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Store items on variable locations in your warehouse

Written by Jaap Jan de Lange on . Posted in Exact Online

Within Exact Online you can work with multiple warehouses and define a storage location for an item. Beneficial for all companies with a large assortment that need to manage inventory and want to optimize the routing for order picking and give guidance to both new and temporary warehouse staff to do their job in an efficient manner.

Optimize utilization of within a warehouse

When using storage locations for structure and picking purposes, any item that does not fit into a designated bin or location needs to be stored on an alternative location. In practice often the top shelve or a generic location is used as bulk location and items are simply replenished when the picking bin is empty.

Although not always applicable, it can become more efficient to work with registration of variable storage locations for items in a warehouse.

In a more complex warehouse environment where goods are received in bulk or have specific characteristics that require more advanced storage allocation methods, it becomes interesting from both a handling and utilization perspective to start registering and managing items at variable storage locations.

The other side of the medal is that it requires strict registration and discipline when handling goods within a warehouse and insight in where goods are stored. For us a trigger to identify pains, gather customer requirements and start developing a solution for it.


As mentioned above, it is alread possible to link an item to a location and pick orders from this location in Exact Online. Managing items via multiple storage locations however will become part of Exact Online Wholesale Distribution Premium. A new Exact Online product for Wholesale Distributors that will include functionality for planning and process optimization.

Storage and managing of items on multiple variable locations in a warehouse will become available in a controlled release later this year.


Exact online logistics: Yes we are live!

Written by Marco Kastrop on . Posted in Exact Online

After careful preparation we can now announce that the logistic functionality for Exact Online is commercially available. This is a solution targeting wholesalers/traders who are eager to work with an online (Saas-) solution for purchasing, stock keeping and selling at item level. No longer will you be tied to a single computer or network, but your (logistics) administration will be with you 24/7 from any place in the world.

I have been involved with the development of the functionality for logistics from the very first moment, so I hope you will understand that I consider this launch as an important milestone. Our goal has been to develop a product that of course fits into the Exact Online product, is fast and simple to use and supports the basic logistics operations. Don’t underestimate the power of this solution though.  The sales process is covered from quotation entry to sales order and from goods delivery to invoice handling. The purchase process is more or less a mirror process from the sales functionality. A clear parallel between purchase and sales is that we have recognized a planning (an order) a flow of goods (goods receipts/deliveries) and a financial flow (sales and purchase invoices). From inventory point of view we have created a clear view on the actual stock positions (with the nice benefit of using hyperlinks for every figure that is displayed) and we do provide support for making physical and/or financial stock corrections. Not bad for a start don’t you think?

Example stock position overview

Also a good thing is that we have used our expertise of previous/other product lines as well and have built a good foundation for future extension. We will work towards the next release (planned for October 2011) and have plans to extend our offering with purchasing (+ drop shipment) based on demand (sales orders), look at extension of sales pricing and of course many other new features. Be aware that many features are also build on customer feedback. This can be both small features (an extra filter or a field on the layout) and bigger features (e.g. integration with a web shop). You are more than welcome to give your response as we will continue to build new functionality in the logistic area.

Photo credits to Rototom Sunsplash