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Enhancing the performance of Exact for Manufacturing part 2

Written by Pieter Hamans on . Posted in Exact Online



Manufacturers often work in big datasets: many products ordered that are built with many shop orders requiring many materials to be purchased. When we generate shop orders for a few hundred products, or purchase a few thousand line items into hundred purchase orders we do have to wait a long time (preventing us from working on other screens), and we even may experience a gateway timeout. We have identified processes that are slow, and we are solving the issues by introducing background processes.

Happy New Browsing

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Synergy

Another year has come to an end and a new one is beginning. We are making plans and setting goals in order to make the New Year count. The first one is planned for January 9, 2014. Because then Exact Synergy Enterprise Product Update 252 will become generally available. As of this product update you can enjoy the new and existing features using your desired web browser.

Statistics shows that Internet Explorer is the most used web browser but market share is declining. Nowadays there are more flavors out there to get connected to the World Wide Web. Not only different browsers offer you to surf on the web but also devices, such as tablets, smartphones and TVs. Giving you the possibility to use Exact Synergy Enterprise in other main web browsers we started a project early 2013. After a couple of months of hard work we reached the following milestone that 949 pages plus controls are compatible with the latest version of:

  • Internet Explorer 10 (compatible mode) on Windows
  • Google Chrome on Windows
  • Mozilla Firefox on Windows
  • Apple Safari on Mac OS

Together with 2013 the Controlled Release period has (almost) come to an end. Let’s welcome the New Year with the support of multi-browser and start making it count.

Happy New Browsing!

(Image Source: NY Times)

Improve performance of your Exact solution by implementing index suggestions.

Written by André van de Graaf on . Posted in Exact Globe

First of all I would like to thank all customers who have already used the Exact System Information tool . Because of these customers, we have received valuable information to improve the standard index structure of Exact Globe. At a lot of customer sites we have seen that the same index suggestions were reported by the SQL Server database engine. We have used this information to improve the standard index structure of Exact. A good index structure enables the SQL Server database engine to retrieve requested data by the Globe application in an efficient way. For example: Finding something in a book without a good index will take you a lot of time. The better the index the easier it is for you to find the content you are looking for.

In the upcoming releases of Globe we will add these new indexes to the standard index structure of Exact Globe. After you update to these new release, you will automatically make use of this new index structure. However, there can be reasons why you can’t update to this new release immediately. For instance, your custom solution needs to be changed to be compatible with the new Globe release. In this blog I will explain how you can already make use of these new indexes in your current release of Exact Globe.

First of all, Index suggestions will ONLY be available if your Exact database runs on SQL 2005, SQL 2008 or SQL 2008 R2.  The SQL Server database engine stores all index suggestion in dynamic views. A dynamic view with index suggestions can contain content as long as SQL Server is not restarted or indexes are added. The longer SQL Server is running, the more index suggestions can be available in the dynamic views. For the best results your SQL Server should run at least 4 weeks.

 To begin you need to start the Exact System Information tool  and request an improvement report. The user who start the Exact System Information tool should have a SQL System Administrator role (SA). Otherwise you do not have access to the reported index suggestions. During the generation of the improvement report, we will compare the index suggestions reported by your SQL Server Database engine with the indexes we are adding in the new releases of Globe. If one or more matches are found we will add these matches to a new section in the report: Index improvements. See next example. 


To add these indexes to your Exact database you can create them in 2 ways:

  • Use the EPTIndex tool 
  • Manually with SQL Server Management Studio


To create these indexes with the EPTIndex tool: 
  • Download the latest version of the EPTIndex.exe tool
  • Copy EPTIndex.exe to the BIN Folder of your Globe installation folder.
  • Download the latest version of the PerformanceTuningIndices.xml file. Put your mouse on the filename:  PerformanceTuningIndices.xml and right click, Use Save Target As. Save the file in the XML folder of your Globe installation folder. If you double click on the filename, the XML will be opened instead of downloaded.
  • Browse to the BIN folder of your Globe installation and double click on the EPTIndex.exe to start to the EPTIndex tool
  • Select Server and Database
  • Press the Preview button to get a list of possible indexes which can be implemented
  • Press the Generate all button to implement all suggested indexes.
  • More information about the EPTIndex tool can be found here.

To create these indexes manually with SQL Server Management Studio: 

  • Select Start button, Run, SSMS.
    If you do not have installed SQL Server Management Studio, you can install it here.
  • Press the New Query button to open a new query.
  •  Connect to your SQL Server. This is the same server as you have used to run the Exact System Information tool.
  • Paste this script from the improvement report via Copy/Paste in the SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) New query window.
  • Execute the script by pressing the Execute button.
  • Depending on the index and the size of your database this can take some time to execute.

