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Who did it?

Written by Aida de Reede - Heijbroek on . Posted in Exact Globe

Every organization faces this issue on regular basis: something has been changed in the database but who did it and when did it happen? To make sure that you don’t draw wrong conclusions on whose fault it is, you need to be able to track down the adjustments and have a good insight in the changes that have been made in the Exact Globe database.

Of course there is already a standard logbook available which can be used for various orders like sales orders, purchase orders, quotations, RTV/RMA order etc. To give you even more insight from product update 404 this logbook will be improved with a lot of new features which will be extended throughout this year!

As of product update 404, you will be able to use the following improvements that are based on your direct feedback:

  • Log for deleted lines in orders
  • Log for deleted orders and possibility to link a reason of deletion
  • Log for change in status of orders
  • Log for completed orders
  • Added log for serial/ batch numbers

Possibility to add a reason of delation

Reason available in a deletion logbook