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Drop shipments in controlled release

Written by Marco Kastrop on . Posted in Exact Online

Earlier I have announced that the Trade development team was working on the new functionality to support drop shipments. This functionality is currently in controlled release, which means that a selective group of customers is piloting this new functionality and will provide us valuable feedback which we will evaluate before making it available for all Exact Online Trade customers.

As explained in my previous blog: drop shipment is the process whereby goods are delivered by your supplier straight to your customer without your intervention. Translated into functionality this means that from the sales order (or group of sales orders) you can initiate purchase orders (back to back ordering). If a sales order line is marked as to be drop shipped (a sales order line will be marked automatically based on business rules) then when generating the purchase order system will mark it as a drop shipment purchase order. The main difference between a drop shipment purchase order with a normal purchase order is the delivery address. Also sales order lines marked as to be drop shipped will not appear in your normal goods delivery screen neither will the drop shipment purchase order lines in the goods receipt screen. Instead a new screen for creating drop shipment deliveries by your supplier will take care of the movement of products from your supplier to the customer.

Some additional features:

  • Quantity in drop shipment is visible on the stock positions overview
  • On the cockpit on your To Do-list you will be notified when drop shipments are late for delivery
  • Financially we will keep track of all in and out transactions on a separate ‘Goods in transit’ general ledger

Stay tuned for some more updates relating to Exact Online. If you have any questions or remarks, do not hesitate to post them!

Manage your prices with the aid of price lists

Written by Marco Kastrop on . Posted in Exact Online

In Exact Online Trade you have many ways to manage your prices. Prices can be set for multiple sales units, can be customer specific and can be updated via a batch update function in our current commercial release. However we do want to give you more functionality and really offer price management functionality that is required in a trading environment.

Therefore we plan to introduce price lists in Exact Online for the next release. A price list is a collection of items (or item groups) with or without volume discount tables that can be linked to customers. To keep a simple model, you can link a single price list to a customer. Within a price list, you can define multiple date ranges that will allow you to define prices for a specific period.

Completely new in price management (which really excites me and is not present in any of our previous product lines) is the possibility to set a type when defining a date range. This allows you to make a distinction between a ‘Basic’ and a ‘Special offer’ period. The advantage of the distinction in types is that you can set up a normal date range for prices, valid for the whole year  (e.g. start date: 01-01-2011 end date: infinite or 31-12-2011) and create a ‘Special offer’ for a promotional period in the summer (e.g. start date: 01-07-2011 end date:  15-08-2011). Each date range can have its own set of items/item groups attached. Effectively you can link a limited set of items/item groups in (volume) discount for the promotional period if you like, while the excluded item prices are taken from the basic date range.

Click on the image for a larger view

To give you really an artist impression, you can have a look at the mockup screen above that is the basis of the new functionality to link an item to a price list. In this screen you can define how the sales unit relates to the standard unit of the item, how to setup the base price for the item in the price list (with the nice feature to take over the actual sales price and how to enter a volume discount able (buy > 100 at once and you will grant 2% discount).

I hope that this new functionality will be of great value in managing prices in Exact Online Trade. The functionality is planned to be available in November 2011.

Exact Online Manufacturing sneak preview

Written by Pieter Hamans on . Posted in Exact Online

Last year Exact released online solutions for trade and for professional services. This year, we will add a solution for Manufacturing. Our development is in full swing and we are now able to explain in more detail what this solution is about and how the release process is planned.

Exact Online Manufacturing is a member of the Exact Online family and is therefore a multitenant SaaS solution that will allow you anywhere, anytime access through the Internet. Subscriptions have a monthly fee that includes usage of the software, support, and upgrades. Exact Online Manufacturing includes the functionality for financials and logistics of Exact Online Trade.

Our target customer is the small manufacturer with either (or both) fabrication activities and assembly activities. These activities will be typically customer order driven. Amongst our customers we will find both job shops and makers of repetitive products. Noteworthy is that we have developed Exact Online Manufacturing in cooperation with our customers. From early on in this project we have invited customers with manufacturing activities for interviews about their business practice and their future needs. We have now reached the stage where we are showing our prototypes to this so called “innovation panel” for fine tuning.

Controlled release phase 1

Right in the summer we will start the controlled release with the job shop type customers. Typically we will find these in the metal, wood and plastic product industries. The emphasis will be on the process from quotation to delivery. The quotations are based on planned material use, cost of operations and subcontracted work. From a quotation/sales order we generate a shop order and purchase orders for materials and subcontractors. Visually attractive screens will assist in managing the jobs through the floor and in managing each individual operation. We will also be able to record the actual material use and cost, operation time and billing of the subcontractor. After calculation reports are available that that compare quote to actuals.

Controlled release phase 2

After the summer we start with the controlled release for the makers of repetitive products. These could be makers of machinery, electric equipment or so-called assembling wholesalers. The functionality that we focus on is based on a Bill-of-Materials (BOM) that describes the structure of the make product. From sales orders that contain such make products we can generate shop orders based on the BOM. All the functions that have been mentioned for phase 1 are of course already available.

Generally available

The full Exact Online Manufacturing offering is planned to become generally available by the end of 2012. Exact Online Manufacturing is planned for release in the Benelux.

Looking for controlled release customers

Exact is currently looking for controlled release customers. Interested parties may contact pieter.hamans@exact.com for more information.