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Exact for Manufacturing Ease of Use: Project references in the layouts

Written by Pieter Hamans on . Posted in Exact Online


With the built-in project functionality of Exact for Manufacturing we can define projects and link quotations, sales orders, purchase orders, shop orders and invoices to a project. This is a great benefit to manufacturers supplying a mix of services and products to a common objective. We have extended our project functionality to layouts so that we can communicate about the project to supply chain partners.

New layout templates

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Online

When you communicate with your customers you want to look your best. For example: your invoices must not only be correct, but should also reflect your business identity. We would like to help you with that. We do that by writing tips on how to use the layout editor. And not long ago we have improved layout maintenance screens, including the layout editor. One of the things changed is the template overview, this has a gallery added so you can visually inspect and select a template.

But a gallery is worthless without content, so that’s where we are aiming our effort at the moment. Recently we have added more flavors of templates for invoices. We are now working on extending this to other categories*. To easily recognize styles we have added names. The existing templates are now called “Origineel”. Newly added templates are:

E-mailtekst “Persoonlijk” We have added a more personal targeted e-mail text template, which calls the recipient by his/her name and where you can add your name and logo.
Lay-out “Blauw”  Named after the blue background color behind the lines.
Lay-out Engels”Blauw”  Same as above but in English for your international customers.
Lay-out “Lines” No background color to save ink, but with underlined lines.

These styles share certain characteristics:

  • They have been designed to be filed in ring binders. Therefor the content is not centered, but extra white space have been put on the left side to accommodate for wholes for the rings.
  • Also for that reason all important information has been put on the right side of the paper, so it is perfectly visible even in a cramped ring folder.
  • A folding mark has been added to facilitate folding the paper into thirds to be put into an envelope.
  • The layout type (for example “Invoice”) is put at the top third of the paper, so it is visible when the paper is folded.

Of course, templates are only a starting point for your own customized layouts, so go ahead, copy them and adapt to your personal taste or company styling.

* Note: templates are country specific. Above described templates apply to the Dutch Exact Online site (www.exactonline.nl), for other countries other names or templates may be in use.