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Exact introduces four new mobile Apps for business users

Written by Martin Ortgiess on . Posted in Exact Synergy

Last week Exact published a press release. To make you you don’t miss it, here it is!
The article is in Dutch only.

Vier nieuwe apps ondersteunen tijd- en locatieonafhankelijk werken

Delft, 27 mei 2014 – Exact brengt vier mobiele apps voor zakelijke gebruikers op de markt, te weten de Exact CRM app, Exact Expenses App, Exact HR Self Services app en de Field Service App. Met de CRM App en de Field Service app hebben buitendienstmedewerkers alle benodigde klantgegevens altijd binnen handbereik. Persoonlijke informatie als beschikbare vrije dagen, ziekmeldingen en declaraties, zijn nu voor alle medewerkers in een organisatie toegankelijk via de Expenses App en de HR Self Service app. Bedrijfsinformatie uit verschillende bronnen zijn via de app op één centrale plek verzameld en makkelijk te raadplegen, ongeacht de locatie of het tijdstip.

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Back to basics with Exact Synergy Enterprise Essentials Video Series

Written by Aimee Swartz-Glancy on . Posted in Exact Synergy

Anyone who works with Exact Synergy Enterprise knows that its greatest strength (that it can do so many things) can also make it difficult to describe to end users. In response, we’ve created three video playlists which focus on three different functional areas within Exact Synergy Enterprise. These videos demonstrate the functionality from a user’s perspective and focus on the practical value Exact Synergy Enterprise can bring to these users in each area.

The ‘Exact Synergy Essentials’ series is made up of the following:

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Essentials focusing on how sales and marketing professionals can use Exact Synergy Enterprise in their daily work including managing the sales process; running marketing campaigns; and automating the sales force.

The HRM (Human Resource Management) Essentials playlist includes chapters on recruitment management; time and attendance; managing day-to-day HRM; and performance management. The demonstrations include the perspective of an HR professional as well as a regular self-service user and her manager.

The PSA (Professional Services Automation) Essentials playlist demonstrates the entire life cycle of a project as executed by a professional services organization. It includes chapters on defining rates; defining the project scope; determining the budget; planning, entering, and approving hours; reporting on projects; and analyzing performance.

In all three video series we draw attention to the added benefits of having integrated document managements and workflow to support these different solution areas. We hope these videos will help provide practical examples of  what Exact Synergy Enterprise is as well as help end users to get started making the most of what Exact Synergy has to offer.


Saving time: Managing Reintegration

Written by Robin den Buurman on . Posted in Exact Synergy

Nowadays the employer is more and more involved in the recovery of his employees during a period of sickness. He should be because it affects both the organization as well as the employee and when handled with care an organization can greatly benefit from the early return to work of an employee. An employee on the other hand can benefit from the expertise and resources of an organization for his or her fast recovery with limited financial and personal impact.

After an extended period of absence, the employee can start a reintegration process, in which he or she can work part-time. In order to keep a detailed overview of the working hours during this reintegration process, it is necessary to register the partial absence. As of product update 245 Exact Synergy Enterprise facilitates the registration of illness related events and the return to work process even better.

Suzie, Project Manager at DeltaBike

Imagine Suzie, a hard working project manager for the company DeltaBike. In the last couple of months she developed a burnout related illness and medics have recommended here to take at least 4 weeks of absolute rest (so no working for her). After this period Suzie felt a lot better and more relaxed and decided to go to work again, however she is recommended to start easy and in mutual agreement with het manager at DeltaBike she starts working again for 50% of her normal working schedule. After 2 days of working part time, Suzie just couldn’t concentrate anymore on her job and decided, together with her manager, that Suzie will recover the fastest possible way by working only 25% of her pre illness schedule first. After a two week period Suzie recovers fast and starts to work 75%. After working one week for 75% she is fully recovered and has plenty of energy again to perform her job as before.

 This decisions made in this scenario will affect DeltaBike’s illness related absence figures and depending on the country she is working in might require additional paper work to be sent to insurance and governmental agencies. In many countries exist legislation around registration of illness related absence and insurance companies might ask an employer for the complete history surrounding the events.

