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Exact Central Master Data Management is now generally available

Written by Richard Smits on . Posted in Exact Globe, Exact Synergy

We are pleased to announce that after an extensive controlled release period Exact’s solution for centrally managing master data for multiple divisions is now generally available. Exact Globe customers with multiple divisions that are dealing with cross divisional related master data can make use of the Central Master Data Management (CMDM) solution. Although being a topic on the agenda of many international operating companies, local operating companies with multiple divisions can also benefit from implementing Exact’s CMDM solution.

Companies with multiple divisions have a challenge in managing data across these divisions and facilitating companywide compliance and a foundation for consolidated management reporting and analysis. Besides that, being consistent in the way master data is set up facilitates effective collaboration between individual divisions by sharing available capacity, knowledge, resources, products and even customers or suppliers, leading to better overall results for the group. This leads to a need for CMDM.

Our offering

Exact CMDM makes it possible to manage the following entities “Accounts”, “Items”, “General Ledgers Accounts” and “People” as per Exact Globe product update 403/ Exact Synergy Enterprise product update 248.


  • In control over divisional risk and results.
  • Compliance on company standards.
  • Workflow management for creation and maintaining master data included.
  • Offering blueprints for business processes.
  • Work together increasing efficiency and avoid redundancy where possible.
  • Facilitate consolidated reporting and consistent local reporting for better decision making.
  • An in-house Exact solution that synchronizes between Exact databases.
  • Including Exact business logic reduces implementation time and eliminates database (update) related constraints.

For whom

  • Companies with multiple divisions that share related master data.
  • Exact Globe customers with multiple divisions that share related master data.
  • Exact Globe customers with multiple (country) licenses.

For more information about the CMDM solution, please refer to our videos.

Should you have any questions regarding our Central Master Data Management solution, please comment on this blog post.