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Exact Globe Next in two variants

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Globe

About two weeks ago at the Exact Live ’12 event I gave live demos of Exact Globe Next.  Next to the very positive feedback I received from customers, I got quite a few questions about our product offering. A particularly popular topic was the difference between the two variants we offer: Exact Globe Next and Exact Globe Next ‘with extended functionality’. Since these are not different products, but do offer different functionality, I want to make the distinction clear here.

Exact Globe Next

For any of our readers who do not know our product Exact Globe, it’s our powerful and innovative ERP software solution for international SMB companies. All the ins and outs can be found on the Exact website.

Earlier this year we decided to change the name Exact Globe to Exact Globe Next. The name Exact Globe Next is purely the result of a name change. You can think of it as a rebranding, with no change to the product itself. Existing Exact Globe customers still have the same product; it’s just that we now refer to it as Exact Globe Next.

Exact Globe Next
‘with extended functionality’

Exact Globe Next ‘with extended functionality’ is a different version of the same product. Compared to the standard version described above, there are three main differences:

1.  Integration of Exact solutions

This version of Exact Globe Next offers one menu which functions as a shell to combine and give access to several solutions: Exact Globe Next, Exact Synergy Enterprise, Exact Event Manager and integration with SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS). Combining all these products into one provides you with a complete solution with which you can effectively and proactively run your business, but also it enables you to see which direction your business is heading. You will gain more control over your company and processes, and stay on top of your business. Next to that, it also improves collaboration in your company by adding the possibility to use a limited number of workflows.

2.  A different look-and-feel

We offer a different look-and-feel for a better user experience and an even better match of the different products. We have ensured that the menus are recognizable when compared to the original products so you can easily start working.

3.  Dashboard reports

In the solution we offer a set of six real-time dashboard reports out-of-the-box: Management, Sales, Costs, Results, Liquidity, and Risk. The dashboards give you the insights you need. You can view them in outline form, or zoom in for more detail. You’ll know exactly what’s going on in the area you are interested in.



The (hardware) specifications of Exact Globe Next ‘with extended functionality’ are different than the specifications of the standard Exact Globe Next. If you would like to know what updating to Exact Globe Next ‘with extended functionality’ means for your company, you can contact our sales department or your Exact partner. Our contact details can be found on the Exact website. The terms and conditions of your Exact Globe Next maintenance contract also automatically cover the variant ‘with extended functionality’.

Rafiki’s Corner – Christmas Comes Early with Event Manager 1.8

Written by Sander van Triet on . Posted in Exact Event Manager

Well, here we are at the end of another bumper year. To ring in the Festive Season, I bring to you Exact Event Manager 1.8, now in General Availability, around the entire globe!!! For those of you who have yet to experience Exact Event Manager 1.8, may I suggest that you take a look at what this pivotal release brings you? For those of you who have a prior version of Exact Event Manager, please feel free to update to this release and you will open a stocking of delightful surprises.

So far, the adoption of Exact Event Manager has been extremely pleasing. Now is the chance to further expand on that footprint around the globe, as Santa and his reindeer travel from country to country bringing solutions that are sure to please. In summary again, herewith a brief listing of the latest features that benefit all entrepreneurial spirits….

  • Support for Stored Procedures as an action and source
  • Creation of Exact Synergy Enterprise Projects, Accounts and Resources
  • Embedding of Images within the newly updated Rich Text Editor
  • Integration and delivery with Exact Globe Next
  • Simple Grouping *** of data to provide one result set for multiple grouped rows
  • Tables in emails for grouped data
  • Queue Now (Run Now) option to immediately set off an Event into the Queue, regardless of schedule
  • New embedded “Show Me!” videos for specific new features, over and above on-line help
  • New Summary Tab allowing simple changes to schedule and parameters

There are also additional smaller improvements provided as “stocking stuffers” within the release.

So, as the year winds down and many of us head out to our favourite relaxation spots diving in the Seychelles, snorkling in Montego Bay, skiiing in the Alps or just basking in the sun, make sure that you can do all these activities without having to worry about business back home. Event Manager 1.8 is that very tool that will provide you peace of mind whilst you enjoy your well deserved rest!

To the extremely dedicated Exact Event Manager team, congratulations on this important milestone. A job very well done, and thank you!

Merry Christmas to you all!



