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The new CRM App is waiting for you in the Appstore

Written by Martin Ortgiess on . Posted in Exact Synergy

Finally it’s there! After all the hard work we’ve done, we are now able to present you our new CRM App.

Download from Appstore today! (Requires Synergy Product update 252)

The App has been tested by a lot of our partners and customers during Controlled Release period and the feedback was fantastic. Our Controlled Release candidates rated the App with an average of 8 so far, which is a fantastic score.

One of the quotes we got back was this one: I have showed it to a lot of customers and colleagues and got a praiseful reaction from everybody. Final grade a 9!

This smoothly designed Exact CRM App is an ideal business sidekick. It tells you exactly how your sales opportunities are coming along and what your next action is to close the deal. Also see my previous blog post.
The intuitive interface gives clear insight in your running opportunities and pending activities. Keeping track of your accounts and sales opportunities has never been this easy. All information you need about an account or your opportunity is there.

All relevant account information is available. Think about the social profiles and Twitter feed of the account, but also contact information and associated activities, appointments, opportunities, documents and contact persons are there.

You got a perfect overview of your running opportunities. The opportunity card brings you all information you need to close the deal, including associated activities, appointments and documents.

This and much more will help you to show what is happing at the customer side and to close your deal.

– Sales opportunities
– Accounts
– Contact persons
– Activities
– Appointments
– Documents
– Calendar
– Colleagues

– the App is Multi language.

– iOS 6.0 or above
– Exact Synergy Enterprise Product Update 252 and above.

Not yet using Synergy Enterprise yet? Please contact us for more information. We’re happy to help you.

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Back to basics with Exact Synergy Enterprise Essentials Video Series

Written by Aimee Swartz-Glancy on . Posted in Exact Synergy

Anyone who works with Exact Synergy Enterprise knows that its greatest strength (that it can do so many things) can also make it difficult to describe to end users. In response, we’ve created three video playlists which focus on three different functional areas within Exact Synergy Enterprise. These videos demonstrate the functionality from a user’s perspective and focus on the practical value Exact Synergy Enterprise can bring to these users in each area.

The ‘Exact Synergy Essentials’ series is made up of the following:

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Essentials focusing on how sales and marketing professionals can use Exact Synergy Enterprise in their daily work including managing the sales process; running marketing campaigns; and automating the sales force.

The HRM (Human Resource Management) Essentials playlist includes chapters on recruitment management; time and attendance; managing day-to-day HRM; and performance management. The demonstrations include the perspective of an HR professional as well as a regular self-service user and her manager.

The PSA (Professional Services Automation) Essentials playlist demonstrates the entire life cycle of a project as executed by a professional services organization. It includes chapters on defining rates; defining the project scope; determining the budget; planning, entering, and approving hours; reporting on projects; and analyzing performance.

In all three video series we draw attention to the added benefits of having integrated document managements and workflow to support these different solution areas. We hope these videos will help provide practical examples of  what Exact Synergy Enterprise is as well as help end users to get started making the most of what Exact Synergy has to offer.


Update on License Roles

Written by Robin den Buurman on . Posted in Exact Synergy

As you know in the last product update we introduced role based security license model which gives you control over functionality and license cost. As of the product update 245 we made a clean split between the Employee self-service and CRM roles due to different needs and usage. In case the user requires both roles, the roles can be combined giving the user all the functionality of these roles. It is now possible to assign to each role 15 different request types. Hence, if you have both roles, you are able to use up to 30 request types.

Watch the video below, to find out more about the License Model update as of product update 245.

Exact Globe: How to use multiple addresses in a sales order process

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Globe

In the sales order process within Exact Globe, users can define different customers for  ‘Ordered by’, ‘Delivery to’ and ‘Invoice to’.