What Exact offers in Product Update 245

In order to meet your requirements for a solid administration, correct absence figures and managing the reintegration processes within your organization, Exact offers you the partial absence registration feature. With the new Return to Work request you can easily register partial absence of the employees and provide the complete absence history. Absence figures are automatically calculated according to illness percentage and work schedule of the employee also taking into account public holidays.

Every time Suzie has a change in her working hours, her manager or the HR manager just creates a new Return to Work request using the button in the original Sick report. The transactions will be recorded under the same sick report binding them to the same event. In case Suzie is fully recovered a return to work request should be entered for 100%. The system will immediately ask the user if the sick report should be moved to the next workflow phase. If, for any reason, Suzie becomes sick again with the same symptoms the manager or HR manager can easily reopen the sick report and continue the registration. Watch the video here!

Feedback is highly appreciated!

Photo Source: Doug Kanter for The New York Times

The Exact HR Self Service App: For your eyes only!

Written by Martin Ortgiess on . Posted in Exact Synergy

All your HR information in one spot? The HR Self Service App is your App with your personal information.

Whether you want to book a day off, check your latest salary slip or view your latest review from your personal files, the Exact HR Self Service App has it all. And for that one time that you’re sick, inform your manager via the App.


The Exact HR Self Service App is your personal App. The App shows your personal information: information you normally don’t share with your colleagues. Besides insight in your time off balance, salary slips, personal files and sick leaves, you’re able to request for a day off or call in sick.


– Absence:
* View time off balance
* Request for a day off
* Check the status of your time off request
* Overview of your historical time off requests
* Call in sick
* Overview of your previous sick leaves

– Access to your salary slips and annual statements
– Access all documents in your personal files

– Secure your personal information via a pin code

– Design a companywide time off process
– Design a companywide Sick leave process
– Time off and sick leave processes are centrally managed in Exact Synergy Enterprise
– The App is multi language

The HR Self Service App is the 4th App in line of our new App proposition. More Apps and Android versions of these Apps can be expected later this year!

Download your Exact App from the Appstrore today!
Expense Claim App
Field Service App
HR Self Service App

License roles as of product update 247

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Synergy

It can be a challenge to control the access to and the costs of your Exact Synergy Enterprise environment, while each of your employees have different functional needs. To give you more flexibility, freedom and control over your Synergy Enterprise environment, the new role structure lets you assign specific roles to the users. In product update 247, which is currently in controlled release, we have made several changes to our software based on customers’ experience and feedback.

The main changes in this product update include:

  • The monitor section in the personal resource card is now available for the Synergy User, so he can easily check his calendar, view personal documents such as payroll slips and access reports (release note)
  • The user with the Employee Self-Service role can now access the HRM module, view the personal cards and requests of subordinates, and create and view vacancies for his cost center. This role is intended to facilitate the daily job of a people manager (release note
  • Incoming Invoice Register Users are able to delegate and assign delegation to other users with only this role (release note)
  • It is possible for users with the CRM role to view person-specific requests that are not defined in HRM settings (release note

Please watch the video below to see the improved license roles in action.

If you have any questions regarding the improvements in the license roles structure, do not hesitate to contact Sunil Girdhari (Product Manager) at sunil.girdhari@exact.com.

Growing number of standard HRM reports in Exact Synergy Enterprise

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Synergy

Last week at the Partner Conference of Exact Netherlands in Bussum, Exact announced Exact Reporting Services Integration in Exact Synergy Enterprise which enables creating flexible and graphical web reports. Exact Reporting Services Integration will be available as of product update 243, which is expected to be general available by the end of April.

For HRM a large number of standard HRM reports and KPI’s will be added in the coming period. The first set of reports that you can expect includes a birthday list, absence overview, Inflow/Outflow, FTE per cost center, expiry date contracts, etc.

I am looking for suggestions from your side. If you have ideas about additional HRM reports, please create a comment to this article below or let me know directly via vincent.henricks[at]exact.com.

Photo credit: Jorge Franganillo