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Exact for Manufacturing Ease of Use: Project references in the layouts

Written by Pieter Hamans on . Posted in Exact Online


With the built-in project functionality of Exact for Manufacturing we can define projects and link quotations, sales orders, purchase orders, shop orders and invoices to a project. This is a great benefit to manufacturers supplying a mix of services and products to a common objective. We have extended our project functionality to layouts so that we can communicate about the project to supply chain partners.

Additional T&M invoicing on a fixed-price project

Written by Remco Kroes on . Posted in Exact Online

Fixed price and time-and-material (T&M) are the two primary ways professional services firm can charge for their services. Exact Online supports both methods* by specifying one invoice method per project. Firms may also charge their services using a combination of fixed-price and time & material (T&M) invoicing.  For example, an IT consultancy firm may agree to implement a new software system for  a fixed fee, but the additional work not initially planned or more risky work is sold against T&M to minimize the risks for the service supplier.  Exact Online Project Management now supports both invoicing methods on a single project.

How does it work? On a fixed-price project specify whether you want to allow additional invoicing on a T&M basis. Using the work-breakdown structure (WBS) you can scope your project and specify per project activity or expense whether you want to generate additional T&M invoices.  Time entries made on these activities will automatically generate invoice proposal lines. Purchase invoices received and booked against these expenses  also generate invoice proposal lines (with or without mark-up percentage).

additional invoice

* A  fixed-price project is invoiced using scheduled installments. E.g. 50% on the 1st of March and 50% on 1st of June.  A time & material project is invoiced based on actual time & costs entries made.

Professional Services Automation product update 251

Written by Robin den Buurman on . Posted in Exact Globe, Exact Synergy

As you might know Exact is further developing its project management solution (Exact professional Services Automation) and since we are nearing the start of controlled release for product update 251, I would like to inform you on the improvements and additions that are made for the Exact Synergy Enterprise Professional Services Automation solution (Exact PSA).

Deliverables and WBS

We have introduced statuses on deliverables indicating they are new, in progress or completed. This gives you the possibility to open and close the deliverable for the project. A gauge has been added to the WBS lines, indicating the completion of the line and the estimated to complete which you can now enter to the line.

Project Planning

We added a bucket list which displays the WBS lines which can be planned. The bucket allows an easy drag and drop way of planning from WBS by just dropping it on a date and person.



PSA hour items have extra item attributes now to help out on reporting; billable / non-billable and productive / non-productive can be used to indicate if the activity (item) is billable or not and productive or not.

Hour & Expense

Significant improvement of the loading and submitting of the hour entry screen; this will help you specially when working with large number of different projects and hours.


You can now control via a setting if it’s allowed to enter the current week while older week timesheets are still open. Furthermore travel and expenses are linked to the timesheet entry.


The approval screen has been greatly improved. Approval now follows the request logic and it is possible to use both the person and project view, with additional filter options.


Progress has been made in the loading of the invoice proposal screen with a high volume of billable lines. You can now remove lines realised that you do not want to invoice. These will be process with a non-billable proposal request giving a full traceability.

Work in progress

Expenses are now handled the same way financially as hour request for the work in progress method ’to be invoiced’ for Exact PSA.


In the workflow search you can now filter on deliverables and find the requests attached to the deliverables easily.


Quote to project

Written by Remco Kroes on . Posted in Exact Online

Can you send me a quote or estimate for your services? Not every service quote is a 20-page proposal, with extensive details on how project work will be delivered. What if the majority of your service quotes is related to smaller (lower-value) jobs for a few days of work? Or if they relate to repeat or extra work orders? As a service provider you want to quickly build and communicate such quotes and estimates to your client without any hassles. We made some enhancements that will not only help you to save time, but also will help you to seamlessly manage the handover from sales to delivery and finance.

Filter on ‘Project’ in the Service request

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Synergy

In most cases Service Management customers are having a lot of Service configurations for every account in their administration. In every Service request, an extensive list of Service configurations is generated what affects CPU usage. In this situation we advise you to use Projects which can be linked to the configurations.

In the Service Order request we have built a filter on the available Service configurations that are linked to a particular Project. The benefit is that the system does not have to retrieve a large amount of data which improves the response time significantly. This functionality will be available in Exact Synergy Enterprise product update 252.

How does it work? In the Service order request there is a ‘Project’ field.


By filtering on ‘Project’, only the Service configurations that are linked to the Project – in this example we have linked to project ‘P001’ – will be shown in the Configurations section.


In case there are no configurations linked to the selected Project, we present a notification so that the user understands why no data is presented.


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