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Exact Globe and SaaS?

Written by Bert Siekmann on . Posted in Exact Globe

Today there are many different definitions in circulation of business software that you can consume via the internet; ‘cloud computing’, ‘SaaS’ (Software as a Service)’, ‘online’, ‘ASP’, etc.. Very confusing. Here we are as a software industry to blame. With the aim to distinguish ourselves, we rapidly introduced new terms for the same phenomenon, perhaps not technologically the same, but in the eyes of the customers they’re identical…, namely the provision of business software over the internet. Let us speak for ease of reading of SaaS.

Initially all these terms referred to the variants of technology through which business software could be made available, the internet. At a later stage, when the software technology really could be consumed ‘as a service’, as we have been accustomed to such as Hotmail, multiple companies could simultaneously make use of the same facilities (“multi-tenant”), so economies of scale were applicable for both the software industry and our customers. Thus the term Software as a Service is born. This term is now the standard for all business software solutions that can be accessed via the internet and for which you pay a monthly fee.
The blur caused by the introduction of the above terms is due to the me-too behavior within the software industry (‘who doesn’t do SaaS, is not part of the group’), but is also related to the fact that at last the conviction seems to emerge that technology is not leading, but the solutions one can create with technology and the extent to which these solutions fit the needs of the market. And SaaS is a very interesting phenomenon. With the SaaS model, you have the technical management taken care of, business information is available independent of place and time, you are quickly up and running and with a subscription structure there is a periodic, staggered payment for use.
And what does SaaS mean for Exact Globe? Of course you can use Exact Globe both implemented locally as well as via the internet. But in addition we offer various services in Exact Globe for which you only need an internet connection. You will not notice the difference, that speaks for itself. But the big advantage is that we can quickly and easily enrich Exact Globe with valuable features that can make your life easier as an entrepreneur. Thus we introduce in early 2011 as the first in the Netherlands, Rabobank Online. This service, which in the background uses our technology platform Exact Online, provides automatic exchange of payment instructions and statements with Rabobank. Soon the ABN AMRO and ING will follow!
With electronic invoicing, a service that the government explicitly sponsors, we offer a similar service. Electronic invoicing is more than an invoice in PDF format. By using a post office box and unique addresses you will be able to fully digitally automated exchange invoices with customers and suppliers via the internet, including the journal entry in your administration. With the prospective interface with Digipoort Exact is the leader also in this field. And this service also uses our technology platform Exact Online in the background. Your mailbox ‘hangs’ in the internet and there you can manage your settings for exchanging invoice information!
In the near future you can expect multiple developments that will introduce SaaS in an even more tangible and value-added way. On you the noble task of telling us the solutions we should build; on us which technology to use to provide you with convenience and future proof solutions.

Technology and trend adoption: product update 395 is now available

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Globe

Today is an extremely exciting day for us at Exact. Together with our 25th anniversary we have launched a brand strategy and visual identity, a new corporate website and we have adopted ‘Exact’ as our new company name. More information about that is to be found in the Exact anniversary blog post that is published today.
At the Exact product organization we have made product 395 for Exact Globe also generally available today. For you that means that you can benefit from lots of new functionality and new possibilities.
First of all, as of this product update Exact Globe is officially certified for Windows 7. So if you have to buy new notebooks or pc’s for your organization, or if you want to upgrade the machines you currently have: Exact Globe supports the ‘latest and greatest’ Microsoft operating system. We are not going to tell you why you should consider Windows 7, as Microsoft can explain the benefits of Windows 7 much better than we do. One feature we do want to highlight: we have made the new Windows jumplist to work perfectly together with Exact Globe.

If you are a user of the E-Report module in Exact Globe, you are for sure going to benefit from Crystal Reports XI. This is our new reporting engine for Exact Globe E-Report, offering easier report design, simplified report maintenance and expanded data access. Every customer with an active maintenance agreement for E-Report will receive a DVD with the Crystal Reports XI software. Important: For E-Report users it is mandatory to install Crystal Reports XI together with product update 395.

Electronic Invoicing is a hot topic at the moment: it saves you the costs and efforts of printing and sending physical invoices, it saves your customers the costs of entering invoices in their bookkeeping systems and without using paper, ink and transportation services it also saves the environment. Product update 395 offers customers in the Netherlands and Belgium the opportunity to send invoices electronically. Electronic Invoicing currently supports exchanging invoices between Exact solutions and during this introduction period the use of this new service is free.

Under the hood, we have also done quite some efforts to improve the performance of Exact Globe. The degree of improvement you will notice is influenced by a lot of factors in your hardware and software. We are however proud to let you know that we received very positive feedback during the controlled release phase from both our partners and customers.
More information about product update 395 can be found in the release notes. Please let us know your experiences with product update 395.