We strongly advise you to run the Exact System Information on a regular basis. For instance once per 3 months. We are adding on a regular basis new suggestions to the improvement report to improve your Exact solution. If you have any feedback, please let us know. You can comment on this blog post or send an email to Andre@exact.com

Synergy Office integration gets performance boost

Written by Martin Ortgiess on . Posted in Exact Synergy

Microsoft Office, especially Outlook and Word, is widely used every day to create most of the content we make. A lot of this content is interesting or important enough to share it within your organization or eco-system.  Sharing these kinds of documents only happens when it is easy. For this, we introduced Synergy Office Integration (SOI), which has a tight integration between Microsoft Office and Synergy Enterprise.  SOI works on Office 2007 and we are working to support Office 2010 later this year.

SOI is used by our customers for about a year now. During this year we got a lot of positive feedback and some points of attention. We got a couple of requests to boost performance; the time to save an email or document to Synergy enterprise. In some environments this took too long and we decided to make this a focus area.

Lost couple of weeks we investigated the process of saving a document and booked some great results. In all situations we achieve a good performance boost, in some situations even up to 150%. If we compare the overall performance of Synergy Office Integration with its predecessor (Synergy office Add in), saving a document takes about 20% time less.

The performance boost is available as of product update 242. If you already run product update 242, please update to latest 242 version available.

For more information about SOI or to view a demo video, see the blog: Integration of Exact Synergy Enterprise with MS Outlook and other MS Office applications

Technology and trend adoption: product update 395 is now available

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Globe

Today is an extremely exciting day for us at Exact. Together with our 25th anniversary we have launched a brand strategy and visual identity, a new corporate website and we have adopted ‘Exact’ as our new company name. More information about that is to be found in the Exact anniversary blog post that is published today.
At the Exact product organization we have made product 395 for Exact Globe also generally available today. For you that means that you can benefit from lots of new functionality and new possibilities.
First of all, as of this product update Exact Globe is officially certified for Windows 7. So if you have to buy new notebooks or pc’s for your organization, or if you want to upgrade the machines you currently have: Exact Globe supports the ‘latest and greatest’ Microsoft operating system. We are not going to tell you why you should consider Windows 7, as Microsoft can explain the benefits of Windows 7 much better than we do. One feature we do want to highlight: we have made the new Windows jumplist to work perfectly together with Exact Globe.

If you are a user of the E-Report module in Exact Globe, you are for sure going to benefit from Crystal Reports XI. This is our new reporting engine for Exact Globe E-Report, offering easier report design, simplified report maintenance and expanded data access. Every customer with an active maintenance agreement for E-Report will receive a DVD with the Crystal Reports XI software. Important: For E-Report users it is mandatory to install Crystal Reports XI together with product update 395.

Electronic Invoicing is a hot topic at the moment: it saves you the costs and efforts of printing and sending physical invoices, it saves your customers the costs of entering invoices in their bookkeeping systems and without using paper, ink and transportation services it also saves the environment. Product update 395 offers customers in the Netherlands and Belgium the opportunity to send invoices electronically. Electronic Invoicing currently supports exchanging invoices between Exact solutions and during this introduction period the use of this new service is free.

Under the hood, we have also done quite some efforts to improve the performance of Exact Globe. The degree of improvement you will notice is influenced by a lot of factors in your hardware and software. We are however proud to let you know that we received very positive feedback during the controlled release phase from both our partners and customers.
More information about product update 395 can be found in the release notes. Please let us know your experiences with product update 395.


Enhancing the performance of Exact for Manufacturing

Written by Pieter Hamans on . Posted in Exact Online


Manufacturers often work in big datasets: many products ordered that are built with many shop orders requiring many materials to be purchased. When we generate shop orders for a few hundred products, or purchase a few thousand line items into hundred purchase orders we do have to wait a long time (preventing us from working on other screens), and we even may experience a gateway timeout. We have identified processes that are slow, and we are solving the issues by introducing background processes.

Performance – Why upgrade my web browser?

Written by Toine Hurkmans on . Posted in Exact Synergy

As a user I want web applications to be responsive, perform.  I don’t want to wait for a page to load or refresh for more than 5 seconds. Sometimes 3 seconds is already too much to me. For this reason I make sure to use the latest version of my browser. Why?

