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New: adjustable e-mail subjects, to improve the effectiveness of your e-mails

Written by Bram Streefkerk on . Posted in Exact Online

With Exact Online you can send e-mails automatically. This helps you out in the automated communication with your customers and suppliers, for example when you send invoices or reminders. Using the layout editor you can easily adjust the body text of the message and use dynamic information, like customer names, invoice numbers etc. from Exact Online. The result: a much more personal and relevant e-mail message.

Improved tracking & tracing for Serial numbers

Written by Jaap Jan de Lange on . Posted in Exact Online

Serial numbers are used to identify a unique product. It is used for equipment, electrical components and consumer goods, from a forklift-truck, laptops, smartphones to e.g. bicycles and for various reasons. A serial number can determine the origin of the product, can be used to check the (service) history of a product and whether or not a warranty is applicable.

Exact Online introduces the Accountancy Center

Written by Arjen Nijdam on . Posted in Exact Online

Exact Online introduces the Accountancy Center; a market place where the entrepreneurs can search and select an accountant.

In this product blog I explain how the Accountancy Center has been set up and how an accountant can set up and maintain his profile.

How does it work?

A great advantage of working in the cloud is the collaboration between accountant and his clients. But how to find the right accountant? The Accountancy Center will help you. Via this innovation it is now possible to search a suitable accountant via our website, Exact Online Starter, Exact Online Accounting and our Industry Solutions.

Easy, isn’t it? You are able to search an accountant nearby of based on their expertise.

After selecting the accountant, he will receive a request to link your company via it’s workflow. In the meantime the accountant will contact you to discuss how to collaborate. Will your accountant be in charge of the whole accounting, tax declaration. Or you might want to do it yourself? Within Exact Online you can collaborate with your accountant as you want it.

After accepting the request to collaborate you and your accountant will be linked and you can proceed the collaboration within Exact Online.

How to create a profile?

As an accountant it is very easy to set up and maintain your profile. Go to ‘Exact Online’ of your Exact Online Accountancy subscription. Click next on the tab ‘Accountancy Center’.

Via the Accountancy Center you are able to set up your profile and classifications. After saving the profile, it will be presented straight away in the Accountancy Center.

Do you have more subsidiairies? No worries. You can decide to set up one profile with multiple locations. As well you can upload multiple profiles.


The Accountancy Center is already live in the Netherlands. In Q1 2014 the Accountancy Center will also be available in Belgium, UK and Germany.

Screenshot Accountancy Ceter

New cockpits and My cockpit with to do list

Written by Lucie van Velze on . Posted in Exact Online

Exact online now offers a selection of advanced cockpits. Next to the improved Financial cockpit, cockpits for Customers, Sales, Purchase, Time & Billing and Payroll are now also available. The one’s you’ll be able to access will depend on the license you have. The help files for each cockpit can give you detailed information on the summaries displayed within them – simply click on ‘?’ in the top right corner of the screen.

A cockpit will give you insight and direction into your day to day work and your most important processes. What needs to be done, what is there to check, what’s happening in your business processes, key financial information and historical overviews.

The new styled cockpits were introduced in the blog New year! A nice moment to give our cockpits a new facelift! by Ilja Udo.

Also available and maybe of great help to you is the ‘My cockpit’ screen. This offers the possibility to create a cockpit according to your own wishes, showing information about the businesses processes most relevant to you.  All webparts available in the defined cockpits can be inserted here and positioned as you see fit.

Try it out and see what advantages it can offer you. And keep in mind that the ‘My cockpit’ has a standard layout that can always be set back using the ‘Default’ button.

How do I customize the My cockpit?

At the right top of the screen click on the ‘customize’ hyperlink.

Webparts can be selected in the webpart catalog. You can open the catalog by clicking the + in the zone you want to add the webpart to. You can change a webpart’s position using drag and drop.

One of the improved webparts is the ‘To Do’. In defined cockpits this To Do webpart shows a shortlist of to-do’s and alerts for specific area of the business. For example, the Financial cockpit shows only financial to-do’s.  In the ‘My cockpit’ this webpart can be customized to show an optimal list for all the areas of the business most relevant to you!

How do I customize the To Do webpart?

If this webpart is not visible in your cockpit you can add it using the Default button to retrieve the updated template, or select it in the webpart catalog.

Go to the ‘To Do’ webpart and in the right top corner click on the edit hyperlink.

Properties will be displayed. Changing these properties changes the list that will be visible to you. If you go to the property ‘Group’, multiple checkboxes are displayed. Mark all the areas of the business that are relevant for you and save the webpart.

