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Localizations team to deliver around the world

Written by Elaine Chai on . Posted in Exact Globe

Happy New Year and best wishes to you in 2012! Localizations team has reached another milestone to deliver Product Update 403 which is general available, as you could read in the previous announcement.   

In product update 403, we have extended functionalities that support legal requirements and business standards, have built localization improvements for a vast variety of legislations and focused on developing electronic banking features. We have also delivered changes based on customer feedbacks  and addressed a number of enhancements related to roles & rights and fixed assets functionalities. These improvements are based on requests we receive globally and which are important to our customers’ daily operation and business needs.

Legal changes


Electronic data exchange submission between government and companies becomes a common process in more and more countries. Therefore, in this product update we implemented VAT related reporting electronically like:

Localization changes



In order to comply with the countries requirements, we have enhanced the current:

To find out more about the deliverables from the localizations team in Exact Globe product update 403, please refer to the Exact Globe 403: Localization & Cross-border Product update news.

Exact Globe product update 401 is generally available

Written by Alexander Kutilov on . Posted in Exact Globe

We are pleased to announce that as of today Exact Globe product update 401 is generally available. This marks the end of the controlled release for 401, which started in the beginning of May.

We put a lot of efforts in providing you with new features that are important to your operation and facilitate your business and therefore in this product update we have extended Exact Globe with, among others, the following functionalities:

  • B2B E-commerce Portal that facilitates wholesale trade and manufacturing companies in their need for optimizing electronic ordering process in a B2B environment (video). This solution is in controlled release. Please contact your Exact representative for availability.
  • Central Master Data Management for Items is in extended controlled release (video). Please note that this solution works in combination with Exact Synergy Enterprise product update 246 (generally available in mid July)
  • Improvements in production order entry, BOM and logistic to support manufacturing companies
  • Numerous of features that support legal requirements and business standards, such as handling bounced and refunded collections (video)

Additionally, we have implemented a number of new functionalities and enhancements which are a result of direct customer feedback:

  • Multilingual unit description supported in logistics 
  • Update purchase prices based on sales prices 
  • Improvements in invoice printing solution 
  • Fulfill sales orders for underpaid prepayment invoices 
  • Word merge functionality fully supported with MS Word 2010 
  • …. and many more

For the Dutch customers of Exact Globe we have introduced Rabobank Online. This solution offers online integration and automatic exchange of local bank payment files, bank collection files and bank statements with the help of the Exact Online platform.

For a full overview of all new functionalities, please refer to the release notes for product update 401 and Product Update News.

Should you have any questions regarding this announcement, please contact Bert Siekmann (Manager Product Management).
We would like to thank all customers, partners and colleagues who contributed to this product update.