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Exact Warehouse Management (Exact WMS) also available on Android scanners

Written by Auke Hylarides on . Posted in Exact Globe

Exact Warehouse Management System (Exact WMS) allows you to automate your physical flows of goods and optimize your logistics process. The warehouse operations are scanned using barcodes. By digitizing the warehouse you

  • prevent errors,
  • save time, 
  • increase your service to your customers through higher delivery performance.

From this release we also supply an Android app for the scanners, in addition to the existing Windows CE scanners. For Android, we also support commercial devices such as tablet, telephone or PDA in addition to industrial scanners.

You will find more information about this in the system requirements and via this link.

Important notice for E-WMS and ICL customers updating to Exact Globe Next product update 411

Written by Wilfred Bossenbroek on . Posted in Exact Globe

This post applies to E-WMS customers, updating to Exact Globe Next 411 (or higher).

For customers using ICL (Intercompany Logistics), only section ‘services’ below applies.


In product update 411 the E-WMS IIS web application has been changed:

  • The installation and presence of Exact Globe Next is no longer required for E-WMS on the IIS server
  • E-WMS ASP now uses .NET Framework 4.5, instead of .NET Framework 3.5
  • E-WMS ASP can now be configured as a 64 bit IIS process


This means, after updating to 411 you will have to perform following actions, before E-WMS ASP can be used:

  • the IIS ‘application pool’  needs to be configured for ‘integrated’ pipeline mode instead of ‘classic’ pipeline mode, and for .NET Framework 4.5
  • it is required to have “Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013” installed on the IIS server
  • The SQL user configured for E-WMS ASP now needs to be SQL Sysadmin or db_owner

This document provides more information on what steps to take on the IIS server.


Changed version check

A side effect of these changes is that the ‘software version’ check method of E-WMS has changed. In previous releases, E-WMS compared file versions of the Exact Globe Next workstation installation versus versions of files used by the E-WMS ASP web process. Since the presence of Exact Globe Next on the IIS server is no longer required, this version check method could no longer be used.

The E-WMS software version is now updated in the Exact Globe Next database. To update this version to the current installed version, an E-WMS control center has to be started first. Only after this is done, it is possible to succesfully logon to an E-WMS web session (WMSclient).



Also the E-WMS and ICL services have been changed to verify the installed service version, versus the software version found in the database.

To update the version in the database for the ICL services, an ICL control center has to be started first after an update. This has to be done seperately in the sales- or purchase database, and in the central database.



Please note that it is also necessary to reinstall WMSclient on your hand terminals. If you have a coldboot set including WMSclient, don’t forget to replace the file WMSclient.cab with the new version.








Exact Globe product update 403 in controlled release

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Globe

On behalf of product management I’m happy to announce that as of today Exact Globe product update 403 is in controlled release. The release is now available for resellers and all controlled release customers that participate in the controlled release. This new product update is planned to be generally available in the beginning of January 2012.

In Exact Globe product update 403 we have extended functionalities that support your legal requirements and business standards with a number of new features. Among others:

Besides, there is a number of localization improvements built for a vast variety of legislations including: Germany, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Slovak RepublicRussian Federation and Thailand.

We have also enhanced the Exact Warehouse Management Solution with a re-count functionality that comes in handy when stock differences are too big, and auto fill picking queue and fulfillment that enable companies to pick sales orders without having to use the control center for it.

Moreover, to follow earlier introduction of supporting accounts, items and general ledger accounts by Central Master Data Management, you can now easily centrally manage people. Please watch the video to find out more.

As in each of the product updates we have also taken into consideration direct customer feedback and have developed numerous small enhancements, such as:

Finally, to meet our customers’ needs we have addressed a number of enhancements related to consistency and completeness of Roles and Rights functionality in Exact Globe. Please read more in this document under tab Roles & Rights.

For a full overview of all new functionalities, please refer to the release notes for product update 403 as well as articles on our Product Blog.

Should you have any questions regarding this announcement, please comment on this blog post.

Check your E-WMS table sizes and clean up old log files

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Globe

Regularly we receive back-ups of Exact Globe databases to analyse problems or help speed up support issues. Very often, the size of these databases could be limited by cleaning up historical E-WMS log files.

First you need to know what SQL tables take up most of the space. When executing this SQL script (with thanks to the author mentioned in that script), stored procedure Usp_GetTableSizes will be created. You only need to run this script once per database. After that, you can run the command usp_gettablesizes in a new SQL query window. The output will be a list of tables in the current database, sorted by number of records descending.

