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Exact for Manufacturing Ease of Use: Manufacturing (Cluster) Picking List

Written by Pieter Hamans on . Posted in Exact Online


We can collect shop order materials in the warehouse using Smart Shop Floor Material Management. But we also support the good old printing of a picking list, a concept that we are already familiar with in the sales order delivery process. We have recently released the manufacturing picking list and the manufacturing cluster picking list.

Exact Globe 399 General Available

Written by Richard Smits on . Posted in Exact Globe

I’m happy to announce that product update 399 of Exact Globe is general available. As you are used to, we further extended and improved the important features in order to fulfill your legal requirements. Some important extensions in this product update:  

  • Availability of prepayment invoices with or without VAT 
  • USD currency change in Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba
  • VAT reporting and EU sales list reporting in Luxembourg

In addition to numerous enhancements based on the feedback we received from customers, we have also enriched the design of Exact Globe user interface. With the new skin called “Globe Sky” we would like to create more pleasant work experience, improve the efficiency and increase the user satisfaction.

A considerable slice of our development capacity, is allocated to what we call ‘small enhancements’, which result directly from your feedback to us. Some of the suggestions we have implemented in this product update:

  • Invoice payment date displayed in debtor and creditor cards
  • Date filter section added to overview of debtor and creditor cards
  • Option of not copying description from previous sales or purchase invoices
  • Enhancements to the Picking List

To find out more about “Globe Sky”, extensions in legal requirements and enhancements check the Product Update News. You can find there as well a preview of Central Master Data Management that supports effective collaboration between individual departments.

Exact for Manufacturing Ease of Use: Picking materials for shop orders

Written by Pieter Hamans on . Posted in Exact Online


The person doing work preparation for the shop floor did have limited tools at hand to instruct the warehouse. The shop paper can be used for this purpose, but well known flaws are that all materials used are listed indiscriminately (order and stock controlled, subassemblies, backflushed), lines are not ordered by pick location, combined picking for multiple shop orders is not an option, and support for serial- and batch numbers is not provided. We are about to add three new layouts to reduce efforts for work preparation.

No more workarounds for ‘Delivery notes’

Written by Marco Kastrop on . Posted in Exact Online

Small companies with logistic processes have not been served with Exact Online functionality up to so far. Via a workaround (that is also used in Exact Compact Trade – product) it is possible to make a delivery note (via trial printing), however this is as far as the logistic delivery process is facilitated.  This will change very soon!

In April 2010 a new module ‘Sales order’ will be added to the Exact Online offering with separate planning and realization stages.  From sales order entry, you can enter your sales data (with customer specific prices) and plan your deliveries. Based on the planned deliveries, a picking list can be printed for order picking in your warehouse. Picking can be organized by various dimensions (order / planned delivery date, by item or by customer). After picking, the delivery can be confirmed with processing of the delivery (that can be similarly organized as the picking list). At delivery you can choose to process the shipment immediately or to combine processing with (electronic) output on a (customized) delivery note. Last step in the process is to invoice your sales, which can be organized based on the sales order or on the delivery note.

The new module characterizes itself by flexibility, speed and completeness (including a return flow of goods) and is positioned in between quotation and sales invoice. This offering will be useful to Companies with a simple and fast delivery process within a single warehouse.

The Sales order module will be available as pilot module in the controlled release that is estimated to be available in April 2010.