Rafiki’s Corner – Exact Event Manager 1.7 Moves into Regional Verification Testing

Written by Sander van Triet on . Posted in Exact Event Manager

A well deserved long weekend is upon us here in North America. Labour Day is celebrated on Monday, signifying the movement in the Northern Hemisphere out of what has been a wonderful, hot and dry Summer. It is appropriate then, that the next iteration of Exact Event Manager moves into what is formally known is Regional Verification Testing, on Tuesday, September 6th. This vital phase in the completion of Exact Event Manager 1.7 is being held in Columbus, OH, where colleagues from various departments, and regions converge on the development offices in Columbus.

For the week of September 6th, folks from Pre-sales, support and consulting, will sit in one boardroom together, putting the latest release through it paces, learning the details of new features and validating the quality of the release. This testing is done in Columbus for a very specific reason…proximity and access to the developers of the solution.

Exact Event Manager 1.7 is not necessarily a major release, in terms of incremental feature sets. However, that importance of this release should not be underestimated. This release was designed and delivered to interoperate with Exact Globe Next, in a tight and contiguous fashion. The new “command center” of Exact Globe Next, if you will, allows the administrator of Exact Event Manager, to launch directly into Exact Event Manager from within Exact Globe Next, and then straight into the new Alert Summary Tab, as previously discussed.

Tight Interoperability


Exact Event Manager 1.7 is also silently installed during the installation of Exact Globe Next, providing users of Exact Corporate solutions the opportunity to take a peek at Exact Event Manager. One will come to the quick realization that the inherent value proposition of Exact Event Manager, for any business, is pervasive and invaluable.

Aside from tight interoperability with Exact Globe Next, Exact Event Manager 1.7 also has new features such as Queue Now options, an Alert Summary Tab with Parameter changes allowed, new enhanced features within the Rich Text Editor and a host of smaller User Experience improvements. It is important to note that this release of Exact Event Manager 1.7 will operate as an independant solution outside of Exact Globe Next, allowing operation with Exact Macola ES, Progression, JobBOSS, MAX, Synergy and Synergy Enterprise.

As next week progresses, more information on what is new will be exposed. Have a great weekend!

Rafiki’s Corner – Event Manager 1.5 Release Update – Patience, focus and dedication – a powerful combination

Written by Sander van Triet on . Posted in Exact Event Manager

Focus, dedication and sheer hard work has finally come to fruition with the release of a final service pack to Exact Event Manager 1.5!

This release has been, and remains in, Controlled Release (CR) globally, with a growing number of program participants. (NL = 25, EMEA = 3, Americas = 22) This most recent update, or service pack, explicitly for Exact Event Manager 1.5, includes a multitude of quality improvements driven by customer feedback along with some low level technology and performance improvements. The initial release of Exact Event Manager 1.5 represented a major milestone for Exact and our customer base. This new technology provides our customers with a solution that has a real return on value of days and not months or years. The solution addresses the needs of Exact customers, irrespective of their geography, market demographics or choice of back office business solution.

Exact Event Manager has been in Controlled Release since early December, 2010. This may appear to be an overly long period of time, but the effort and time spent since the release has helped shape and form Exact Event Manager into the solution that we expect from our development teams and new technologies. Good things come to those who are patient!

Now, here is the shocker for you all!! Exact Event Manager 1.6 is already in the front wings, which goes into internal acceptance testing during the first week in May. This specific release will have two new features and additional quality improvements. The new features are the support for SQL Server Reporting Services as an action (much like Crystal Reports of today), and the ability to upload a document, as an attachment to Exact Synergy Enterprise. To assist in the Regional Testing for this pivotal release, three colleagues from Delft will be taking the trek from Amsterdam to Columbus, OH for the week to help put the solution through its’ paces.

Another important aspect of this release is the improvement and expansion of documentation and help. A great deal of time has been spent on making sure users have the tools to get started. The documentation has been significantly improved and the Help files have wonderful embedded how to movies right inside the help! You would be surprised at how few people know and make use of this!!! Take a look and let us know what you think.

So, those of you on the CR program, the update is ready for deployment. Those looking to participate, please contact the appropriate Exact contact person who will gladly assist. Good luck and have fun!

Rafiki’s Corner: It is what you DON’t know that is important!

Written by Sander van Triet on . Posted in Exact Event Manager

We always seem to have a tendency in both life and business, to focus our energy on what has happened, with the promise to learn from those results, good, bad or indifferent. We then spend inordinate time evaluating what happened with the hope of replicating success or not repeating mistakes. Whilst that may sound promising and potentially drive long term results, what about the ability to drive short term results with high reward? That is something that gets my attention! How about you?

I briefly touched on this topic in my first Blog post, but I would like to explore this topic in a more detailed fashion here, as we gain ground to the release of the new Exact Event Manager 1.5.

Non-Event Management – The Swan amongst the ducks.