When using E-WMS (or ICL, Pick-IT or Central Warehouse) some tables could contain a considerable number of records. These tables could be cleaned up periodically:

  • csPickitErrorReport
    This table contains all messages generated by the E-WMS (or ICL) services and from actions within the control centers. Probably you do not need history for more then, let’s say, 30 days. In that case you could schedule in SQL a query to run each night, like this:  DELETE FROM csPickitErrorReport WHERE syscreated < GETDATE()-30
    That will delete all records older than 30 days. When executing the first time, this can take considerable time !
  • csPickitStatistics
    This table contains a log of all actions performed within control centers and on the hand terminals. You could for instance measure orderpicker productivity from the data in this table. If you do not need this data (or not that old), you can use the same method as decribed above (for csPickitErrorReport) to delete old records periodically.
  • E-WMS ASP session history
    When using E-WMS ASP (Internet Explorer or ERF as client)  each screen and input on the hand terminals is logged into three session log tables. This is to provide insight in hand terminal sessions, or to check what wrong bar code or text was put in. This management screen can be accessed by using the URL http://myserver/myWMS/management (where myserver is your IIS server, and myWMS is your WMS web site name). At this time, this management screen only shows session information from Internet Explorer sessions, not from ERF sessions.When you do not need this session history, you can periodically clean up these session log tables (again saving last 30 days in this sample);
    delete CSPickItWebFormFields from CSPickItWebFormFields c join CSPickItWebRequests b on c.WebRequestID=b.ID join CSPickItWebSessions a on b.WebSessionID=a.ID where a.[DateTime] < GETDATE()-30
    delete CSPickItWebRequests from CSPickItWebRequests b join CSPickItWebSessions a on b.WebSessionID=a.ID where a.[DateTime] < GETDATE()-30
    delete from CSPickItWebSessions where [DateTime] < GETDATE()-30

Start E-WMS client application from Exact Globe Next 411 menu

Written by Wilfred Bossenbroek on . Posted in Exact Globe

When you are using E-WMS for demo or testing purposes, and only want to run the scanner application on your desktop, then from product update 411 you can start WMSclient directly from new Exact Globe Next menu WMS, Entry, Scanner – without the need of installing or configuring IIS server, or installing WMSclient.msi !



This will start WMSclient, automatically selecting the currect active company and in a preset resolution of 480 x 640:

02  03

More information can be found here.

E-WMS in product update 404 – sneak peek on the new UI

Written by Wilfred Bossenbroek on . Posted in Exact Globe

With Exact Globe product update 404, E-WMS will offer a completely changed user interface (UI) for the hand terminal. Based on a direct feedback from our partners, the message for us was clear, E-WMS should look more trendy. Of course, E-WMS should also still be usable by the employees in the warehouse, so we paid attention to user feedback such as ‘too small texts’ and ‘tiny buttons’.

Along with a changed UI, we also included some UX (user experience, usability) enhancements. For example when choosing an item code in a browser list, you don’t have to confirm that item code anymore when returning to the main screen. It will be automatically selected for you.

Another UX change is replacing the READY and LINE READY button by one button: the STOP button. When pressing STOP, you will see a list of context sensitive choices of how you want to progress (or stop).

This new interface will require a new client on the hand terminal. This client app will cache objects on the device, in order to make the scanning experience smoother. The client is still told by an IIS server what to show, and also still requires .NET Compact Framework 3.5, so usage is intended for Windows CE and Windows Mobile. The current ERF client will still be supported (for now) but we expect and intend the new UI to be used by default.

Ok, by now you are certainly eager to see some screenshots; here we go. Please click here to view them. For comparison: on the left the current (old) UI, on the right the new UI. Please mind that those are not final screens, we still need to work on for example buttons naming.


E-WMS improves EAN128 bar code scanning

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Globe

Companies using different types of bar codes in their warehouse (for example ‘simple’ CODE39 for warehouse location or item bar codes, and EAN128 bar codes for serial/batch items) could encounter the problem that a non-EAN128 bar code would be treated and decoded as an EAN128 bar code. That would lead to undesired messages like ‘item not found’. This is because when scanning a bar code, the software could not tell the difference when scanning a CODE39 bar code or an EAN128 bar code.

Sample of a CODE39  bar code and an EAN128 bar code:



From product update 399, E-WMS will support ‘Bar Code Indentifier’. This is a setting on hand terminals whichs add an extra character as prefix to each scan, where a unique character will be put in for each type of bar code. For example, when scanning an EAN128 bar code, the scanner will put a “K” in front of the scanned text, where the character “B” would be added when scanning a CODE39 bar code. So now E-WMS knows when to start EAN128 decoding !

You can read more about Bar Code Indentifier in document E-WMS – Code Identifier.

Pick-IT changes to E-WMS

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Globe

As from product Exact Globe update 398 (July 2010) a number of changes considering Pick-IT will be implemented:

  • The name Pick-IT will change into E-WMS!
  • Pick-IT Central Warehouse will be rebranded to E-Intercompany Logistics
  • Pick-IT Sales Transactions will be rebranded to E-Mobile Sales
  • A new module structure will be implemented
  • No separate installation anymore

Pick-IT, Exact’s warehouse management solution has been renamed to E-WMS as from product update 398 to reflect its growing functionality and full integration into Exact Globe as a standard module. One of the functional areas of growth for e-WMS is the addition of SKU management, another one is the addition of directed put-away possibilities. Besides the name change of Pick-IT to E-WMS, Pick-IT Sales Transactions will be named E-Mobile Sales from now on and Central Warehouse will be named E-Intercompany Logistics.


For more detailed information, please read this document