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Intercompany = Double work?

Written by Richard Smits on . Posted in Exact Globe

Companies with multiple divisions are having a big challenge to maintain their master data consistent and up-to-date, see my previous blog post. But next to master data, companies with multiple divisions also exchange transactions between each other.

• Sending a purchase order to your production facility, and they will create a sales order for their administration.
• Sending goods to your sales office abroad, means a receipt at the sales office
• Sending an sales invoice to another subsidiary, so a purchase invoice on their side.
• Headquarters orders and pays for an advertisement, all divisions have to pay a part of the costs.

Just some examples, there are much more (complex) scenario’s.  Although working at the same company, and (maybe) working with shared master data, entries need to be done twice. Next to the double entry, and the inconsistencies that can occur due to manual errors,  companies also wants reporting. Reporting like stock in the different subsidiaries, so you are able to see if the item you need is available at another subsidiary, or as a financial controller you want to see all outstanding financial intercompany transactions company-wide, etc.

Currently we are analyzing how Exact could provide/enhance a solution for companies facing this issue.
Do you (know companies) face this issue? How do you currently handle this, indeed entering your data twice or do you use other ways?

If you have any ideas/remarks, your comments will be highly appreciated!

Photo credit: Managementsite