An ERP database is full of statically rich data that holds key points of interest for any organization, no matter the industry. We write reports to extract all kinds of information so that we gain insight into the current and past health of the business as a whole. Reports such as Accounts Receivable Aging Reports, Daily Sales Order listings, Trial Balances are plentiful within a varied and extensive customer base. These reports focus on what IS IN the database and then present the data in a meaningful and professional fashion. These reports work well and serve their purpose without question. However, there is one flaw in totally relying on this approach. What about data that a report cannot “see”? A report does not tell you what is NOT in the database or what did not happen, as it does not know about an implied business rule.  This is only accomplished through interpretation.

This is where Exact Event Manager really, really comes to the fore as a real benefit to ANY organization. The technology becomes the proverbial swan amongst the ducks of a database and the key to finding holes that can be plugged immediately, driving short term gains and wins.

So, what do I really mean when I talk about Non-Event mumbo jumbo? To answer this, here are some real life examples.

Looking for revenue opportunities?

We seem all too inclined to celebrate the success of a big sales order, and then report on it at some later time in a sales flash report. Great! Success is important to celebrate, but that specific order is done and gone. What about the next big sales order and where will it come from? What if you were able to uncover all those customers who have deviated from their normal buying patterns from the past? What would you think if you were alerted to ALL customers that had NOT purchased anything from you in the last 60 days? At the same time, what if you never had to remember to go and extract this information? Yup, let technology actually do some work for YOU for a change!

Deployment of Exact Event Manager will provide you with the ability to define this very business rule. It is a matter of configuring the system to query your primary ERP database where static sales information is stored, and have it look for all customers that have NOT had any activity in the past 60 days (or whatever number floats your boat). Then have Exact Event Manager drive those results out in the form of a Synergy Enterprise Workflow Request and / or an email to those responsible. Now, set this up to occur every on the 15th day of every month. Save the Event and off you go and get on with business. You now have a mechanism to uncover opportunities where you have had a relationship with a customer and can now identify any opportunity to better understand their change in buying behavior! You potentially have an immediate influence on the next big sale!

Meeting customer expectations – Do you really have enough inventory?

We all know that the customer is the very center of our universe. Making sure we can meet our commitments and promises to them becomes paramount as we stave off the competition. Every ERP database that I know stores information on inventory quantities and safety stock levels. Managing these safety stock levels is not something that is easy and simple to do. Balancing out these levels with the right stock levels and cash flow become a serious balancing act. Additionally, once inventory levels reach the safety stock threshold, it is normally too late. So what we end up doing  is we bump up those safety stock levels and then hold more inventory. This can be costly.

What if you were able to receive notification, automatically, of inventory that is within 15% of the safety stock level? In other words, catch the issue before it becomes an issue. This means you can then employ a manual inspection of inventory, determine what the real needs may be based on seasonality etc, and adjust if necessary. Would that not have value in ANY inventory centric, make-to-stock, assemble-to-order business? Even a distributor benefits from this need.

The solution to this problem is within your grasp! Configure an alert to monitor your inventory safety stock levels, and look for those that are within 15% of the defined safety stock. When this does occur, dispatch an email to the inventory manager, automatically, with the details. In this case, configure this event to run daily, due to the nature of your business. Fire and forget!

These two examples are a subset of many industry proven uses. They have intrinsic value to any organization, no matter the industry. They are topics we can all relate to and I am sure strike a nerve with some people. These are just two of the examples of the capabilities of Exact Event Manager, where true value is simple an event away.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me! (matthew.bather@exact.com)

Rafiki’s Corner – Exact Event Manager 1.8R2 – A Maintenance Release

Written by Sander van Triet on . Posted in Exact Event Manager

Good day to you all! Many of you will have heard of the imminent release of Exact Event Manager 1.8. Well, that day has come. On Thursday, June 7, Exact Event Manager 1.8 R2 will be Generally Available around the world.

This release of Exact Event Manager is purely a maintenance release. We have fixed a little over 35 issues, ranging from User Interface / Experience issues, down to low level behavioural issues that have been reported to us. This release has undergone extensive testing prior to being tested under what we call Region Testing. This phase in the release cylce is where we put Exact Event Manager 1.8R2 through its’ paces for three weeks by colleagues from the various regions within Exact. This builds on an already stable set of product in the orginal Exact Event Manager 1.8. In fact, we had only one bug reported during the Region Testing! Now that is not bad at all.