Now think about the following scenario: you’re a supplier and regularly selling to a customer, where this customer has a lot of branches. The customer orders the goods centrally and requires:

  • the delivery to be done to one of their branches
  • the order confirmation be sent to the email address of the contactperson at the branche.
  • Receive the invoice electronically via an email to purchasing department at the headoffice, not to the branche
  • As a supplier, you do want to keep your own  CRM system tidy, define as little customers and contacts as possible, but still be able to define exactly what addresses are relevant for this customer

The video shows how Exact Globe can support this scenario. It’s a step-by-step demo, without sound. For better readibility, please click the icon at the right-bottom corner of the video, to maximize the screen. Note that this is current functionality, I used product update 393 for the demo.

Photo credit: Trevor Gibbs (John)

CRM App: quotes from our customers

Written by Martin Ortgiess on . Posted in Exact Synergy

The Exact CRM App is in Contolled Release for a couple of weeks now and it’s not too late for you to join!
We have several customers working with and we already got some nice feedback and results
Some quotes we received are:

‘Nice clean way of sorting within your Inbox’

‘Clean interface’

‘Nice icons’

‘One of our channel partners in North America has taken a look at the new CRM application and thought it was great.’

‘Great that I can search in contact persons and can add them and easily add the correct phone number.’

Interested to join the Controlled Release, let me know via martin.ortgiess@exact.com!
I get back to you to discuss the options!

The CRM App will be available for iPhone and iPad first. This is planned for January 2014.

CRM App in Controlled Release soon! What makes it so fantastic?

Written by Martin Ortgiess on . Posted in Exact Synergy

Last week we introduced the CRM App at Exact Live. At this event I did a live demo on stage showing how fantastic this new App is. Visitors at this event also had the opportunity to play around with it them self, and the feedback we received is great!

At this moment we running the final tests and doing some last minute adjustment, as always. With this we are ready for the Controlled Release starting next month. Interesting to join the Controlled Release? Let me know via martin.ortgiess@exact.com

The first version of the CRM App will be available for iPhone and iPad. An Android version is planned for 2014.

What makes this App so fantastic?1. calendar-3.png

  1. With this App we set a new standard for our Mobile offering. We aim to deliver a look & feel and usability equal to popular consumer Apps. Today this is quite unique for business apps.
  2. The functionality of the CRM App is spot-on. Where the App is useful for a big audience, we focused on the account manager. For him this App needs to be excellent. User research showed us how an account manager is doing his job and which information is most important to him. This is what we used to build the CRM App.

An account manager is focused on closing his deals, that’s what he is paid for. The CRM App will support the account manager by closing as much deals as possible by helping him to manage his work as good as possible and to give him insight in the information important to him.  Some key features most important to the account manager are:

  • His agenda: where does he need to be tomorrow?
  • Managing his activities: What activities does he need to act on today?
  • Insight in account information: What has happened last two month at the account I will be visiting tomorrow?
  • Clear overview of his pending deals: Which deals are planned to be closed this month and which to I need to follow-up on today?

15 request-3 These are exactly those areas we focused on when developing this CRM App.

In an earlier blog post this year, I asked you what you would like to see in this new App. The feedback was enormous and become the most remarked blog post on the Exact product blog. It shows how important Mobile Apps are these days. From the features requested there, below is an overview of what we will offer in the first version of the CRM App. The improvements goes much further than this list only, but I think it’s fair to first react on your input. For which a big thanks to all of you.


Contact persons

  • Add a new contact person to an account (also edit is available)
  • Contact person search in main menu of the App

Documents5. documents-1

  • Documents are easy to read
  • document list show when a document has an attachment and can directly be opened from this list
  • Document can be viewed from Employee-, Account-, Contact- and Opportunity-card, and main menu


  • You can first select one of your 10 most used activity types when creating a new activity
  • Easily process an activity and even easier to fill in the manadatory fields that belong to that step
  • Inbox (workflow) can be sorted on start- and end-date or grouped by activity type
  • Activities can be rejected, remarked, assigned and assumed