Following this the To Do webpart will display the relevant to do’s and alerts that you have chosen to be informed about!

The new way to get started with subscriptions!

Written by Emiel Romein on . Posted in Exact Online

You may already know that we developed a new way to get started in Exact Online. Marco Kastrop wrote about it in his February post Get set, Ready…GO!. He explained there how we learned from the logistic pilot customers that we needed to improve the ‘Getting Started’-process. And we did!

You can access the new subscription Getting Started in both the Panel menu and the new Tab menu, but because I’m only going to show you how to access the Getting Started in the Tab menu, I’ll first explain how to switch to the new Exact Online menu style.

Robert Huberts wrote about the new menu last October in the post Introducing a new menu style for Exact Online. I’ll keep it short and just show you the menu style option.

  1. Click the User settings link in the bottom-left of your screen.
  2. Change the Menu style option from Panel to Tab menu.
  3. Click Save to save the change you’ve made.

* You can easily switch back. In the new style click the General tab and click User setting. It’s in the bottom-right of the General tab.

When you change to the new menu style you can open the subscription Getting Started by clicking Sales tab > Getting Started > Subscriptions (bottom-left).

Congratulations! You’ve made it to the Subscription Getting Started -our new starting point to learn about the subscription functionality, set-up the system and even use the functionality on a daily basis, if you want.

There is a process flow visible that explains the way subscriptions works. Clicking an icon in the flow will guide you to that specific process in Exact Online. Clicking the Invoice generation icon – for example – will open the invoice generation page. Clicking the Invoice process icon will open a more specific Getting Started page where the invoice process is explained.

Furthermore, you have links on the right of the screen to the Customers cockpit and help files. Typing a question in the search box brings you answers from the range of available help documents.

In the top-left of the screen is the link Make this my startpage. If you click this link, this page will open when you start Exact Online. You can change the startpage (or homepage) again in the User settings.

Of course, it is still possible to use the subscription menu to access all the subscriptions functionality. Simply click Sales tab > Subscriptions > Show all.

I hope that with this guided start, you will enjoy a great new experience working with subscriptions!

Sales Forecast as estimated demand for Material Planning

Written by Jaap Jan de Lange on . Posted in Exact Online


Reduce inventory levels! Make smarter purchase decisions and optimize your working capital. As mentioned in a previous blog, we have developed a solution for planning required products and components while taking into account demand over time.  This will become available in Exact Online Wholesale Distribution Premium. Exact Online Wholesale Distribution Advanced customers that are interested in this functionality can participate in a controlled release.

Creating invoices for subscriptions

Written by Robert Huberts on . Posted in Exact Online

In a recent post Emiel Romein explained the process of creating invoices for subscriptions, see Turning subscriptions into money. In this post I am going to explain the process of creating the invoices in more detail and give you some tips that may help you in using the functions more efficiently.

As Emiel already showed you, the process of invoicing subscriptions only contains a couple of steps. You create some subscriptions and then go to the Generate invoices function in the subscriptions menu. In this screen you will see a list of subscriptions that can be invoiced. Select the subscriptions you want to invoice and press the Generate button. The generated invoices are now available for final printing and processing.

The subscriptions you see in the Generate invoices screen are filtered based on the values in the filter section in the top of the screen. There are several filters available, but two of them are important for showing the subscriptions that need to be invoiced.

The Invoiced up to and including field in the subscription holds the date up to which the subscription is invoiced. So the corresponding filter in the screen controls which subscriptions are shown in the screen based on the date they need to be invoiced again. The second important filter is the Not yet invoiced filter, checking this filter will result in showing all invoices that have never been invoiced (and therefore have an empty Invoiced up to and including date in the subscription).

Some tips to make working with the Generate invoices function easier

  • The invoice date in the screen is default set to the current date, however it can be changed if you want to. Keep in mind though that this date is only for planning the invoices, the actual invoice date is determined at the moment the invoices are printed.
  • You can enter a general description for the invoices, but it is not mandatory. If you do not enter a description, the description from the subscription is copied to the invoice.
  • The administration settings (subscription page) has a useful setting that will allow you to automatically add a number of days to the Invoiced up to and including date filter. So if you want to see all the subscriptions that need to be invoiced in the next 5 days, enter 5 in the setting.

  • Different subscriptions for the same customer that are processed at the same time will be grouped together in one invoice. If the customer wants to have separate invoices you can disable the grouping in the customer’s account card.
  • After you generated the invoices there is a confirmation message in the top of your screen. This message also contains a link to the Print invoices function, so you can go to printing the invoices in one click.

The invoice is not correct, can I still change it?