As stated, this is a maintenance release only. However, there is one additional “feature” that may be of interest to everyone. In fact, it is more of a utility than a feature. To be more precise, this is a Stored Procedure that we set against the required table. This little nugget is a Purge Utility that will assist in cleaning up the EEMResultDetails table, selected by date range. This will assist in ensuring that this table does not get too bloated with often redundant data. Remember, if you turn on logging for an event that runs every minute, we are recording and storing all the results of those events, and this table will morph into a little monster in no time at all. Now why do we store all this data you may ask? Well, right from the onset of the design phase, we were asked to provide information that allows users to analyze the results to determine if anything went wrong. So, the need to report and filter on results means we need to store it somewhere. This is the old “Which came first, the chicken or the egg” situation. Anyway, be that as it may, we have now provided a user driven Stored Procedure that will aid you in managing the size of this important table.

So, for those of you who have Exact Event Manager 1.8, I urge you to update to Exact Event Manager 1.8R2 and experience the benefits of a protracted and thorough testing / quality control cycle. For those of you who do not have Exact Event Manager 1.8, well, what are you waiting for! Exact Event Manager 1.8R2 is solid, robust, feature rich solution that is of extreme business value in any business, no matter the industry.

Should you have any questions on how to obtain this update, please contact your account manager or Exact support. Of course, I am always available.

Cheers for now!

Rafiki’s Corner – Exact Event Manager 1.8 Goes to Market

Written by Sander van Triet on . Posted in Exact Event Manager

The Red Carpet is out, all in place for the lastest release, Exact Event Manager 1.8. Effective Tuesday, November 1, Exact Event Manager 1.8 is Generally Available for Exact in North America (US & Canada) and in formal Controlled Release for the Benelux and International regions of Exact. The expected General Release for these two regions is December 1, pending the outcome of the Controlled Release cycle.

Why do we have a dual release cycle going on with Exact Event Manager 1.8? you may well ask. Well, there are many reasons, but the most practical reason is due to the status of Exact Globe Next and the fact that Exact Event Manager 1.8 is also installed with Exact Globe Next as a core solution. Consumers of the technology provided by Exact Event Manager in the USA and Canada, where we have solutions other than Globe, are able to take advantage of the significant benefits of this latest release, without any further delay. It is all about providing what the market wants and needs!

Just to re-cap, here is a list of key features that this new release provides:

  • Simple Grouping (Single level)
  • Tables in emails (for Grouping)
  • Embedded images within the Rich text Editor
  • Support for Stored Procedures as an Action and Source
  • Creation of Exact Synergy Enterprise Projects as an Action
  • Creation of Exact Synergy Enterprise Accounts (Customers) as an Action
  • Creation of Exact Synergy Enterprise Employees (Resources) as an Action
  • Simplified Alert Summary Tab
  • Queue Now (Run Now**) Option
  • New Languages (Russian, Polish and Czech)
  • Installation (Silent) with Exact Globe Next with basic Auto Configuration

These are but a few of the new capabilities of the solution. I would highly recommend updating to this solution when appropriate! You will not be disappointed…No referendum is required to determine the power of this solution!!

Tip of the Day

One aspect of Exact Event Manager that I would like to highlight here, now, relates to the installation process of Exact Event Manager.

When you install the solution, for the first time, as well as update, please make sure that you have Administrator rights to the database and server. If you do not, the installation WILL fail and you will not be able to access or run the system. This is very important, and it has been well documented.

Second Tip of the Day

You will shortly see some cool help functions within Exact Event Manager that will assist you in learning some finer details. We have embraced new technologies in every aspect of the solution, and this is also true of the Help functions. You will soon see an option for “Show Me!” within the solution. We have expanded the capabilities to now access on-line Show Me videos that will walk you through that specific topic. Initially, there are 7 Show Me videos that are being embedded into the help. These will be ready within the next week!

Request for the Day

We are looking to obtain / earn Customers who are willing and able to act as a Reference Customer for Exact Event Manager. This aspect of any solution is an extrememly important part of the product life cycle, with benefits for both the Customer and Exact. I am taking names and numbers…..

Enjoy the release and the rest of the week!



Rafiki’s Corner – I Present to You a New “Son”!

Written by Sander van Triet on . Posted in Exact Event Manager

Greetings to you all once again! I trust that everyone had a warm, and enriching summer?

Over the past two months, with people basking in the sun, diving in the Indian Ocean and soaring the never ending blue skies, the Exact Event Manager development team has been hard at work, developing features and improvements for not one, not two, but three releases of Exact Event Manager!!! Exact Event Manager 1.6 is now out in the market, Exact Event Manager 1.7 with Exact Globe Next is about to hit the streets and Exact Event Manager 1.8 is under development and soon to reach the eager hands of QA. Oh, and yes, we have also been working in the background on the basis for the release post Exact Event Manager 1.8.