I notice that people often complain that web sites are slow whereas I don’t have that problem myself. When I ask what web browser and version they use they often do not know, especially when they use Microsoft Internet explorer. (Most people by the way use IE9 or even IE8.) When people use Chrome they always state “Chrome is faster than Internet Explorer'”. (So they are aware that performance differs per web browser.) When I ask when they upgraded their web browser the last time, they reply “I just downloaded it some time ago. Do I need to upgrade?”.

The issue with performance is it not always concerns the web site (application or server), but the browser being used. As software supplier we want to provide more and richer features and functions in our web applications. Suppliers like Google (Chrome), Microsoft (Internet Explorer) and Mozilla (Firefox) keep improving their browser to support new web technologies to provide better user experience. As software developers we therefore constantly update our software to support the latest technologies.

When we release a new version of Exact Synergy Enterprise new technology is likely to be used. The upcoming release 252 for instance uses new technology to improve the performance of some pages, for instance the service management dispatch board. The issue is users only benefit when they use the latest version of Internet Explorer.

Users shouldn’t need to constant be aware of new technologies and what browser version they need to get great user experience. This does not apply to Exact Synergy Enterprise, but to any web application.  Users only need to keep their web browser up to date with the latest version.

… and Chrome might no longer be faster in all cases compared to Internet Explorer. (Just check out some tech-sites yourself).


How would you like your eggs in the morning?

Written by Marco Kastrop on . Posted in Exact Online

ERP systems are traditionally suited to show you data on request, but hardly bring information to your screen pro-actively. A nice feature of Exact Online that I really get excited about is the possibility to define your personalized cockpit that allows you to add graphs, charts or ratios based on your administration data.

For Exact Online, logistic functionality (purchase, sales and inventory handling) is on its way and we will incorporate a number of indicators that will be displayed to you first thing in the morning. Indicators that allow you to be in control of operations (pending stock revaluations, number of lines in backorder, number of planned receipts today, age of inventory) or performance indicators based on periodic information (inventory turnover ratio, supplier order cycle time, supplier’s performance).

This all sounds very nice (and I feel it actually is) but what we truly would like to hear is whether this is really what you would like to see first thing in the morning? Will it help you to be better in control? Do you know a logistic indicator that definitely needs to be present and is not mentioned above? If so, then please respond with the most important indicator to be in better logistic control.

Receive free advice on optimizing your Exact solution

Written by André van de Graaf on . Posted in Exact Globe, Exact Synergy

In 2009 we started developing the Exact System Information (ESI) Tool. With this free tool we can serve you, as one of our valued Exact Globe and Exact Synergy customers, with targeted and personal advice on how to make better use of our software solutions. By advizing you and thousands of other customers, we can also gain better insight in how our software is used; valueable information that enables us to keep improving our solutions. The Exact System Information Tool can be downloaded for free and the file ‘ExactSysInfo.exe’ can be installed by all organizations that use Exact Globe and/or Exact Synergy (Enterprise).  

It is important for you to know what kind of information is exchanged by the ESI Tool. When you use the ESI Tool no company sensitive information will be transferred. Only technical information like usage statistics, logged errors, numbers of records per table, database size and settings will be exchanged. When using the ESI Tool you can see exactly what information is send to us in the CSV file that is placed on your desktop or via menupath ‘Logs, View CSV file’.

Personally, I am very happy to see that a lot of our customers have already used the ESI tool. As of today, the Exact System Information Tool is even extended with the option to receive an automated improvement report per e-mail.

If you specify your e-mail address before pressing the ‘Start Analysis button’, the Exact System Information will analyze your SQL Server and Exact databases. When the analysis is completed you will receive the improvement report within 10 minutes. The report is divided in 2 sections:

1. Server improvements.
The server improvements section is related to your SQL server configurations and answers questions like: Have you installed the latest Service packs? Can you make changes in your SQL Server configuration to make use of all available memory? Etcetera.
2. Database improvements.
The database improvements section is related to the database itself and gives advice about new available product updates, clean up of historical journal records, clean up of voided entry record, background jobs, clean up of temporary tables etcetera.

If you have already used the Exact System Information tool in the past, the tool will update itself when you start it up again.

Enjoy using the Exact System Information tool. If you have suggestions for improvements please let me know, as we do not only want to improve our software solutions but also the Exact System Information Tool itself.

Photo credit: cliff1066tm

Improving performance of Exact Globe: customer feedback

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Globe

In an earlier post I wrote about the changes Exact has made in Exact Globe product update 395, in order to improve performance. Currently, this product update is under Controlled release and running in a live environment at selected customers.

One of Exact’s largest Globe customers in terms of number of users (>200), transactions and database size has been running live with product update 395 for a few weeks and we asked them for their feedback on the performance. Here’s the result they gave us: