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New Word Merge: The video part II

Written by Martin Ortgiess on . Posted in Exact Synergy

Last year we have been working on a new platform to easily create letters and send emails using Exact synergy Enterprise.
In Product Update 249 the first features of the new Word Merge became available. See this blog post and the new Word Merge video part I for more information.
In Product Update 250 we finished the project and all features are there now. See this blog post for more information.

In this 7:52 minutes video we show you all features deliver in Product Update 250. Have a look and see how your organisation can benifit from it.
Don’t hestitate to contact me for more details!

Word Merge is the new standard

Written by Martin Ortgiess on . Posted in Exact Synergy

Easily send a predefined email or letter in corporate style. That was the goal we had in mind when designing the new Word Merge functionality. And… I think we succeeded!

This is how I introduced Word Merge for Product Update 249 in April this year. Since then, we have customers positively working with this new feature. We continued to improve Word Merge in Product Update 250 by adding new features and made it even easier to make a letter or send an email.

Based on the positive feedback and rich functionality that the New Word Merge offers, it will be our standard Merge offering as of Product update 250. This means that newly created administrations will have ‘new Word Merge’ only! Existing administrations will have the option to use ‘New Word Merge’.

New in product update 250:

New menus and functions

  • Create letters for, or Send email messages to, a group of recipients based on Account-, Contact person, People- and Request search  result
  • Create letter or send email from project card
  • Creating a Quotation in MS Word is heavily extended with the new Word Merge implemented. Item pictures can be added to item lines and much more information (tags) is available to be used in the template.
  • Send automated emails related to customer- and reseller portal:
    • Portal access activation
    • Reset password
    • Portal access deactivation
  • Give your letter or email a unique reference number which can be easily traced back:
    • Setting to determine the format of reference number
    • the reference number is one of the fields that can be used to make your template (tag)
    • the reference number can be published in the Synergy document description, which make it easy to trace it back
  • Send email messages including attachments: When sending an email, the user can select a Synergy document. All attachments linked to this document, will become email attachments

Improvements on existing features

  • User can add recurring lines to a template. This means that you can add information to a template that you normally would store in a table. Think about quotation item lines, an overview of all roles linked to a person or a list of all members of a project
  • The process of creating a letter or sending an email is improved and simplified.
    • The user first selects a template from a list.
    • After selection the template, the user can fill in related information that is defined for this template. The options the user has, is set by the template creator and is template specific. Think about:
      • User must fill in the contact person to send the email, where other fields will not appear for this template
      • Fields can be set mandatory and/or editable
      • Defaults are already prefilled
  • You can use all information available in Synergy on your templates: just extend your merge schema with the fields needed


  • ‘Old’ Merge functionality is no longer offered in new databases
  • Support Word Merge in combination with multiple Synergy environments on 1 server
  • Support 64 bit Synergy environments
  • Support basic authentication