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A new member for the Exact Online Family

Written by Robert Huberts on . Posted in Exact Online

Just before the end of 2010 a new module has been added to the Exact Online offering: Exact Online Subscriptions. The module is meant for companies that offer goods or services based on a contract (subscription) that is both invoiced and renewed periodically. Because of the integration with the invoicing functions, the Subscription module can only be used together with the Invoice module of Exact Online.

The module of course allows you to create and maintain subscriptions, but before you can do that you need to setup some master data. The most important data you need to setup are the subscription types. Subscription types define the renewal policy, the length of the subscription period and the invoicing frequency for the subscriptions. You can then use the subscription types when creating a subscription, by selecting a type all the conditions for the subscription are set. After creating the subscriptions for your customers, you can generate invoices based on the subscription data. If it is part of your procedure you can print a subscription confirmation for customers with a new subscription, however this is not a mandatory step in the subscription process.

As mentioned above a subscription is normally valid for a certain period of time. After this time the subscription is either renewed or stopped by the customer. In the Exact Online there are three ways to handle the renewal of subscriptions

  • No renewal: With this option the subscription will be active for the defined subscription period, after this period the subscription is always stopped and cannot be renewed. This option can be used for trial subscriptions.
  • Automatic renewal: With this option the subscription is always renewed automatically at the end of the subscription period. The subscription is only stopped when the customer cancels the subscription. You can cancel subscriptions when maintaining the subscription.
  • Manual renewal: With this option the subscription will by default be stopped at the end of the subscription period, unless the subscription is renewed by a manual action. The subscription solution has a function to manually renew subscriptions.

How each subscription is renewed can be defined in the subscription type master data. Because you can define multiple subscription types, it is possible to have different renewal options for you subscriptions.

In future blog posts we will explain some more features of the Subscription module and also share some useful tips. Now that this module is generally available I am very interested in your opinion of it. Is this a module that can help you in doing your business or are you missing functionality? Please let me know in the comments.

Taking control: Incoming Invoice Register

Written by Robin den Buurman on . Posted in Exact Globe, Exact Synergy

The incoming invoice register in Synergy is a success. With almost 1000 customer using this functionality today, we are proud to announce that the solution is generally available in Synergy Enterprise release 244.

The Incoming Invoice Register is Exact’s solution to efficiently and easily validate and approve incoming purchase invoices by the correct responsible person in your organization. By doing that your business avoids paying invoices it should not pay at this time or shouldn’t be paid at all thus reducing the effort it puts in money back procedures.

Vincent already explained in his post that an invoice preview will be made available in Exact Synergy Enterprise so that the scanned invoice is immediately visible next to the financial booking information. But what really is the Incoming Invoice Register solution? And how can it help you to take control over that part of the purchase process within your organization?

Still interested? show me how it works!Incoming Invoice Register

After a purchase invoice is registered in Exact Globe’s Incoming Invoice Register one or more approval requests are created for the person(s) who needs to approve the purchase invoice in Exact Synergy Enterprise. Whom the approver(s) are, is determined by register codes. It’s also possible to specify whether or not the approvers can approve simultaneously or in sequence. As soon as all approvers have approved the request the financial booking within Exact Globe is updated and ready to be paid based on payment conditions. When the purchase invoice is incorrect and one of  the approvers rejects the invoice, the financial administration is automatically notified. After correction of the financial booking or invoice, all approvers need to approve it again.

I hope this short introduction gives you more insight on Exact’s incoming invoice solution and how it can help you taking control over your expenses.

Feedback is highly appreciated. Watch online incoming invoice register demo of the add-on version here.