The advantages of Electronic Invoicing

Written by Richard Smits on . Posted in Exact Globe, Exact Online

Since a few weeks we are sending all invoices to our Exact Online customers digitally. The monthly invoices are sent from our own Exact Globe environment to the digital mailboxes in Exact Online. With some simple mouse clicks our customers can first check the invoice and then create the entry into Exact Online with the invoice linked as an attachment. Why is this so exciting? Well, at Exact we are investigating the possibilities of Electronic Invoicing not only for ourselves, but also for our customers. This is the first step in the process and it will be the start for more functionality in both Exact Online and Exact Globe for supporting electronic invoices.

Electronic Invoicing received a lot of attention in the media lately. Governments worldwide are heavily promoting electronic invoices and the Dutch government even ‘killed’ all the strict rules that made sending invoices via email not viable for a lot of companies. Since February 2009 sending an invoice via email has the same legal status as a paper invoice.  Sending and receiving invoices digitally can save a company a lot of costs (labor hours, post stamps, envelopes, paper, etc) and furthermore it is environmental friendly. According to the European Commission, businesses across Europe can save up to 18 billion Euro by using a solution for Electronic Invoicing.

The disadvantage of only receiving an invoice via email (e.g. a PDF-file as attachment) is the fact that a user needs to download (and sometimes print) the invoice and enter the data in the bookkeeping system manually. A better solution is sending invoices completely electronically with the ability to import it directly in a financial administration, just like we are currently doing with Exact Online. Sending invoices electronically means that you send all the related invoice data together with the message, and that the sales invoice can be booked into the bookkeeping system as a purchase invoice by some simple mouse clicks (or even fully automated). This is the goal we are aiming for.

I am a member of the project group Electronic Invoicing within Exact and will update you frequently on this subject. If you want to share your thoughts, questions, remarks or advice about Electronic Invoicing with me, please leave a comment below.


Photo credit: miquelb


What a wonderful world…

Written by Philippe Robert on . Posted in Exact Globe, Exact Online


Doing the accounting for a business demands that you’re continually diving into information across the administration, particularly when you have to analyze results before taking appropriate action. Before you can analyze a complete data set, you need to enter the purchase invoices you receive from your suppliers. More often than not, this isn’t the most fun you’ll have at work. Copying across information from the paper in front of you can be frustrating and time consuming.

Still on paper?

Why, in 2010, are you still receiving your invoices on paper? Why not let your accounting solution book them automatically for you? We’re not talking about rocket science here, just a system that reads an electronic document (in UBL or fInvoice format) and proposes the appropriate entry on the screen. This has been a standard functionality in our Exact Online and Exact Globe solutions for more than a year. However, over the last few months we’ve been focusing more on user experiences in this area, interviewing customers about the entry of electronic invoice documents.

Having talked to our users, we have made a lot of effort to make this process more user-friendly and faster than ever before. In the new interface, we present the purchase invoice on the left side of the screen and a light version of the entry page on the right. The supplier of the invoice is automatically recognized from the data. If the supplier is not recognized, you can select the correct one or create a new one without having to leave the screen. The selected G/L cost account will also be automatically linked to the customer – automatically proposed again the next time an invoice from them is processed.

Thanks to these changes, the time the user takes to enter purchase invoices is significantly reduced. This in turn increases user performance, especially for accountancy offices who book the entries for their customers.

We need electronic invoices!!!

We have a dream. It’s a dream where all your purchase invoices are received electronically in your digital inbox. As such, you’re able to book all of them in less than 3 minutes per month! Let’s imagine that you go to do some shopping at IKEA. At the checkout, you pay the amount due and ask to receive the bill electronically in your Exact digital mailbox. Or you could even just take a picture of the bill with your IPhone and upload it. When you then connect to Exact Online or Exact Globe, they can be booked with just 2 clicks!

Unfortunately not all your suppliers will have an invoice system capable of this tomorrow. You are likely to be receiving them on paper for a few years yet. That’s why one of our partners has the idea to convert a paper invoice into an electronic invoice that can then be uploaded into your Exact digital mailbox. You just need to scan your invoice and upload it through www.Kirean.com. It will then be visible in your favorite accounting solution the day after!

Our customers want to receive more electronic invoices from their suppliers. They don’t want to have to spend hours entering information manually. They want to spend their precious time doing real work. That’s why we’re here to help!

I think of us, working together with our customers to help fix their problems. I think of our invoicing dream slowly becoming a reality. I think of our solutions helping make life better for the entrepreneurs who use them. And I think to myself, what a wonderful world.

Sneak preview of Electronic Invoicing

Written by Richard Smits on . Posted in Exact Globe, Exact Online

In my previous blog post The advantages of Electronic Invoicing, I wrote:

“Since a few weeks we are sending all invoices to our Exact Online customers digitally. The monthly invoices are sent from our own Exact Globe environment to the digital mailboxes in Exact Online. With some simple mouse clicks our customers can first check the invoice and then create the entry into Exact Online with the invoice linked as an attachment. ”
As a lot of people are curious, and because “a picture says more than a 1000 words”, I created a small video, which will give you a sneak preview!
I am a member of the project group Electronic Invoicing within Exact and will update you frequently on this subject. If you want to share your thoughts, questions, remarks or advice about Electronic Invoicing with me, please leave a comment below. 


Photo credit: brendan.wood