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Rounding up to batch quantity in MRP shop order advice

Written by Pieter Hamans on . Posted in Exact Online

The batch quantity of a bill of materials is the ideal size of a shop order. That ideal size depends on setup time, de quantity that can be produced per working day (500 piece) or for example the capacity of a machine (1.000 liter in a single run). If the MRP calculation shows a gross requirement of 475 pieces it may be more efficient to produce 500 pieces. If the batch size is 200 liter, and the gross requirement is 450 liter, the advice may be to produce 600 liter (3 batches). We just added (February 2019) functionality ‘to round up to batch quantity’.

Exact for Manufacturing Innovation: Material Requirements Planning for Shop Orders

Written by Pieter Hamans on . Posted in Exact Online


In Exact for Manufacturing we find a robust planning for material requirements of shop orders. When materials have a long lead time we would like to make our purchases in advance of shop order generation, for example on the basis of sales forecasts. With Material Requirements Planning (MRP) we can purchase for planned orders, and we can generate shop orders from a sales forecast for products with a single-level bill-of-materials.

Exact Globe tip: easy planning via MRP templates

Written by Michiel van Rooijen on . Posted in Exact Globe

The MRP planning in Globe is a powerful planning tool. You have almost limitless possibilities to show and analyze your planning but this flexibility can also add to its complexity. For different uses you need a different set of parameters and settings to show the MRP planning.

To help you in defining these settings you can use MRP templates. You can set up user based or company based templates to make sure you or someone else in the company uses exactly the right set of MRP parameters and settings for each specific process.

Watch this video how you can use MRP templates in your day to day planning!


‘Projected Stock’ quantity is added to materials overview in the shop order of Exact Online for Manufacturing

Written by Auke Hylarides on . Posted in Exact Online

In the Shop Order, Exact Online for Manufacturing checks if the materials, needed for the order, are available. If the materials are not available Exact gives a clear warning.

The material requirement are matched against the available stock (‘in stock’). However when other shop orders request the same material or when the same material was listed twice in the shop order, than this may lead to wrong conclusion, that you have enough stock to start production.

In the new situation the material requirement is also matched against the ‘projected stock’. As a result you get better insight in the available stock of the materials needed to manufacture the product.

Sales Forecast as estimated demand for Material Planning

Written by Jaap Jan de Lange on . Posted in Exact Online


Reduce inventory levels! Make smarter purchase decisions and optimize your working capital. As mentioned in a previous blog, we have developed a solution for planning required products and components while taking into account demand over time.  This will become available in Exact Online Wholesale Distribution Premium. Exact Online Wholesale Distribution Advanced customers that are interested in this functionality can participate in a controlled release.

Product Update 394 can now be downloaded

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Globe, Exact Synergy

After an extensive controlled release phase, product update 394 for Exact Globe and Exact Synergy is now generally available and can be downloaded by all our customers with an active maintenance contract. Only customers with custom solutions should first make sure that their custom solutions are made compatible before updating to product update 394.

As you might know we have developed an integration with Dun & Bradstreet, the world’s leading source of commercial information and insight on businesses. For this integration we created the new module E-Risk Management, which will continue in controlled release till further notice. If you are interested in integrating the Dun & Bradstreet services with Exact Globe, please contact your local Exact Software account manager.

When we announced the start of the controlled release phase we also already introduced to you the other new module E-Charges and Discounts, we already told you about Blanket Sales Orders and we already mentioned several other projects we have completed for this product update. A detailed overview of all new and enhanced functionality can now be found in the release notes. Below you can also find four movies in which Richard Smits and Michiel van Rooijen, both product managers for Exact Globe, show you four new features in Exact Globe.



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