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Your feedback on the new request screen

Written by Edgar Wieringa on . Posted in Exact Synergy

I would like to thank each and everyone of you for your feedback to this post on a new screen design.

For the upcoming new release of Exact Synergy Enterprise we will amongst others deliver a redesigned screen for creating a new request. Since this is one of the most often used parts of our application we wanted to improve the user experience of it and needed to be sure on how to do this best. Not just the looks-and-feel but we want to support every user better in reaching her goals: starting a new workflow in a simple and easy way.

I hope that from my initial posting it was clear that we did think a lot about existing customers. Especially here we got a lot of requests to make this simple.

We have done user observations and user interviews at various sites where we literally looked over the shoulder of users. This was part of a project to get a better understanding of our users and their daily usage of our products. The current user experience. So it hurts me and my team when there is doubt on this (even in capitals :-)), you can however disagree whether we did this right. That conclusion I clearly make and we take the lessons learned humbly.

What did we learn?

  • For companies who show or have a limited set of requests the top x section might be redundant or too long
  • It was not a good decision to not make a distinction between the daily create request page and the maintenance page. Here we violated our own goal-directed designed approach. The users of these different pages have different goals when using them
  • Although also many people see an improvement we might have better not just replaced the old page but introduced the new one next to it
  • Since we value all your input, we will work on a way to re-introduce the IDs. One way or the other. Where our focus will be to still have an over viewable list. Where I have spoken about it hurts, it also hurts me when you guys are now putting the IDs in the description. Our aim was not to make your lifes more complicated. So point taken and we will work on a solution.

Last but not least we feel also strengthened by the many reactions, on the vision behind this to make the usage of Exact Synergy Enterprise more simple. That is one of the reasons why we on purpose didn’t choose for a setting, which was more a choice of design than a development decision. Here Andre Speek was spot on for our rational.

Thanks again for being a customer, business partner or colleague! We truly appreciate your replies and the engagement to our product and company this shows. I will update you later on how (and when) we take the lessons learned forward.

Photo credit: LiveFromAmsterdam