Other8. opportunities 2-3

  • Natural person is implemented
  • Less clicks are needed to navigate through the App
  • Calendar is beautiful and gives you a great overview of your planning and account you plan to visit
  • Clear overview of your opportunities directly available from the main menu.
  • Opportunities areshown on the account- and employee-card
  • The employee card is much richer offering a calendar, overview of the team he is working in, his documents and workflow


License roles as of product update 247

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Synergy

It can be a challenge to control the access to and the costs of your Exact Synergy Enterprise environment, while each of your employees have different functional needs. To give you more flexibility, freedom and control over your Synergy Enterprise environment, the new role structure lets you assign specific roles to the users. In product update 247, which is currently in controlled release, we have made several changes to our software based on customers’ experience and feedback.

The main changes in this product update include:

  • The monitor section in the personal resource card is now available for the Synergy User, so he can easily check his calendar, view personal documents such as payroll slips and access reports (release note)
  • The user with the Employee Self-Service role can now access the HRM module, view the personal cards and requests of subordinates, and create and view vacancies for his cost center. This role is intended to facilitate the daily job of a people manager (release note
  • Incoming Invoice Register Users are able to delegate and assign delegation to other users with only this role (release note)
  • It is possible for users with the CRM role to view person-specific requests that are not defined in HRM settings (release note

Please watch the video below to see the improved license roles in action.

If you have any questions regarding the improvements in the license roles structure, do not hesitate to contact Sunil Girdhari (Product Manager) at sunil.girdhari@exact.com.

Synergy CRM: More than CRM

Written by Martin Ortgiess on . Posted in Exact Synergy

Exact is in the top 2 of most used CRM applications in the Netherlands (source: Automatisering gids). It is not so surprising if you take a look at our customer and products.

Most of our customers are in the SMB and/or professional services market space. They act local or international and have a need for an application that supports all their daily business activities. The sales, marketing and support activities consume a big part of a company’s daily activities, but an application that can only support these processes is not enough! Nowadays the whole organization takes part in these processes, because they are not anymore limited to only one or two departments. Think about the Finance or Order entry department. Each department is involved in activities that are related to your customers.

I was a consultant for over 8 years and visited a lot of customers. What I noticed is that the topics such as CRM and HRM are mentioned a lot during the process of buying the product: “We need to have a CRM application”. When the product is bought, the terms CRM and HRM don’t exist anymore. It is all about processes, reports and who is allowed to see what. The company’s vision and strategy determine which business processes need to be supported and which reports are necessary to measure the input, output and throughput; “Are we on target?”, “How can we improve?” Do you think it matters if these are CRM or HRM process or reports? I can’t draw a line to define where CRM begins or ends. It is different for every company and in fact different for any person. Ask 3 people what CRM is and you get at least 3 different answers.

Synergy is used so much, because it is not limited to only CRM.  Synergy is much more and that makes Synergy CRM powerful. Still with me?  Synergy is used throughout the organization and is not limited to only one or two departments. How could it? Are the other departments not involved or interested in your customers? I don’t think this is true, most of the times. Areas such as CRM, project management and HRM are fully integrated.
Example for project management: The projects you run, the hours you write, the project invoices you send, it all involves your customer.
Example for HRM: if the consultant is sick or a person from the presales with specific skills is on holiday, it as well involves your customer.

So your whole organization works with Synergy, great! As a result all activities within your organization that are related to an account are visible and accessible to everybody regardless of department. Your formal processes are all managed in Synergy, all your reports… in Synergy. Setting up roles and right structure…. Synergy again.  You probably ask yourself can there be more? Yes it can! Because all data related to an account is available at one spot: the account card in Synergy. Think about correspondence, emails, activities, complaints, opportunities, visit reports, quotations, late payments, but also financial transactions stored in Globe such as sales orders and invoices.

There is hardly any other application that can beat that without a need for an integration of multiple systems together. And with all information stored centrally, you have a powerful instrument in hands that allows you to search for new opportunities. Use this information to send a target email campaign. You can check per recipient if he opened the email and which articles he read.  You will learn about his interests and can use that when contacting him. Give him a call!