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The new CRM App is waiting for you in the Appstore

Written by Martin Ortgiess on . Posted in Exact Synergy

Finally it’s there! After all the hard work we’ve done, we are now able to present you our new CRM App.

Download from Appstore today! (Requires Synergy Product update 252)

The App has been tested by a lot of our partners and customers during Controlled Release period and the feedback was fantastic. Our Controlled Release candidates rated the App with an average of 8 so far, which is a fantastic score.

One of the quotes we got back was this one: I have showed it to a lot of customers and colleagues and got a praiseful reaction from everybody. Final grade a 9!

This smoothly designed Exact CRM App is an ideal business sidekick. It tells you exactly how your sales opportunities are coming along and what your next action is to close the deal. Also see my previous blog post.
The intuitive interface gives clear insight in your running opportunities and pending activities. Keeping track of your accounts and sales opportunities has never been this easy. All information you need about an account or your opportunity is there.

All relevant account information is available. Think about the social profiles and Twitter feed of the account, but also contact information and associated activities, appointments, opportunities, documents and contact persons are there.

You got a perfect overview of your running opportunities. The opportunity card brings you all information you need to close the deal, including associated activities, appointments and documents.

This and much more will help you to show what is happing at the customer side and to close your deal.

– Sales opportunities
– Accounts
– Contact persons
– Activities
– Appointments
– Documents
– Calendar
– Colleagues

– the App is Multi language.

– iOS 6.0 or above
– Exact Synergy Enterprise Product Update 252 and above.

Not yet using Synergy Enterprise yet? Please contact us for more information. We’re happy to help you.

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Exact Online will support your sales process.

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Online

As part of the CRM offering of Exact Online, a Sales Force Automation (SFA) module and Quotation module are under development. The SFA module supports registering and following-up of leads, prospects and opportunities, the Quotation module supports creating, sending and processing of official sales quotations. In this first post about these new modules a quick introduction to the functionality.

A lead is a, mostly unknown, person who was referred to you by another person, or has expressed interest in products you are selling. After creating the lead, all involved activities and communication can be registered and is directly accessible from the lead card.

The process involves collecting more information about the person and the company he/she works for. When several (pre-defined) stages have been passed and sufficient information has been gathered the lead can be converted to an account, contacts, and (optionally) an opportunity.


Opportunities registered in Exact Online help you to efficiently track and close a sales deal. Opportunities can be used to follow your standard company process, strategize against competition, record your actions and other notes and more. They can be created newly or they can be converted from leads.

The opportunity card shows you all general and contact information relevant for the opportunity. From the card activities can be started and followed up and quotations can be created. Opportunity based reports are available to analyze and improve the process and to forecast revenue.

Somewhere in your sales process your potential customer hopefully want to receive a quotation for the products he/she is interested in. A quotation can be entered manually or generated from an opportunity.

After entering the products, quantities, and prices, the quotation can be printed on paper or sent electronically by e-mail. Based on the customer’s response, the quotation can be accepted, rejected, or a new version can be created. For accepted quotations an invoice can be generated.

From the standard Sales cockpit or a personalized “My cockpit” actual and relevant information is directly displayed to the user.

Fast and Easy
Exact Online modules are designed to be simply implemented. This means that for the SFA and Quotation modules, default master data and layouts are available.

Current status
Both modules have gone through a controlled release phase. The modules were well received and feedback was very positive. Currently the last modifications  based on feedback are being implemented before becoming commercial available in September. At Exact internally, the SFA module is being used by the Dutch and Belgium sales departments of Exact Online.