It can happen that you have generated invoices for a number of subscriptions, but when you check the invoices before printing you notice one or more are not correct. Maybe the customer has more subscriptions that need to be invoiced or something in the subscription is not correct. At this point you can still correct this by deleting the invoice. This will cause the Invoiced up to and until date in the original subscription to be reset to the value prior to generating the invoice. So you can make adjustments to the subscription and generate the invoice again.

If you already printed the invoice and you or the customer notices it is incorrect, you can only correct the invoice by creating a credit note. This credit note will be linked to the subscription. If you need to create a new invoice you will have to do that by manually entering it in the invoice solution, it cannot be generated from the subscription solution.

When do you send the invoice?

In the last months I have had meetings with a number of customers that use the subscription solution in Exact Online. One of the things I noticed is that quite a number of customers sent the invoices in advance of the subscription period. Although it is not something you can indicate in the subscription itself you can manage this when generating the invoices. You need to change the Start or Invoiced up to and until date filters to look further in the future.

I hope the above information will make using Exact Online a little easier for you. As always let me know if you have questions or remarks by leaving a comment.

New setup for the help startpage

Written by Edgar Wieringa on . Posted in Exact Online

For our Dutch Exact Online customers we have just adjusted the layout of the ‘Help startpage’. With the one aim to make the page better usable by offering you less options in a more clear way. Attention grabber is hopefully a big search field where you can type the keywords for the matter you need help with.

There was one change we got upfront some feedback on; the search field doesn’t come with a ‘Go’ or ‘Search’ button. Just an enter after your keywords will do. Although we got this feedback during our internal reviews we feel confident about the clarity of the search box itself. We think the appropriate action to fire the search (hitting the enter key on your keyboard) is obvious and so we could even make the page more clean. What could you do more than hitting enter on your keyboard after you put in your query?

The new help start page offers you:

  • the mentioned search box
  • a list of at the moment frequently asked questions
  • a quick link to the guidance we offer for different processes
  • options to contact us for a question, by phone an to chat instantly
  • a way to retrieve your earlier communication with Exact

We certainly hope you find now easier what you are looking for, when you miss something just let us know via a reply to this post.

Turning subscriptions into money!

Written by Emiel Romein on . Posted in Exact Online

Recently Robert Huberts posted an article about how to setup prices for subscriptions. Before that I showed you how to create a subscription and subscription types in only 4 easy steps. It’s time to make it interesting and generate those important invoices!

Let’s say I’m a small household appliance maintenance guy. I have several services I offer my customer and one of them being basic maintenance (work on any household product that needs a periodic cleaning or check-up).

So I’ve setup a type for the basic maintenance subscription I want to offer. I called it Basic and it’s a subscription of two years after which it will automatically continue. Customers can cancel any time after the two years.

Great news! I’ve already got 3 customers who have subscribed for my basic maintenance services. As such I’ve created three subscriptions in Exact Online. My first customer is Femke van der Brinkhoven from Amsterdam. She gets my Basic 24/7 stand-by service and the basic cleaning of any household appliance for only €7, 90 per month incl. VAT.

The other two subscriptions are for John van Bergen-Dalen and Jack van Dijk. But these last two subscriptions are different because they will not be invoiced to the people who get my services. Both will be invoiced to Marco de Graaff – the employer of John and Jack.

Now that I have sold and created my first subscriptions I’m very keen on actually invoicing my customers. So I go to Generate invoices in Exact Online and I quickly see all subscriptions that can be invoiced, as you can see in the screenshot below.

Now comes the really exciting part! Check all subscriptions you want to invoice (I can select all lines via the one checkbox in the lines header) and click the Generate invoices button.

There I go! I have just created my first subscription invoices! In this case I created two invoices. One for Femke and one for Marco. The subscriptions of John and Jack are – by default – combined to one invoice because it’s sent to one person. If I want I can always overwrite this setting on Marco’s account card so that he receives one invoice per subscription.

Finally I can print or send the invoices. I just go to Print invoices in Exact Online. Select all generated invoices with one click and press the Print button. In the case shown below I will see a preview of the invoices. If I choose Final in the print options the invoices will be finalized. I’ll also get extra output options like: sending the invoice by e-mail, Digital Postbox or according to the account settings which could be a mixture of all options.

So to summarize, the invoicing of subscriptions basically involves two steps:

  1. Open the Generate invoices page, select all subscriptions and press the Generate invoices button.
  2. Open the Print invoices page, select all generated invoices, choose to test (trail) or finalize and press the Print button.

By keeping the software simple and easy I finally have the time to actually do maintenance instead of spending hours and hours behind my computer!