So, what will I present here? Well, I present to you, some nifty new features that are to be found in Exact Event Manager 1.7, specifically features geared towards the deployment of Exact Event Manager with Exact Globe Next, due out into Controlled Release (CR) very, very soon. The bulk of the development here has been focused on inter-operability with Exact Globe Next (Exact Globe and Exact Synergy Enterprise). The first item I wish to share with you is the newly designed and created “Alerts Summary” tab.

This Alert Summary Tab has been created to provide a workbench from which defined Events can be controlled and managed without having to get embroiled in understanding the depths of SQL programming. Here, you can perform the following functions, all in one place.

  • Set the Event to be Active
  • Change any defined select parameters, such as “Invoices over X” Days, where X is your variable
  • Adjust and define the schedule that you wish to run the event. (making an Event run every minute is not suggested)
  • Execute the Query / event right now, without having to wait for the schedule. (A new feature for Exact Event Manager 1.7)

For those of you who look deeply at pictures, you will notice that the Event Manager Control Centre is being run directly from within Exact Globe Next, further providing insight into our intent on simplifying your business life with Exact solutions. Each implementation of Exact Globe Next comes with Exact Event Manager, allowing you to take a preview of the solution. The “Default” events all actually work. You can then explore the solution at will with the only restriction being that you cannot save any Query changes. For this, you need to purchase a full license of Exact Event Manager, depending upon the number of Active Events you wish to run.

Furthermore, to show the intrinsic power of Exact Event Manager, with Exact Globe Next, we have provided 6 “Default” Events, that come with the solution. All you need to do is to change the parameters, set a schedule, and then go for coffee and reap the rewards!

Over the next few weeks, I will be posting more details on Exact Event Manager and provide insight into what is coming soon, to a solution near you!

Have a great weekend everyone.

Matthew Bather – Product Manager


Rafikis’ Corner: Exact Event Manager and Grouping

Written by Sander van Triet on . Posted in Exact Event Manager

Exact Event Manager 1.5 is here and being put through its’ paces by various dedicated team members around the world. As we move closer to placing Exact Event Manager into the hands of customers, it is important that we spend some time on education, in and around Exact Event Manager.

In an attempt to highlight capabilities, not necessarily features, the Exact Event Manager team has put together a series of documents, known as Exact Event Manager Insights. These documents will be released as a series, and will contain a focused set of capabilities, providing insight into “How do I?” type questions, looking at what one can really do with the solution. The first document, “Grouping with Crystal Reports”, is the subject of this Product Blog.

The need to provide users of Exact Event Manager with the ability to send out one email message with a collection of data,  that may be grouped and sub-totaled, is of primary importance in delivering a powerful and efficient solution. This is how this requirement is handled in Exact Event Manager:

Use Case:

You are placed in charge of creating Events within Exact Event Manager. You have email, Synergy Enterprise, Crystal XI and Exact Globe, all from Exact. You have been working with the solution quite successfully and with some ease, when suddenly you get a call from the Project Management Office (PMO). The PM of a project is traveling with the team to Mauritius to implement a focused solution and one of their requirements is the automated delivery of Sales Reports, by Sales person and Customer, delivered to the Sales Manager once a week on Fridays.

You take a look at your solutions and tools available to you, and determine that this is not going to be too tough.

Solution Description

  • You quickly go into Exact Event Manager and build out your connection and query, using the built in Query builder, pulling information from the relevant Exact Globe tables.
  • You then go into Crystal Reports and pull up an old Crystal Report file (Sales.rpt) that you remember you developed last year.
  • You add logos, and make sure the data that is being referenced is correct, and that you apply grouping within the Crystal Report by Customer, making the report look professional. The report is Customer Sales by Sales Person.
  • You then go back into Exact Event Manager and select an email as the desired Action, set to run at 08h00 every Friday.
  • Within the Exact Event Manager email attachment editor, you point to the Sales.rpt stored on the server, set the output to be .pdf and assign the email address accordingly.
  • You save the Event, run a test, and off you go to take your long awaited flight lesson.

Exact Event Manager 1.5 leverages the power of various technologies as part of the solution stack. Crystal XI is one of those technologies, which provides enormous opportunities to leverage the inherent power of Exact Event Manager. In this instance, Grouping is a key aspect, and by leveraging the power of Crystal XI, users of Exact Event Manager are able to unlock the hidden potential within their business systems. If you wish to explore this topic more, please read Exact Event Manager Insights : Grouping with Crystal Reports (Doc# 21.738.335 – customer portal access required)