report parameters. E.g. the default financial “Year” and “Period”.

Default value for ConnectionString parameter

In Exact Synergy Enterprise you can select a Division when you are viewing one of the Exact Globe Next Dashboards. The selected Company will be used when you are using Exact Globe Next ‘with extended functionality’ to view them.

The SSRS Integration will not send the value of the “Division” parameter to the Report Server for the Exact Globe Next Dashboards, but it will send the concatenated value. E.g. “Data Source=nl000dem01;Initial Catalog=MacBeanGLB”. The same value will be copied by the Report Server to the “ConnectionString” parameter so that a successful data source connection can be made to the selected Division/Company and data for the report and possible other report parameters can be retrieved.

When you want to view one of the Exact Globe Next Dashboards directly on the Report Server, you just need to provide the concatenated value for the “ConnectionString” parameter via the “Division” parameter.

DDS Report

Of course the Exact Globe Next Dashboards can be adjusted so that user can enter the same value as in Exact Synergy Enterprise for the “Division” parameter instead of the required concatenated value for the “ConnectionString” parameter.

With the above steps you can create your own dynamic SSRS reports.
Now you can view the same report and select from which company you want to see financial information e.g. outstanding items: that’s a powerful and dynamic feature!

Enjoy and don’t hesitate to leave a reply.

Remember that any SSRS report with the above requirements will be recognized by the SSRS Integration in Exact Synergy Enterprise as a report with DDS. Thus there won’t be a data source for you to configure in the tab ‘Data source’ on maintenance page for a SSRS report with DDS. Because there are no credentials stored for the DDS it will use the credentials stored in the SSRS Integration settings. Thus the user configured in the SSRS Integration setting should be able to read the data in the “Back office”; this user should have at least the db_reader role. Similar as for the user (credentials) which you use when creating a new data source. Otherwise the SSRS report with DDS can not retrieve the required data.


A complete package of 30 out-of-the-box reports

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Synergy

Since the product update 243 and 244 we have been working on integration of SQL Server Reporting Services directly in the Synergy administration. In the product update 245 we went a step further and created 30* ready to use business reports which transform enterprise data into clear information that is crucial for timely and accurate decision making. These out-of-the box reports offer a real time access and clear insight of both Synergy as well as Globe data.

What’s new on the menu for Reporting Services Integration in Synergy?

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Synergy

In this blog post I will explain what’s planned for the next product update. Have you read the highlights of Reporting Services Integration which are mentioned in the blog post Empower your key decision-making? Have you seen this video or read the user guide? It will provide you have a clear picture what the possibilities are with Reporting Services Integration in Synergy Enterprise release 243, which is currently available.

Designing considerations for Reporting Services integration (SSRS) in Exact Synergy Enterprise

Written by André van de Graaf on . Posted in Exact Synergy

In the blog article: Insight in your daily business, Exact announced the integration of Microsoft SQL Server Reporting services (SSRS) in Exact Synergy Enterprise. Before we started the design of this project, we defined next requirements: 

  • Multi browser support.
  • Support of latest SSRS versions and features.
  • Reports built with the Microsoft report building tools.
  • Easy management of deployed reports.
  • Support for Web parts.
  • Deployment and access to reports via Synergy roles.  

Multi browser support.
In March 2010 Exact announced the start of the project: Multi-browser support of Exact Synergy Enterprise. This requirement made the answer to the next question relative easy to made: Will we retrieve and render the data on the web server or on a Reporting Services report server? Retrieve and rendering of reports on the web server can be done with the Report Viewer control. This has some advantages however it conflicts with our goal to support multiple browsers.  This means that Exact Synergy Enterprise will render all SSRS reports on a Reporting Services report server. You have a license to use reporting services as long as the reporting server is installed on your database server. If you install a seperate reporting server you require an additional license. More information about SQL 2008 licensing can be found here.  

Support of latest SSRS versions and features.
In every new version of SQL server, new features will be added to Reporting server. Especially in SQL 2008 R2 a lot of nice reporting features are added like 

Maps, Sparklines, Databars and Indicators.  


Reports build with the Microsoft report building tools.
Microsoft made excellent tools to build reports and make use of the new features. For instance:  

Easy management of deployed reports.
After building a SSRS report, you should deploy the report to the reporting server. The deployment of SSRS reports can be done via the Synergy user interface. This includes deletion of deployed reports and the re-deploy of reports to a new or additional reporting server. 

Support of web parts.
Web parts are a nice way to build your own dashboard. As of Exact Synergy Enterprise we support web parts on the home page of a user. 


Deployment and access to reports via Synergy roles.
To deploy reports via Synergy you should have the role Report manager. To access a report you should have the role which are linked to the reports. This can be existing roles but also new created roles.

I hope you will enjoy the integration of Reporting services in Exact Synergy Enterprise.

Photo credits: SOCIALisBETTER

Can we help you?

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Synergy

Are you asking yourself if the way you are working and performing your tasks is the most efficient way? And maybe you are not even aware that you can save time and change your approach for certain tasks? We have great news for you! With the reporting functionality available in Exact Synergy Enterprise you can now not only work more efficient, but save time and get a clear insight and overview needed for your daily work. So, tell me how you are doing your work and I will help you to do it more efficient!

How to use drill through SSRS reports in Exact Synergy Enterprise release 243

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Synergy

One great feature of SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) is the ability to drill through to secondary reports. The advantage is that you can show in one report the summarized high-level information and in the second report the detailed information. This can be realized by adding a drill through action in a report. When designing such an action you would normally select the option “Jump to report“, provide the secondary report and if applicable the required values for the report parameters.

Empower your key decision-making

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Synergy

In order to make optimal decisions for your company, you require reporting tailored to your own business priorities and needs. In my previous blog Insight in your daily business I explained how Reporting Services can help you making these key decisions. Reporting Services, part of SQL Server 2005 and higher, is a worldwide known web reporting tool. It enables you to create flexible and graphical web reports. Exact Reporting Services Integration connects these required values into your familiar environment Exact Synergy Enterprise.  Exact Reporting Services Integration centralizes the benefits from both products.

Insight in your daily business

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Synergy

Let’s start by giving you insight information about myself. My name is Sunil Girdhari and I am now working for Exact more than 8 years. I held several positions from development to sales. Since February 2010 I started in a new role as Product Manager, where my main focus is to empower insight in your daily business processes.