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What do you wish for?

Written by Aida de Reede - Heijbroek on . Posted in Exact Globe

Let me first introduce myself. A few months ago I did a career move towards product management and I will be responsible for Cross Border ERP. My goal for 2012 is to improve our software so it supports our international customers with multiple divisions worldwide even better. Some attention points for 2012 are as following:

  • Improve the roles and rights structure within Exact Globe (Next)
  • Improve the auditing and logging functionalities within Exact Globe (Next)
  • Support of intercompany financial transactions by using Exact Globe (Next) and Exact Synergy Enterprise

The roles and rights structure project was kicked off already in 2011 with rights per bank/cash journal, and in the coming Exact Globe product update 404 we will offer support of rights per sales and purchase journal. During 2012 we will continue with further enhancements to the roles and rights, which I will be sharing with you via this blog.

 We have also already started with improving the auditing and logging functionalities. One of the examples is the new log functionalities in the serial/ batch numbers that will be available as of product update 404. For a part of this auditing and logging project I would ask you as a user of Exact Globe for some input and opinions. During 2012 we want to improve the logbook for sales order, purchase orders, RMA/ RTV orders etc.

As you might know not all changed fields in these types of orders will be logged. To make sure the performance of the system is not affected I would like to make a selection of fields to be logged based on a direct input from our customers. They can be ‘nice to have’ and ‘must have’ and can come from the different sections of an order: Header, Conditions, Lines. I would highly appreciate your feedback so we can improve the software according to the needs of our customers.

I am looking forward to hearing  from you. Thank you!

Intercompany = Double work?

Written by Richard Smits on . Posted in Exact Globe

Companies with multiple divisions are having a big challenge to maintain their master data consistent and up-to-date, see my previous blog post. But next to master data, companies with multiple divisions also exchange transactions between each other.

• Sending a purchase order to your production facility, and they will create a sales order for their administration.
• Sending goods to your sales office abroad, means a receipt at the sales office
• Sending an sales invoice to another subsidiary, so a purchase invoice on their side.
• Headquarters orders and pays for an advertisement, all divisions have to pay a part of the costs.

Just some examples, there are much more (complex) scenario’s.  Although working at the same company, and (maybe) working with shared master data, entries need to be done twice. Next to the double entry, and the inconsistencies that can occur due to manual errors,  companies also wants reporting. Reporting like stock in the different subsidiaries, so you are able to see if the item you need is available at another subsidiary, or as a financial controller you want to see all outstanding financial intercompany transactions company-wide, etc.

Currently we are analyzing how Exact could provide/enhance a solution for companies facing this issue.
Do you (know companies) face this issue? How do you currently handle this, indeed entering your data twice or do you use other ways?

If you have any ideas/remarks, your comments will be highly appreciated!

Photo credit: Managementsite